February 19, 2009

Who would be your adored character?

During my recent visit to Jakarta, I bought myself DVD of Desperate Housewives up to season 5 episode 10. Currently I'm downloading Episode 11-15 from the Internet. Just to catch up with everything.

I've been watching Desperate Housewives, not continuously, from season one to the latest, on either 8TV, Starworld or SBC5. I don't remember when exactly I watch it for the first time but being someone who is not being able to stay put at one place for even a week, plus, I have this problem to watch my favourite Astro channel when my mom is around, trying to be a regular of a TV program kinda gives me a lot of hard time.

No wonder it has won a lot of awards as every single episode will actually lead your interest on what's going to be next. The life was just around the daily life of those of wysteria lane.

Before i started to watch Desperate House, in the beginning, I was imagining myself to be adoring Susan Mayer, played by Teri Hatcher. Last time, I was so in love with her during her play in the Superman series, plus, maybe I was a lil bit influenced by her topless images that was around, way back in 1990s.

I didn't know the rest. At all.

After sometimes, I realize that Susan Mayer is supposed to be adored but at the same time she created a lot of other problems. She would never be able to keep her mouth shut of anything goes.

Everyone else is the same. No one would ever be able to be 100% honest.

As a humen being, security is very important, thus these people were being dishonest as a way to protect themselves or someone they cared and loved so much but, they would do anything to revenge.

One thing I adored about all these people. They have been protective among themselves. This was proven in the episode where all Lynette, Bree, Susan and Gabrielle ensure they provided the same story to the police so that Katherine Mayfair is not charged of murdering Wayne Davis, in season 4.

I was never touched by anything and anyone except for this one person. I would never believe it myself if I say, the most touching moments in Desperate Housewives were when everytime Gabrielle admitted her faults, when she cries and when she expresses her love to Carlos.

Despite of her cheating Carlos at the early seasons of Desperate Housewives, she made it through the hardships during the 5 years after Carlos was unable to feed her just like he did when he was a bigtime earner. She became the mother of 2 ugly girls (yeah I must say they're ugly), but she became lovelier day by day.

Not like Susan Mayer, when she admit that Mike was the love of her life but just because Mike seems not to be fully responsible on the accident that was not fully his fault, (Yeah, Mike was driving on the main road and hit Lila Dash and her child who were just driving out of the junction without looking).

You know what? I hate Susan Mayer! Really. Because she reminds me of a lot of women/girls out there. I don't understand why she can never make up her mind. And having sex to Karl while knowing Edie was in a relationship with Karl, but it was wrong when she's currently with Jackson, she's disapproving Katherine to be with Mike. What the hell is wrong with her?

And she gave a hell lot of trouble to Orson for not being able to keep her mouth shut and told Bree that Orson ran over Mike to cover up Orson's mother homicide.

And for burning down Edie's house while thinking that Mike was having sex with Edie, that was a hell of a bullshit man...

I hate Susan!

Bree was a dream housewives for being a great cook and manage to be formal most of the time. Edie was a bitch but Lynette is lovely except when she can't stop herself from throwing out what she had in mind.

You know what, I love Katherine Mayfair also especially when she had already became Bree's partner in their business and while she's now with Mike, she's so sparkling. I have no idea how patience her was with Mike and Susan's son.

I was just trying myself with the quiz of which housewives are you, I end up with being Lynette. Hahaha..

Anyway,I think Gabrielle is lovely. With all the hardship that she had gone through, I would vote for Gabrielle the be my most adored character in this movie.

A vote for Gabrielle!

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