January 8, 2007

Life is good...!

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Hello and a very good morning.

It's the first day of the second week of the first month of a new year, 2007 that is. It is just nice for a start of everything, of which normally, when the new year was coming, people will keep themselves busy in the holiday mood until the next week.

Betulkah apa aku cakap ini..

I've been extremely in the bz state. Starting with facing break up, layan blues, my gramma was hospitalized for being sick for not consuming any food or water, chasing people to get them to pay for my money, being single again, sitting while thinking of what should I do with the blog, bought myself a new guitar and then bought myself a new roland amp as well, get busy with all my guitars and the new amp, painted my honda car to white instead of black, get busy with the car change this and that again, downloaded new songs from the internet, compiling new set of songs into the CD, endless work again and again, flirted with a stranger in the bus station which later I found out that she's married (awh gawd), the most exhausting travellings from JB-Melaka-Seremban-KL every weekends with my parents, either to take care of my gramma or just being there every weekends to accompany them, invented some brand new recipes, get busy with my cousins, having strange dreams in my sleep which made me gone stuck on bed for the next few hours, and so many more.

It has been really exhausting, especially when I can't get any time for myself alone. Yer, memang ada banjir tapi surprisingly, I didn't notice the flood just 100m away from my house until the next few days when I noticed there were cars being carried away by the flood and I confirmed that when I saw it on TV.

As usual, when it's heavily raining outside, there's no point of getting myself jammed in the traffic. So I have a total no idea of what's going on around me as I've always watching HBOs lately. They screened quite good movies lately.

Can I say that I learnt that breaking up is not so bad now? I learnt that at least there were a lot of things I really enjoyed when she's around, just like working in the office, when you're sacked, those privilleges of going here and there around the office compund are no more there. For example, the pantry as when you enter you'll switch the lights on, sniffing for readily available food if they were, you tried your luck with the all the cupboard doors and you run your hand and fingers everywhere with the hope to find something you can consume, open up the refrigerator, get your fingers inside to do the searching, and sometimes you get your head down there to do the job, then eat around, drink, reposition yourself just get a view, laugh for joy and sometimes you got spills around, enjoying accompany of each other, cleaning up the spills, relaxing after burping so much, close the refrigerator, and get all the other cupboard back into their original position, switching the lights off and get back to other things. It's just that you're not even allowed to enter the office now as you're fired!

Heh heh heh.. Ok ok . that was being overly described :P.

Well, being single is something that you can really enjoy if and only if you understood how flirting is the most essential part of our life.

Until recently, I decided not to follow my parents around on one weekend and spend the whole weekend here in JB, alone with no one else, resulting me to come up with this new idea of the layout and everything. I've found out that being alone is what I need sometimes, as when I consumed the 2 pieces of the prosperity burger and an apple pie, sent home by McDonalds all by myself, I understood why some people just enjoyed being at home on weekends.

And the best thing happened was that my sister's wedding appeared on TV3 in the Nona program at around 2.30 yesterday. That was a MOMENTO!

And recent madness was the death sentence by hang to Saddam Hussein. Pity him. May Allah bless him. I've got the video. He didn't even manage to finish his second line of syahadah when he was sent off. It's a 'sure die one' way of death sentance. Pity him pity him....

Here I go! Good bye year 2006, good bye old layout, good bye to some friends, good bye to the ol' girlfriend, good bye those pains and hardships in 2006. Good bye semua lah.. habis citer..

Here I come. Welcome to the 30s club in the next 2 weeks! (hahaha most of us?) Welcome to everything also lah..

Thanks for still being with me no matter how bad i did to this blog. Kesian dia. Kalau rumah, dah roboh rumah ni aku dok tukar sana sini...

* So happy birthday(s) to these people especially OMEN as his birthday is today!

Birthdays : Omen(8JAN), Ezlin(2JAN), Izzat(22DEC), Muna(31DEC) and so on.

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