January 7, 2007


Prelude of this blog.

Prelude is meant to be the introduction of something. For me, Prelude is just one of so many Honda's lineup of products and it's production has been terminated sometimes ago..

To date, it has been almost 3 years since 2004 that I started to blog. Everytime i have a lotsa time, and getting bored, I'd do a new layout for my blog.

Most people have been misinterpreting my previous entry.

For me, every design has it's own soul, and to say goodbye, it's not easy, as hard as to say goodbye to a girlfriend.

Despite of being busy, I allocated a few days for myself to sit and sleep in front of my laptop to do this.

It's gonna be a new year, new fresh air and everything.

Well, mari kita nyanyi jika bukan kerana mata.. tapi tukar part yang mata tu kepada Zetty

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