January 24, 2007

Rockin' Bali (Day 1 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

I'm not sure whether to consider myself as lucky or what as I was forced by a friend to use his cheap ticket (which is given to me free) and accompany him to Bali. As i was a bit reluctant to it, I find that myself would actually need such a vacation to rejuvenate myself from everything that was going on. The this and the that, the those and the these.

To make it short, i mean the story, I decided to drive up to KL on the January 15th and agreed to it. I was imagining myself going there, only staying in the room all the time and get sleeps of my life. I went there with a bunch of people that I don't really know, except for that friend of mine. Maybe his colleague or whatever I guess. There were around 15 - 17 people, err.. who cares anyway.

JAN 16th.

We took the shuttle bus from the KL Sentral to LCCT, which costed me RM9 and it took me only an hour and 15 minutes. I slept all the way as the bus was quite cosy and nice. As we arrived in LCCT, i had Prosperity Burger for lunch and get ready for the departure which was scheduled at 4.40PM.

Bus cost :: RM9
Lunch cost :: RM13++ (mahal giler kat LCCT nih)
Flight cost :: Dunno.

The flight took 3 hours to reach Denpasar Airport of Bali. Air Asia sucks! They don't provide free drinks. Normally, for flight more than 3 hours, they should provide us with food as well. That was my first time travelling with Air Asia. Furthermore they do sell food in the fleet, but with such price, it's better to consume our own brought food, which is totally being prohibited in the fleet. Who cares. I did bring my own packed drinks. So what? Hahahaha...!

So it's quite true when people said that 'naik airasia macam naik bas je'. They don't even have numbering for seatings.

As we landed, everyone was being 'kecoh' to look for the accomodation. Heh, it was not a package so we have to look for accomodation ourselves. Most of them took other cheap hotels, as to save cost for this vacation. I've been always wanting to be near the Hard Rock Cafe Bali so that I can go there easily. I have something to buy from there too. So I decided to stay in Kuta Beach Club, which is a few hundred meters away from Hard Rock Cafe.

At the airport, there were a few hotel agents and we can actually save our time by registering into the hotel through te agent and asked the cabby driver to send us there. We separated with those who opted for cheap hotels and headed to the Kuta Beach Club hotel. We rode on the cab sambil menyanyi keriangan.

Hotel cost :: Rp345,000 per night x 3 = Rp1,035,000 (equiv. to RM450 for 3 days)
Cab Cost :: Rp40,000 (equiv to RM17.40), quite expensive for such a short journey.

* With the currency rate of RM1 = Rp2300.

I checked on the hotel and asked for this and that. Unfortunately they do not provide the sandals so I decided to go out and find myself a pair of sandals. I went out and manage to buy Indonesian Rupiah at a better rate, which is RM1 = Rp2450 this time. Then bought myself a Nike sandal and the topup for the Indonesian Simpati Mobile number that i was still holding.

Nike Sandals :: Rp80,000 (equiv. to RM32)
Mobile Phone Topup :: They call it 'pulsa', cost me RP200,000 (equiv to RM80)

If you want to get a new startup pack, it will cost you only Rp15,000, which is about RM6.

I got back to the hotel and found myself flat on the bed the next morning!

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