January 23, 2007

Leaving 20s...

When I was small, I thought that I've been going through too much of things. Just like nomads, my family moved from place to place, as my father is and still a loyal government servant. I would say we have stayed in almost every state and region in Peninsular Malaysia. I've met, made and crying to say goodbye to friends; which was like a routine ritual for me, for every few years.

Being in so many places, has enabled me to learn and understand different cultures, dialects and behaviour of people. A contributing factor to who I am now. Someone who just cannot stand there for long.

I have had this same feeling for the third time now. The feeling of leaving a decade to a new decade of struggling to survive. Being born early of the year, and as the eldest son has really thought me to become a supposedly strong person by myself. That was quite true for the first two decades.

I'm telling you, there were so a lot of incidents when i was small. An incident that caused me to get 6 stitches on my chin was an opportunity for my father to get a new good true friend indeed, who didn't manage to catch his Jumaat Prayer just to save my life. I was so small to remember my age at that time but that was so freshly baked for my head to consume.

A Raya night when I told my granma that this year's raya is 'macam tak best' has put me into an accident with a cow. Those days at school that is too much to be spelt out, which has really made strong day by day.

But my 20s would still be an unbeatable experience. Involved with a car accident then the motorbike accident had changed my every single behaviour, perspective and attitude.

Or is it the blood donor's gen is in me now?

From a cold-hearted hot blooded maddog rockhead to a not being able to be angry most of the time. Then, from a thin 54 kger, I gained 34 kg and luckily my weight is now just 70kg.

Or maybe because i had too much of quaker oat with honey, raisins and milk in the middle of the night.

You know, life as a single who stays with the parents at the end of 20s were not so bad, but there're always downsides.

Arrggh. This bowl of oats was too nice that i had to take another one.

Maybe that's just how it feels when we're going thirty. Or maybe it's just me if u don't agree.

And just at the end of my twenties, i had a vacation of my life. BALI! So just for wait for my Bali entries in the next few days. I'm just too busy now to get busy with all the pictures.

So today, I'd like to wish these people who were also going 30 together with me, especially my monkeyest dear friend Romdzi who shared the same born date with me, who has been there for everything. I just love u man!

And to suzanne(16/1), yassin(22/1), lim jan nee(22/1), hasna(19/1), sally(17/1) and anis(28/1), happy birthday to y'all. I love you guys so much too!

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