November 29, 2005

Sunday Happenings, & the iTTM regathering!

Yeah, I was still on the race to the toilet with Bob!

Then my mom called me as early as 730 in the morning. I was so surprised when my mom acknowledged that most of our family members who went to the wedding was getting diarrhea as well, except for my father and farah. I tried to figure out, why didn't my father and Farah didn't get the diarrhea.

Then after a while, I've got the answer. Both my father and Farah just take plain water.

Not to mislead myself and u guys, and no to be so orthodoxically thinking, I was suspecting someone has been putting somekind of black magic (something like santau) into the food, as actually for those people who were using this kind of black magic, once in a while they will have to dispose 'em, for the purpose of to enlive the thing.

In my father's and farah's case, the plain water has some sort of cured the poison. How amazing. I've read about this before. It's really pain in the ass whenever you have to go to the toilet so many times, as in my case, I went in 9 times! My stomach is already sensitive, and additional thing like this would really make me suffer like hell!

So I rested for the whole morning, while as usual, the kids around would playing around me without hesistate. I don't know why the babies were somekind of liking me. Since years back, as I've experience taking care of my brothers and sisters, except for Farah, she didn't like me that much.

Boo, the baby of As, were like baiting me to play hide and seek with him, while I was sleeping. That was so cute. All all the other kids were playing around me, make fun of me while I was sleeping, even though that was the first time I met them. After sometimes, I woke up and they ran away, I went to the toilet, had my bath and we made a move to Bob's house. There would be an open house and I myself would be having ex-ITTM95's pot luck gathering party at Rahimah's in Bangi!

At around 1.30, i've made a move from Setiawangsa to Bangi. I bought bananas and ice creams, something that I don't think other people would have ever thought of taking 'em to the potluck party.

Reached there at around 2.30. Gee, Mel, Muna, Lokman, Sally and someother guys were already waiting. I'm so damn happy to see them all there.

Here are the list of the attendees, sorted by the classes.

Diploma of Telecommunication Engineering :
  • Hazril(taiko) and Azlinda Tee (azerque) + two sons
  • Hizamel + wife + 2 daughters (yummy desert)
  • Idayu
  • Fazilla Zahra (zid)

    Diploma of Electronics Engineering :
  • Arif Affendi Atan
  • Hafez (Nyahche) + a daughter
  • Amin Jaleel + Wife
  • Lokman
  • Ahmad Kent + wife (tinidewi) + kids.

    Diploma of Information System Engineering :
  • Idham (Giant) + wife (Engku Nordiana) + 2 kids
  • Shukri + wife
  • Azizan Mat Jidin + wife
  • Jernk + wife + kids
  • Mizwan + wife + kids
  • Noral (Mee goreng)

    Diploma of Software Engineering (always the last and very happening!)
  • Me + nobody! (Ice cream + banana)
  • Sally + daughter
  • Muna
  • Yusran + wife + kids
  • Haziran + wife (mel)
  • Pak din + Barirah + kids
  • Iym + azhar + kids (Macaroni)
  • Bisu
  • Izhan (bond) + Haida + kids
  • Mohen
  • Gmen + Wife + kids
  • Azman Minha (Ayaq tin)
  • Mazlin (Karamel)
  • Mayna

    It was really fun. I was as usual, being the kid bullier. The kids seems not to be having problem with me, especially Sally's daughter. I had fun with Yusran's daughter as well, and Hizamel's daughter was the cutest (because she kissed me haha). Giant kids are for bullies. Hei, I remembered kids much better than their parents actually hahaha..

    Slowly, people come and go. I remembered Mizwan came for only a few minutes. He came, managed to eat some food and ciao. Most of them made a move after we took pictures. Yeah, the long lasting spirit ITTM when everybody's picture was being snapped, is still there! Those picture are clickable. Click for a bigger view version.

    Chit chatting. Arif, Yusran and kid, bisu, lokman, muna and azman minha

    Gman, Amin Jaleel and Syukri

    Mel (Gee's Wife), Giant and Gee

    From left behind row: Bisu, Azman Minha, Muna, Me, Lokman, Mizwan and Syukri. Front Row: Amin, Yusran, Nyahche, Gman and Gee

    From Gee's Camera: Behind; bisu, yusran, syukri, muna, azman, lokman, giant + kid, mizwan, azizan. Front Row: nyahche, amin, arif, me, Gee, izhan and gman.

    What are u guys laughin at? Mayna, Mazlin and Iym

    The rest of the wives, I do not know them. Hehehehe

    Sally and Idayu. Those kids do not belong to them hehe.

  • It was really fun. Taiko and wife was the last group of people reaching the place as they were from Tapah initially, attending another wedding ceremony there. I was there for quite sometimes, chit chatting with old friends would never be the same as I've always come up with new things to tell, especially about my brother's wedding and the recent mystical thing happened.

    I waited till maghrib before everything is over. We do Jemaah Solat for maghrib before we leave.

    It was something i haven't been doing for quite sometimes. I will miss this occasion. I'm hoping to have this kind of occasion more in the future.

    For more pictures of the occasion, please visit My Fotopages(still updating).


    Voodoo and the Exorcism?

    I might have not use the right word for what is happening after the wedding. As we departed from Parit Buntar, I drove slowly to KL, being the first one to depart from Parit Buntar, as me and Bob had another agenda in KL. As we reached Sungai Perak, I refueled and let Bob drive my car.

    As the time goes by, all of a sudden, Bob's sister called him. I can hear the loud cry of hers telling Bob about what was happening in her house. It was all started on the Friday morning, the day my whole family was going to Parit Buntar to attend the Bride's side wedding.

    Friday morning, Nana called, telling me that weird scratches were popping everywhere on her bodyskin. It happens when they were chit chatting in the house. Panicking, they went here adn there to fix up, but it when instead.

    As for that late saturday afternoon, I my self called Nana. I was surprised at first that it's actually an Uncle that picked the call up. I asked to talk to Nana, but the one who was speaking on the phone claimed that it was Nana.

    I started to freak out! Nana was talking to me not in her usual voice, and not her usual english slangs. It was the voice of some uncle that come from the southern part of Singapore or the Northern part of the Javanese islands. She again explained about the scratches and about an incident that happened in her room while there was nobody inside. The room was in a mess, all the bottle souvenirs was broken. all the pictures were tore apart, like some people had raided her room for something.

    She freaked out and she went berserk for a while before her mom called us letting us know about it.

    That night, I went to meet Tasha, and drove her Honda Jazz for the first time. It rocks, even without the VTEC engine. It was her 22nd Birthday. She'll be working the next day so we cannot spend so much time together. After good night kisses and hugs, we separated and I fetched Bob at his house and took him to Taman Sri Andalasz, Klang. Nana was waiting in the porch of her neighbouring house when I reached there. We shaked hands and we were seeing an amazing things happening.

    Seeing is believing... So see it for yourself...

    All the scratches on her tummy.

    The scratches that symbolizes 'NANA MATI' means Nana is Die! These scratches were at her back.

    Nana's oousin, As was holding a bottle full of smokes. It was believed that the smokes were the evils that were populating the house. I was not allowed to the the pictures, worrying that, the act will shock 'em up. We went to throw the bottle away in Sungai Klang, and went straight away to Berkley, to have some tea and went off to Meru, Nana's hometown.

    Nana continuing talking to her cousins as usual. She was still speaking like a Javanese, and while talking to them, she took some pictures and as I expect, her pictures was all evilish. It was like her face was overshadowed by the evilish look. I tried to be funny by telling her that she's actually became fater, her nose is bigger, but that made it worse.

    Once in a while, she speaks like a Sarawakians. She used 'Kitak', 'Kamik' and all sort of sarawakian slangs words. She went all normal when it was like about 12.00 midnite. She went to sleep.

    I went to sleep with Bob. As early as 4.30 AM, i started my race to the toilet with BOB. Something must have gone wrong with the food at the wedding! Oh no!


    Saturday Happenings!

    We (me, ikhwan and uncle bob) reached Parit Buntar at around 1.30AM, after attending the open house of Datuk Ahmad Bujang at Gombak. No pictures as I was busy with my car's stereo.

    Then, everyone was asleep, except for abah and mak, who were waiting for us. I manage to took some pictures! Hahah! I went out to sniff the fresh air of Parit Buntar!

    Ali Azak and Hafizh.

    Pye (my sister's fiancee)

    I was waken up early in the morning, we took turn to use the bathrooms while I was busy cleaning up my car, and tested my cousin's car. Just before we went off to the Akad Nikah Ceremony, we took pictures, outside of the house. (click on the pictures to view the enlarged version)

    So, then we were off to Simpang Lima, straight to the mosque of the bride's kampung. Their family has already been waiting there. Some of us did the Sunat Tahiyyat Masjid Solat, but I remembered my father was praying towards the wrong direction of the qiblah.

    Then, Ikhwan waited relaxly for the upcoming events. I was surprised for a few changes on the marriage documents which displayed the wrong amount of dowry (which the Imam told us that, the amount was way too high). It's already expensive but they managed to raised the amount!

    After every single thing had been verified, then the Imam holds my brother's hand and started the Akad. It was a weird long akad (or is it because of the expensive dowry?), I was sitting behind my brother, carefully listen to each word, it took 2 to 3 minutes to finish his ijab. Then my brother straight away recites the kabul he had already memorized! The witnesses said 'SAH' and the Imam proceed with the takliq.

    You know what, as the Imam asked my brother to read the takliq, he was reading it by himself, which he is supposed to read it as loud as possible, for other people to listen to his takliq/ It was like an agreement of the groom towards his wife. After a few times, i slowly tell him, 'oi, imam suruh baca kuat-kuat dia nak dengar! (the imam asked you to read it loudly, so everyone can listen!)

    Then only he says 'OH!'. Settled with that, the Imam proceed with doa and my brother proceed with his Sunat Nikah Solat. Then we proceeded with the 'Majlis Membatalkan Wudhuk'
    He started with presenting the Dowry money to her, then the Quran, then the ring. Then she puts a ring on my brother's hand too. Then we went off to the house and get ready for the Wedding ceremony at the bride's house!
    As we arrived at the bride's house, my brother gives his most macho pose!
    Can you see that Royal umbrella. It was mine and that is the only umbrella available during the wedding. Sadly, it was left there in Parit Buntar and I'll have to ask Haira to send it back to me later.
    A pose inside the house. I took a lot more pictures in here but as there were a lot more people were snapping with their cameras, I can't really properly snap the pictures.
    Another pose inside the house. Then we had our lunch before we departed out of Parit Buntar.

    For more pictures on this wedding, please go to My Foto Blog

    November 25, 2005

    Damn... am I?

    How Good are you at Certain Things?
    Favorite Color
    Sex - 82%
    Romance - 82%
    Self - Control - 39%
    Kissing - 100%
    Cuddling - 20%
    Kinkiness - 100%
    This cool quiz by KillianO - Taken 3125810 Times.
    New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

    Got this from Xazuru's blog.. What's wrong with the self-control and cuddling lah...



    Seremban I reached at 11 something yesterday. Straight away i went to fix my brake pads amd air conditioner. Who can stand the heat? It didn't take long as I was going to fetch my father from the KLIA. Was hoping that my father would leave the Cygnus key but my mom warned that my father didn't allow anyone to drive the cygnus (yeah, you should know mom that father will let me to drive any car he drove hehe).

    Yesterday, for the first time ever I went to a mamak restaurant for lunch in Seremban!

    And I was watching the 'What a girls wants' last night, and it was seriously sweet movie! Amanda Bynes was really being herself in the movie, just like when she starred in the 'What I Like About You'. I didn't watch the movie at the cinema, for the reason I could not remember. The movie is hillarious, especially when even Prince Charles gave her a mark of 10 for her in the pageant contest.

    The funny thing, the name of her father was 'Dashwood', which sounds like 'Dashboard'. Dashwood was maybe the name of the timber they use to make dashboars, I was thinking.. haha.

    She has the honest, modest and humble attitude that i think everyone would like. Plus, she's just being herself. That is the most important. She is amongst the celebrities that replied my email 3 years back. Hahaha! That sounds funny aight, but I was so 'nothing todo', and i think doing this would be fun, I did and she replied! But i'm a bit in doubt that maybe it wasn't she, maybe her assistants or whoever.


    So today, all of us in the family would be going up to Perak, for my brother, Ikhwan's wedding, except for Izzat who would be preparing for his SPM exams. If i'm not mistaken, today is also the exam day for some of us, maybe zamil, abby and tina, and maybe whoever lah out there who's having exam today. Should do the best aight?

    There were my father's car, Abang . Bakri's, Pye's, Adik's and Aliazak's. There were 5 cars from Seremban, I think 3 cars from KL, and I myself will drive up a lil bit later as I've to wait for my brother to finish his work, going to an Open House in KL, then leave for Parit Buntar tonite.

    I've forgotten to snap pictures of them leaving! I was busy doing my car, painting, touching up, and cleaning. I did Pye's car too. Black car is so easy to do. If anything wrong, a can of black spray and a can of clear lacquer would be the best to fix any paint wounds. A hot air hair dryer would help a lot!

    Would be back the earliest by Saturday Night!

    Gracias y Adios!


    November 23, 2005

    My car is back kickin ass!

    What a relief.

    Enervated wastedly of RM3.5K just for the fixing + some necessary modification.
    • Major overhaul
    • Replacing crankshaft, conrods, vasu rubbers, piston rings, oil seals
    • Port and Polish
    • Lightened Flywheel
    • Adjustable Pullies for Cam Setting
    • New engine oil
    • Accurate cam angle resetting
    • Compression check and Engine tuning.
    And for all that major work, instead of RM5.7K, RM3.5K is still considered cheap.

    In normal charge pricing, other people charge RM2K, only for the port and polish job. Replacing the parts would cost around RM1.5K. Major Overhaul will cost another at least RM1k. Adjustable pullies for each cam will cost at least RM300 each, so it would be RM600 for DOHC. Cam angle setting will cost another RM180. Compression check and Engine tuning will cost another RM300-400.

    My car is now operating without the Air-Conditioner, as by the car was out from the workshop, there was no air conditioner shop that would open during that 9.30PM. The Air-Conditioner Belt was broken during the test and need the be replaced with a new one. As the whole engine was taken out, the gas went off. The brake pads was also been used up.

    That would be my task for tomorrow. So right now, I'm going to decide whether should I drive to Seremban tonight or just drive tomorrow. It's already 12.15AM, previously I was tired but now I'm a lil bit freshen up.

    Argh, show me the way to make more money. I need to cover back!


    Hardly see the sunshine, I was wondering. I hope the sun will shine as usual but when? Despite the heat, I love it when it was so easy for me to move around. As for today, I may have to move around a lot.

    As for yesterday, I wasn't around in the morning, I left to the woods as soon as I leave my last comment on the last blog I was reading. The rain was too heavy, I was wet all over. My phone was all out of coverage and the battery drained hastily. I think that my three phones are not as good as they were, after wear and tear, they've become quite old to serve my need of communication, still, I love them a lot lot more, each and everyday.

    Nothing much at and on work. It was boring as one of my customers was going to cut his expenses and tend to stop buying items from me. I was thinking of getting new customers, but as the quota is concerned, it's really hard for me to decide. It's been really hard for me to deal with the quota, for some people, there must be some workaround, but in my case, the quota is just nice to meet the requirement of a very limited number of customers.

    Eyed abby's blog, as she lately was talking about passion and soul. Enshrining ourselves with the quran's reading, prayers and good deeds is truly something. Even I have the intention of doing it, hmm, i just hope i can do it some other time, maybe later.

    Zamil was talking about.. who? me? He was like telling every single thing he did in his life. Hehe. Then, a friend, Suzie has to be getting ready to upgrade herself to becoming a Secretary of a CEO! I am still laughing like mad reading Nashrex's post on how he went to the wedding, accidentally wearing unmatched sandals. Madnessinvain has again creating wonders! I'm afraid that i'm interpreting his saying differently from what he meant!

    What's with being 'gumok' or fat? Jita claims that she's becoming 'gumok'. What's the problem with being a lil bit adorably chubby? Wouldn't it be yummy with flesh all around. Well, I may not go for a perfect figure, as long as everything is there. Look is precious but i'd rather choose adorable.

    Tina was always claiming that she's chubby too. Ah well, where is she? She wasn't blogging and that's absurdly weird. There were other people who wasn't updating as frequent, but I think I will miss something without reading these people's blogs: Tina, Ida, Sarc, Xazuru, Zetty and LimKitSiang, as I noticed them as having daily updates without fail, unless i'm informed of a sudden disappearance (:p zetty).

    I think I'm fat too (hahaha, someone laughed at me when I mentioned that but he gulp once i sit on the chair, why? hehehehe). I wanted to reduce my weight, but a friend, Reen asked me not to as I looked best at current. Really? Do u people love to see me with a balloning Tummy? Tina said I'm small too. Small? Hehe. Sarc, how I wish u tell me about that run. At least i've got something interesting to do on the weekends. Next if u have such thing, lemme know! I want I want!

    The electricity bill was sky high. As we're rarely be at home, it shouldn't be at that rate. I was suspecting a drainage of current, somewhere in my house.

    Gotta go guys. Banking Day.

    Gracias y adiós


    November 22, 2005


    Imagine some nigga's car being hit at the back and,


    That's how I felt last night. Me and My Family was just done with shopping at the Free Duty Complex in Stulang, JB. After our Maghrib Prayer, we were about to go to Plaza Angsana. I was about to buy some gas for the Volxy I'm driving when my father called me informing that his car was being hit from the back by a recklessly driving motorcyclist, in a traffic light junction very near to the Traffic Police Station. The motorcyclist went coma and I rushingly driving over to the police station to see what's happening.

    My mom said, Kalau kita tak langgar orang, orang pulak yang langgar kita (we may not hit people, but people may hit us).

    I always keep that in mind. I've had involved in 2 major accident in the year of 1997. They happened as early as January, and another one occured somewhere in December. The January's accident happened during the 3rd day of Raya, where the volxy I'm driving was wrecked like hell but thank god I'm safe and alive. It was all happened because I was trying to avoid a cat (see how much I love cat, but now, I won't avoid it as it's not worth it at all). My car turned upside down. All the four tyres were facing the air.

    The December's accident, I was on a motorbike, and I was hit, as a result of confusion, as the car driving in front of me, did not put on the signal light as it was going to the right, where at that time, I was thinking that the car was going to the left as it was moving closely to the leftside of the road.

    Later I found myself 'Under The Car' (i've made myself a song for this incident hahaha). My body was facing the ground. My knee was so in pain. I can hardly lift my legs as they were so near to the extractor, and everytime i lifted my leg, my skin would be burned by the heat. I wanted to pull myself off the car but my right side of my tummy's skin and flesh was squeezed/pressed under the right side front tyre of that Proton Satria.

    Was hospitalized for 11 days. I recovered so fast as there were a lot of people, even those who I's never know came and visited me in the hospital. One of the best 11 days of my life.


    The motorcyclist was hospitalized. As my father asked for the relevant information, the people with the hospitalized motorcyclist asked my father not to report the incident as they are going to settle it outside the court.

    Lemme tell you guys. Don't ever do that. Anything to do with traffic accident, you should report it to the police. We are so working like crazy to pay the MPs to hold and create the Laws, why should we not use it. It is very important, as in the first place, to protect yourselves from being inconsiderately being bullied by those who wants to take advantage over things. (Especially the female drivers, be careful yah!)

    My father was even mad, when the person who talked to my father asked, how to get his son to work in my father's department.

    What's wrong with the people?


    November 21, 2005

    Reflexology and Sexuality.

    Let us have some open discourse. Open your mind as broad as possible as this discourse might made u think that I'm a pervert, but I'm to emphasize that sexducation and health is two related things that we might have overlooked. Please treat this article as an information sharing, as I've learnt most of this information from my married friends, as most of my friends are married, and I do think I'd like to share the information to whoever you are, married or yet, still you are going to get married in some other time. It's not about sex, but it's something to help you (males) to learn/know about yourself sexually, especially when we found out something wrong about yourself (which I always did). Girls, reflexology is definitely your way to go for your health!

    I brought up this issue / matter as after considering a few cases and testimonials, which include myself.

    Have u heard reflexology? It's actually a study of reflex responses, especially as they affect behavior. It's also being associated with a method of massage that relieves nervous tension through the application of finger pressure, especially to the feet. It's so easy to do, as we can do it at home, using any of the suggested device below.

    As in reflexology, every single point at our feet is connected to an organ. The point that is pain when being pinched, indicate that there's something wrong with the organ it represents. I'm always having problem with the intestine, pancreas, anus and right shoulder. Other than that, as for regular massage, each massage may improve the condition of the body organs, thus improve the blood circulation.

    Yesterday, when I was on my way back to JB together with my three friends, we dropped by the Pagoh R&R station and after having our drinks, I decided to buy a pair of Reflexology Sandal I saw when I was about to walk over to the food court. As in the picture above, it costs me only RM12.

    I decided to buy it after an incident, which happened when I was in KL. A few weeks back, as I was in KL, there was one night, I went up my apartment without taking any of my sandal/slipper with me. At night, I decided to go to the CyberCafe to do a few things. The only thing available for my feet was the reflexology sandal, owned by one of my housemate.

    No choice, I just put it on and walked to the cybercafe. It was horrible! Damn noisy and painful. I didn't expect it to be that painful. I walk so slow as not to endure the painship. The lasting 800m of walk was in fact an incredible experience. I went on bed and surprisingly, I slept like I was so tired.

    When I woke up in the morning, i was so freshen up. I had never had such fresh feeling and surprisingly, there's something has already waken up, much earlier than I did.

    It was overwhelmingly stiff for the next 2-3 hours for no reason.

    As for yesterday, as I bought it and tried it at home, I walked with it all over the house and after a few hours, I vomitted some black/green liquid, out of my tummy. What was that? I can feel the pain of my body organs as i think they've reflected over the pinches of the points at my feet. It was so painful!

    At night, even i felt so tired, I was still doing my guitar practise. There was one time I was so f*ckin sleepy, i just went to bed and closed my eyes. I slept like a baby. Earlier in the morning, i feel so healthy.

    I may conclude that:
    • As I was involved in a very bad accident 8 years back, most of my body organs was affected, especially my kidney, intestine and pancreas. Maybe that explains why i vomitted that black/green liquid.
    • I'm not sure, but do I look like stressed? Well, I'm indeed very stressful, thinking of how could I make money each and every single night. That would actually increase my blood pressure, plus I think that my blood is high with cholestrol, which would cause my blood circulation to be poor. With the reflexology sandal, i feel like my heart was working rather slower and i feel so relaxed. As stress reduce the sexual ability, this simple thing is able to reduce our stress. So go find out what you can do with it.

    The picture above is the Ogawa Food Massage machine, which is a product that is similarly doing the same task as the Reflexology Sandal, but it's not as painful as the massage sandal, it was very high tech. It's equipped with a vibration mechanism, plus the infra-red treatment to enhance the blood circulation in your feet.

    It will cost you at around MYR2000.00++. A friend of mine (who is married), tried it as it was actually gives you a very good feeling, as it tickles! After sometime, the tickling sensation went away, replaced by your feet is as good as new feeling. He was only able to be doing it when he went over to his in law house, which happened that the father in law was like rarely using it nowadays.

    The good news was when he made love to his wife, he feels like he can do it all night long.

    Since then, so what do u think? He always went to his inlaw house and make full use of that ogawa foot massage. He's now no longer wondering why the mother-in-law is still having her period, despite of her age. Actively having sex may delay the menopause process.

    You've got what I mean? I hope so!

    * To xxx, thanx for sharing your info. I really appreciate that, and i hope u don't mind i share it with the rest of the world's population.

    Weekend again..

    At last, on that Friday, we went back to our hometown, in Melaka.

    My kampung, Kg. Kemuning, as the name was taken from a name of a tree, "KEMUNING", is a place that is in the middle of Pulau Sebang, Gadek and Hutan Percha.

    In the middle of the pulau sebang-gadek-hutan percha triangle, it's a very hidden kampung that actually not so many people know about it. When i tell people Kampung Kemuning, they always end up by asking, Ayer Kuning?

    Need a map? Hahahaha...!

    So, on the last Saturday, my Mak Lang held a Kenduri Arwah, as it's already a year since my Uncle (Pak Lang) had passed away. -Al-Fatihah-. It was sad, as there was something happened, and my Pak Long did not join us for the feast. I miss my cute2 cousins so much.

    After maghrib, after everyone else had gone back to Seremban, me, ikhwan and izzat made a move to seremban. My sisters went back earlier as they wanted to buy tix for the Harry Porter Midnite show. So At around 11.30PM, we left the house, heading towards Seremban 2, where the new Jaya Jusco is built, and watch Harry Potter.

    I watch Harry Potter for the first 30 minutes, and the last one hour. I've got a call! I was so sleepy in the movie, so talking to someone is rather a better option to keep me awake.

    Sunday morning, Tip, Rota and Gee fetched me at the Senawang Toll Exit as we're going down to JB for Rizal Bulat's wedding. As we haven't seen each other for quite sometimes, we chat a lot! And for god sake, Tip got a blog too! Haha. It must be hillarious!

    Arrived at JB at around 1PM and we took our sweet time to find Bulat's house. He'll only be at the wedding at around 2.30PM so we just loaf around while waiting for him.

    Pictures speak better!

    Rota and Tip.

    Rizal and His Wife upon their arrival.

    A boy showing off his Silat.

    An uncle showing off his Silat.

    From Left: Me, Gee, Rizal, His Wife, Tip and Rota.

    It's time to bloghop!!

    November 17, 2005

    Bila mak balik kampung....

    When mom's off to hometown....

    It was early in the morning when my mom woke me up and asked me to help doing a few house chores after she leaves. As fussy as she is, she's going off to Seremban for whatever things that has to be done, as for the preparation of my brother's wedding. The house was so empty when she left, with both of my sisters, Adik and Farah. So empty. So quiescent.

    When the night is knockin on the door, I realized that even just for one day, I've started to miss my mom and my sister especially Farah. It's a prompt phenomenon whenever people who used to be around me all the time were suddenly out of my sight.

    As Farah is now on her school holiday, she would never stop coming into my room and do things to distract me. The TV would be switched on the whole day as my Mom is the only TV freak at home. I was a TV freak too. We used to watch soap opera together, most of the time.

    Abviously amazing, someone who really misses them badly was my father! Talking to him wasn't as fun as if both of my Mom and Farah were home...

    So that's why i always missed people who has been so close around me.


    Yesterday, after i've not been watching the news for quite sometimes, i was totally alarmed with the updates of the 'so-called-muslim-terrorist' who recorded themselves on the video on TV3. The news was covered for almost the first 15 minutes of the news programme. It was an edited version for the purpose of viewing of the Indonesian Govt.

    A clip of Dr. Azahari's (the most wanted so-called-terrorist, holding a malaysian nationality, operating in Indonesia, recently died in a suicide of escaping the police ambush over his place) brother asking for forgiveness of his brother (he even cried sometimes and cannot proceed with talking) from the whole people of Indonesia.

    Does he cried for the demise of his brother or because of the unfinished business of his brother. Highly educated, Dr. Azahari was suspected to be leading a wide network of so-called-terrorist in the South East Asian Region.

    Even that I logically think that what they have done is not so smart, but from the bottom of my heart, I have a feeling that these people need to be helped, by actually make them realize that, as a human, we are given with the ability to make full use of our brain, and our heart, plus the guidance from the Holy Quran and Sunnah, to make a better living, and live the living the right and much proper way, and peacefully.

    I just wish that all of us can live peacefully for the rest of our life, AMIN.


    As I was reading a friend's blog (Muzi), I found it freakin disturbing that those weirdos actually have a lot of time to form a Fan Club, get it messed up and quit as they get themselves being sucked up. And they even called up the media.

    I was talking about MAWI fan (err.. I'm not one of those MAWI FANS ok!!). It's just intriguing that has made to say something about it in my blog.

    I don't get it. Really! Those are people who are willingly forming a FAN CLUB of an artist (which most of the other artist Fan Clubs were formed by the artist him/herself), but as in normal political scenery nowadays, they do it with an expectation in return. And up to my surprise, is it OK for a FAN CLUB to actually determine the direction of the artist?

    What's wrong with this people. Are they going to be a fan or to be the manager? They expect MAWI to do things in their favour, which I believe MAWI has it's own flavour of doing things as well.

    What I can say, it's not MAWI that i disliked. It's just THE FANS!

    I'm totally agreed with Muzi, they are just parasites!


    I'm loving what I'm doing now. I read people's blog and actually I get to learn a lot of things from them. Xazuru for example always write about things he learnt. At the same time, I learnt. He's a young Malaysian studying in Japan! Hei bring me back a skyline parap pap pap paa! Hehehe..

    Lim Kit Siang is just another favourite blog of mine! He's a very liberal person, with the oppositive alignment (what's oppositive anyway, or maybe i've just created that?). Not to be tha bad influence on me, i like his rational and critical thinking which he's sometimes getting much towards the negative side of things rather than the positive side. Even though I'm in a lot of disagreement with a lot of things, no matter with the govt, people, friends, and I argued, deep from my heart i always believe, there's always a good things (gawd, this is just so contrary with what you guys are looking at me now but it's true!) behind everything.

    I'm a critical thinker, which I will always be on the positive side, and that explains why my ex-girl friend always mad at me for doing this. I'll be so abusive once i'm getting on the negative side, hahaha! I think most of us will be doing the same.

    I don't know, heats created from such discourse (positive vs negative) is actually a process of interaction. Do u talk about your life to people every single minute? Yes, there are people doing it. Elly told me that girls sometimes only talk about their boyfriend or even with the 's'. But does life interaction has to be within all the good things to listen? Why not we take sometimes to think about all the bad possibilities?

    Ida's blog is always about her kelam-kabut life (Tina i think u're not kelam kabut). But I really think that, that's what i think maker her sounds so cute to me. Hahaha. I'm always like waiting for Kak Zuni's advises (oh yeah kak Zuni, just did with the Sujud Syukur last nite).

    Zamil were talking about his exams! And his not so determined love life. He's been so reserved to himself, as I'm worried it might hurt himself later. Saying things out is hard, i believe I cannot do that too. But I will do, if I really think that i'm gonna love her for the rest of my life. I agree, we males can't accept rejection. But think about it, there's nothing to worry unless you're ready to lose her. It's better to lose than not getting her at all. Would you able to see someone else holding her hands? Me? Sorry I can't. I can't even imagine that. I'll be mad, sawan, sakit jantung and what so ever..

    Interesting experience of Tina out of her blog, about someone who live expensively (wow, i salute u for not liking such a lifestyle, as it's no life at all) proposing her. Hehe. Your 6-post a day is not a freaky thing la dear. You have a lot to speak up.. so CAKAAAAPPPP! (macam director ahmad nisfu suruh bujang lapok cakap)

    Sarclover told us about her younger friend who fell in love. She's just too young to do that? Maybe, but just let her be. Otherwise she won't learn! It's all about learning from mistakes! Then when it comes to MadnessInVain's blog, i'm speechless! Because I don't understand a single thing (during first read). Most blog, i just read through the text by getting the main points, but not this time.

    I've to read it so many times!


    Remember Arfa Adriana? I have this weird feeling about myself when I went to read the blog of, those who has gone seeing the Creator. As this trend has been started by Kean, he showed me this blog, who happened to be his friend, while she was still alive.

    A friend of her, Reen, by the request of so many people, had composed an entry, at least something to tell about Arfa Adriana. Check it out here.

    Roger 'n' out. Off for the Jumaat Prayer.


    Lately and happenings!

    Lately, i've been visiting other's blog more oftenly than usual. People came up with much intriguing issues, ideas and stories, that has made me to get busy body with those people sometimes.

    Sadly, some of them have yet updated their blog.

    Without doing my own blog, I blogged at other's blog, which sometimes caused me not to have any idea of what should i put in my blog. Updating about my daily life is no longer as interesting as there's nothing much happened. It's just that I'm keen to go out a lot as I need to find a lot of money this week to pay for my car's job.

    Sadly, there's someone asked me to write my comments in my own blog. Hehe. I believe that 'I' live in the world of free speech. Only me huh? What about you, people?

    As usual, most of my surfing time was spent on the 'AMIGOS' blogs, newspapers and any tech news which I hardly understand nowadays, as I'm no longer a techie person. As i was reading Tina's blog, someone left a note and as I pointed my browser to his blog, the blog has created vague of perceiveness and inconceivability inside me. The English is so beautiful!

    That reminds me of my early days of blogging. I wish I could impress people, using words that I can only find in the books about the challenging adventures of dungeon and dragon or gothical fictions. It last for 3-4 entries when someone told me that as he struggled to understand my blog.

    I started to write in simple english then, as I don't want people who may not be so well-versed in english to be left out. I write blog for people to read and say anything they want about it. And that friend of mine is now having hiw own blog in English. He has well-developed his english since then.

    In life, we are awarded by having options and the freedom to choose. Whichever we opted, to write in Malay or English, doesn't matter, as long as the message is delivered.

    Yesterday, I was trying to get a ticket for Afdlin Shauki's show, Why You Still Fat in the Actors Studio Bangsar, but it was totally sold out. What a miss! I'm trying to ask Shima, the assistant for Afdlin to help me.. please..!

    This weekend, my friend Rizal Bulat is gonna get married here in JB. Next week, on the 26th, my brother Ikhwan is gonna get married in Parit Buntar. The next day, on the 27th, my friend Faisal Abu Bakar, is gonna get married in Simpang Ampat, Melaka. Then on the 3rd, my father's friend daughter, who happened to be my friend during my small kids time, is gonna get married. The on the 4th, my brother is gonna get married again, ops, actually just the reception ceremony for our side in Seremban.

    A lot of weddings!

    November 16, 2005

    Koleksi Gurindam Aidilfitri

    Pada masa raya semakin menjelang, saya banyak mendapat SMS dari rakan-rakan. Semuanya pemalas nak tulis kad raya, tapi tak mengapalah sebab saya pun malas juga.

    Satu pantun yang tak menarik langsung tapi sangat mengujakan saya adalah seperti berikut:

    Nadi Vtec tiada bandingannya,
    Mana taknya raja segala enjin,
    Saya nak ucapkan selamat hari raya,
    voooompraaaaaAAANNNG maaf zahir dan batin!

    Saya rasa anda sudah tentu boleh mengagak, orang jenis apa yang menhantar pantun tersebut. Pastinya budak-budak geng kereta. Saya pun tak sangka dia nak hantar pantun sedemikian rupa, dan saya percaya ini memang hasil tangan dia sendiri. Tahun lepas pun dia ada hantar pantun sedemikian rupa, saya dah lupa bagaimana pantunnya.

    Seloka yang berikutnya, tak pasti hujung pangkalnya. Saya pun terpinga-pinga membacanya..

    Dam dam dum bunyi perut,
    Bulan puasa pun berat tak mau surut,
    Aidilfitri datang lagi jangan lupa posa 6 sunat diikut,
    Agar perut boleh susut,

    Tapi kalau di hari mulia berkunjung temu,
    Beramah mesra di open house dan tak sedar makan ikut nafsu,
    "Sendiri mau ingat" bak kata samy vellu,

    Seloka apa entah, Pantun 4 kerat berima sama dan apa benda entah 3 baris sahaja. Yang berikutnya, saya agak seram membacanya, sebab terasa sangat-sangat.

    dalam kerendahan hati,
    ada ketinggian budi,
    dalam kemiskinan harta,
    ada kekayaan jiwa,
    dalam gurau senda,
    ada khilaf dosa,
    selamat hari raya..

    Yang ini pula agak tersusun bahasanya.

    Indah nian di hening pagi,
    Mergastua berkicau menari-nari,
    Aidilfitri kini tiba lagi,
    Mohon keampunan ikhlas diberi.

    Satu syawal menjelang tiba,
    Takbir bergema menggegar jiwa,
    Sekiranya ada salah dan dosa,
    Ampun dipinta di hari mulia.

    Sama juga dengan yang ini, saya sungguh terpana membacanya.

    Tiada guna batu permata,
    Jika tidak terpancar cahaya,
    Ampun maaf ikhlas dipinta,
    Ucapan selamat hari raya.

    Yang ini pula, mungkin kata-kata hikmat yang boleh dijadikan panduan kehidupan.

    Mata kadang tersilap memandang,
    Telinga kadang tersalah mendengar,
    Mulut kadang terlepas berucap,
    Hati kadang terlajak menduga,
    Mohon maaf segala khilaf yang pasti ada.

    Jika diamati, gaya bahasanya agak tegas seperti seloka-seloka yang ditulis oleh pendeta Za'ba, di mana gaya bahasanya agak bersahaja dan tepat. Kejarangan penemuan gaya bahasa yang sepeti berikut adalah disebabkan budaya kemelayuan yang lebih suka cakap berlapik atau berkias, di mana maksud sesuatu perkara yang ingin disampaikan di dalam sesuatu tutur kata tersebut adalah tersirat, jika faham, maka fahamlah orang yang ditujukan itu. Jika tidak, si penutur akan terus berkias atau menyindir bagi menyedarkan orang yang ditujukan itu.

    Pada saya, gaya bahasa bersahaja memang agak keras, akan tetapi, telinga akan lebih panas melalui sindiran. Pada saya, biarlah sesuatu itu dituturkan dalam bahasa yang tepat tapi dengan alunan bahasa yang lembut diikuti dengan senyuman.

    Agak sukar sebenarnya menjelaskan sesuatu di dalam Bahasa Melayu. Ianya adalah suatu bahasa yang indah, akan tetapi, di dalam norma kehidupan yang moden, gaya bahasa percakapan yang indah berbunga-bunga adalah menjadi satu ejekan. Berlainan dengan Indonesia, Jawa dan Minang, bahasa yang dituturkan sehari-harian sangat indah. Jauh sekali bezanya.

    Seloka yang berikutnya ini, mungkin agak sederhana dengan selitan unsur-unsur keagamaan.

    Tiada kata seindah zikir,
    Tiada bulan seindah ramadhan,
    Untuk itu izinkan kedua tapak tangan bertaut,
    Memohon maaf untuk lisan yang terlanjur,
    Janji yang terabai,
    Hati yang berprasangka,
    Dan semua sikap yang menyakitkan.

    Yang ini pula bunyinya seperti daripada seorang sahabat kepada seorang sahabat,

    Untuk lisan yang terlanjur,
    Janji yang terabai,
    Hati yang berprasangka,
    Dan segala kesilapan yang tidak disedari,
    selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin.

    Yang ini pula ditujukan secara umum,

    Salam aidilfitri buat semua,
    Ampun dan maaf ikhlas dipinta,
    Jika tersalah cakap terkasar bahasa,
    Lumrah kita manusia biasa.

    Yang berikut adalah SMS2 sama yang saban tahun saya perolehi daripada kawan-kawan saya. Tak bosankah menghantar ungkapan2 yang sama dan tidak tulen?

    Bunga mawar bunga kasturi,
    Harum baunya tidak terperi,
    SMS dihantar pengganti diri,
    Memohon maaf di aidilfitri.

    Ketupat pulut di atas para,
    Hendak direbus di tepi perigi,
    Sms dihantar pengganti kad raya,
    Tanda ingatan di aidilfitri

    Lapar puasa terketar-ketar
    Bila berbuka lega rasanya
    Kad raya rasanya tak sempat nak hantar
    Saya hantar sms ni kira boleh la ya.

    Anak pak dollah makan lepat,
    Makan lepat sambil melompat,
    Nak hantar kad raya dah tak sempat,
    Pakai sms pun ok what?

    Kura-kura berjalan lambat,
    Anak kera melompat-lompat,
    Kad raya nak hantar takut tak sempat,
    Cara sms pun dah kira selamat.

    Yang di bawah ini, tak tahulah saya, seloka atau gurindam, ianya diolah secara tidak kemas dan tunggang-langgang,

    Nasi lemak buah kurma,
    Kuah santan masak berlada,
    Ikan bilis masak 3 rasa,
    Ulam timun ulam pegaga,
    Air tuak air nira,
    Jgn cuak jgn curiga,
    Saje nak ucap selamat hari raya.

    Dalam banyak-banyak gurindam yang diterima, ada satu ucapan yang saya rasa telah dipopularkan beberapa tahun yang lalu berikutan iklan pemandu teksi yang terpaksa melayan kerenah pelanggannya yang baru balik dari london. Ia berkisar tentang perjalanan yang agak jauh, dimana pemandu teksi tersebut (dilakonkan oleh Adibah Noor) bersusah-payah mencari jalan ke tempat yang ingin dituju oleh pelanggannya itu. Yang peliknya, pelanggannya itu bercakap bahasa melayu dengan menggunakan slanga dan lenggok orang barat berbahasa melayu. Memandangkan perjalanan yang jauh, pelangganya tertidur, dan secara tidak sengaja, pemandu teksi terpaksa menekan brek kerana ada lembu melintas. Apa yang dijawabkannya, saya pun dah lupa.

    Inilah SMS yang dihantar, yang saya rasa ada kaitannya dengan iklan tersebut,

    sir lump mad hurry rare year, ma half za hair bar teen, 2 loose eek class,
    sorry i baroo bar leak dairy london.

    Bolehkah anda membacanya dengan intonasi yang betul?

    Berikut adalah pantun orang pemalas nak berpantun tetapi ada hati untuk meminta duit raya,

    Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin,
    Angpau jangan lupa tolong bank in.

    Yang ini pula mempunyai sedikit kesamaan dengan pantun yang saya tulis di dalam artikel yang lalu, cuma diubah semula oleh si penerima sebelum menghantarnya kepada orang lain,

    Beli daging di pasaraya,
    Buat rendang dalam kuali,
    Kalau puasa selamat hari raya,
    Kalau tak puasa sambutlah deepavali.

    Ini pula ada contoh2 ucapan yang mudah, ringkas tetapi sekurang-kurangnya ia adalah tulen, tanpa meniru dari mana-mana pihak, yang saya rasakan, saya dapat menerimanya dengan hati yang terbuka, kerana keikhlasan yang jelas terpancar. Yang penting adalah ucapan yang tepat, dan bermakna, kerana kata-kata yang indah dan manis tak semestinya sentiasa dimaksudkan oleh si penuturnya,

    Selamat hari raya
    Maaf zahir dan batin
    Semoga bahagia hendaknya

    Selamat tinggal ramadhan
    Selamat datang syawal
    Selamat hari raya

    Mudah sekali. Dengan yang demikian, sekianlah dahulu artikel untuk hari ini, satu artikel yang telah lama saya rancang untuk menerbitkannya. Setelah beberapa lama barulah saya berpeluang dengan memperolehi sedikit masa yang dianugerahkan tuhan untuk menulis di dalam blog bahasa melayu saya ini. Kebanyakan masa saya banyak dihabiskan di dalam blog berbahasa inggeris saya.

    Semoga, kita akan dapat lebih lagi idea2 baru sebagai wacana dalam SMS untuk dihantar sesama kita kelak.



    November 15, 2005

    Smart Tag? (continued from Tina)

    Another tagging game (I was tagged by Tina).

    Here's what the game is like...

    The Rules:
    1. Go into your archive.
    2. Find your 04th post.
    I've a question here. Archive of the latest archive or the 4th post of the whole blog. I was on a different blog. Can I take the entry of the old blog, because they're my archive..
    3. Find the third sentence (or closest to).
    4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
    5. Tag five other people to do the same.

    Okay, after some good digging in the archive, the sentence that we are looking for is:

    0800 :: After coming out of the elevator.. we went to have our breakfast.. i was having roti canai and warm tea while Heri was having 2 half boiled cackles, roasted bread and nescafe.. Suddenly, two stray kids (obviously they were the Orang Asli's children around) approaching us (imitating Heri's munching sound at first.. haha) and asking for the noshs we have to be given to 'em. Out of nowhere, why us? There are so many people around but those kids only come to us.. Is this a kind of test from the Absolute-Being?
    I've to put the whole paragraph as if i just put the 3rd sentence, what would it be? 'we went to have our breakfast' What does that mean?
    So was it crap? Might be. But i was telling something. Check out the entry to check what was it all about.

    So, hereby I am tagging the following people to carry the torch:
    1. Eejay
    2. Zetty
    3. Eqin
    4. Xazuru
    5. Reen

    Once u're done, then leave a note on my comment board that you've done it! Whoever that was not listed, don't be 'small hearted' please... I'll invite u guys the next time!

    * Tina is real la!!! Today only she had posted 6 ENTRIES! Wa respect la sama lu! Tabik spring 1024 kali(1MB). Eh Tina u're an aquarius too, aren't u?

    November 14, 2005

    A night that was warm..

    First of all, a heartily condolence to Tina Zuriana for the Demise of her uncle, last Thursday.


    Secondly, sorry to Dina because i cannot attend your open house.

    Thirdly, same goes to Afdlin Shauki, i cannot attend your showcase.

    Fourthly, good luck to my brother Izzat, Abby and Zamil for the exams.

    Who else having Exams? Lemme know! I'll pray for u!

    It's really warm. I've been sweating since noon. I was heavily sweating until i could smell the stinky wet collar of my shirt. The air-conditioner of my sister's car doesn't help at all. I was moving around town in my sister's car. The first place I went was to the workshop where I sent my car. They had taken out everything from the engine bay. I did took pictures with my newly bought cybershot (oh yeah) but it was blurred, as i intended to show how my engine bay was emptied.

    I wondered why it's so warm back here in JB. Is it the weather or me? I have a feeling that my tummy is healthily growing since raya. Hardly breathing sometimes, i gain weight maybe up to 73kg. I'm getting so much fatter. Heavier than ever. Except my mom, a lot of people regards me as thin.

    If possible, I'm to reduce my weight to 62 kg, just like a day before raya last year. At that moment, I felt so light and healthy. Fasting and starving in KL are so easy. I'm so lazy to go out to have food as there's no food at home. In JB, everything is there. I just have to walk out of my room and look for 'em in the kitchen. So that's how i gained my weight.

    I've had a peek of what they're gonna do about my car. The whole engine block was taken out, together with the gearbox. It's a major revamp since the engine was installed in my car, July 2005. It's been more than 100,000 km of mileage, of my consumption, which gives a total of 200,000km++ of mileage, for the engine. Pretty old engine, it is just the time for a major rework and upgrade.

    There's a lot of happenings, whether in the past or incoming. I missed Afdlin Shauki's showcase of Baik Punya Cilok last Sunday. Talked to Shima about my failure to come but I've asked her to reserve a place for the next showcase which would be on the 27th November, a day after my brother's wedding in Parit Buntar Perak. This week, i think there'd be a lot of my old colleagues from college that would be coming down to JB as a friend of mine, Rizal Bulat is also getting married, this weekend.

    I'm still waiting for your invitation card. What? Wednesday? Okie, just gimme a call yah! hehehe..

    Last Sunday, I found up an old recording of my performance on a tape, years back from now. It was a private Merdeka Day Celebration, somewhere back in Melaka. As I actually signed up for poetry recitation, i did not prepare a single thing about it. As I was actually one of the working committee, on that day, they asked me whether i'm going to perform or instead.

    I was totally forgotten about the performance, and as my name was already in the performing list, i asked the MC to announce me as to sing, instead to recite poems.

    Here I come, with a guitar and singing one of my favourite old song, Bahtera Merdeka!

    You guys should know how nervous I was. I was dead pale.

    As maybe some of you had already listened to it, I was thinking of sharing the clip with you guys but I found it ANNOYING. It's not really a good idea.

    Well, Bahtera Merdeka would still be my favourite song. I would never miss to sing it whenever I went to Karaoke. It is a nice song, very patriotical and persuading.

    Just a short note before I end up this post (which I actually have a lot more to tell but we'll go one by one alright?), I did buy a Sony Cybershot Camera the S40 model, which can support up to 4.1 megapixel. It comes with the Carl Zeiss's lens, a perfect lens for picture shots!

    I bought it at the KLCC Sony Wings at the price of just RM699! What a good buy!

    November 13, 2005

    Ride on a Tow Truck

    Sometimes, bad things come just after another. Like a malay proverb, 'Sudah Jatuh diTimpa Tangga' (you've fallen off the ladder, and later the ladder fell on you). I've already have problem with my illegal EVO7/EVO8, and now my only driveable car is having problem too.

    I might be of those unlucky people, but i might be just lucky too..

    It was on the last Friday, I've later decided to just get back home to JB after a very tiring effort of seeing people here and there. Right in the afternoon, i was sadly making a move to JB, as I was actually unwilling to leave KL. There's a lot more things to do, but I need to be in JB the next day.

    From Bangi to Senawang, i've already felt something wrong with the car. I was hoping that it might be caused by the lacking of the engine oil that caused the car to vibrate, or maybe the balancing of the tyres. Sometimes it went off just like that.

    After dropping by Senawang, i proceed my journey to JB. On the highway, I was driving constantly at the average speed of 120 km/h when suddenly a BMW with a Police's flashlight flashing it's flashlight to my car. It was the Custom's car, being an escort of a 40 footer container lorry. They were quite fast!

    After letting them to take over, I engaged to a lower gear to catch up. Trying to catch up, i heard a loud knocking sound from the engine. It couldn't be of the hyraulic inside the engine, but as I press that throttle harder, it slowly disappear but after releasing the throttle, the engine knocked really hard and the engine starting to response slowly.

    I was about to reach Ayer Keroh's toll, so i decided to exit here, and just right after the Touch 'n' Go exit, my car totally stopped working and I've to ask help from one of the PLUS staff over there to push my car forward.

    Called my mechanic and my father in JB. I tried to be calm as this is my first time ever driving a car and it spoilt in the middle of a journey. I even called a local mechanic and he confirmed that it was the damaged bearings that caused the conrod and shafts to be knocking among themselves. Thinking of that I've never known of these people, i decided to TOW my car from Melaka to JB.

    Getting the best deal, at RM400, a car tow-trucker is willing to send my car from Melaka to my workshop in JB as everyone else is asking for RM500 up to RM650. Tiringly stranded for 2 hours in Melaka, the tow-truck arrived at around 7 o'clock. There was a lot of people around, and there are even some of them helped me to move the car from the parking bay towards the tow-truck.

    Thousand Thanks! It shows that there are still people who are honestyly willing to help. Thanks to that abang, who drives a Waja, which i think in the middle of a journey together with his family.

    My car is stranded and what do I expect. Of course i rode with the driver in his tow truck so that we can have a chat. I wasn't feeling good. I really felt bad of what was happening. I thought I was on 'Musafir' (in a long journey so I've got a few exemptions in doing solat or any other islamic practices) so that I skipped my Jumaat Prayer as I have already intended to do Jamak Solat and I already did.

    We've chatted of a lot of things. He's a local Indian, has the same age as mine. He's a very religious guy and he really believes in Karma, just like us Malay, especially muslim. He's a very nice guy and he kept his words nicely. In the middle of our trip, he has got a call from his friend mentioning a container lorry has got into an accident, which it has crossed from the left lane towards the right lane and it need two 45-tonner cranes to lift them up.

    He started to get busy calling here and there. As we arrived at the place and we stopped as he's going to look around, I WAS IN A BIG SHOCK!

    It was the container that I was chasing closely before my engine went off. I was told that as it was too fast, one of the tyre went off and the driver just cannot control it anymore. One of the custom officer who was in that lorry, broken his leg and was hospitalized.

    Imagine that if I was still able to catch up on them as I was having an intention to follow them as I know they're going down to JB. I don't know, y'all people might have read my blog now and wondering what happened to me, just like what happened to Arfa Adriana (and actually I'm coming up with an answer to what happened to her, but maybe in the next blog!).

    I'm pretty sure and convinced that, every things happened with reasons! Thank god!

    Even though it might cost me a lot more this time (and I have to start cutting my expenses, and maybe GOD wants me to cut on my expenses too), i'm still thankful that i'm still alive and still able to blog and share things with you guys.

    So i'll be 'carless' for a few days. Good for me I guess.


    November 10, 2005

    A funful wenchsday!

    Remember the Monday before raya? I was bloghopping, but it feels like going to the shopping mall alone. Everyone was not updating their blog and i felt so strange. I was like talking to myself again and again, leaving notes and comments to blogs i visit everyday, as my nature to tease people and to get busy body with other people's life.. as usual.

    Till the end of the week (and even today Ida and Kak Zuni didn't turn up in their blog yet), no one is really updating, except for Tina who started to write something on Saturday.

    I think somewhen during Ramadhan, when Afdlin Shauki was in Japan, he called me. Well through skype. I don't have so much yet contact in skype, but luckily, i accidentally found Nik Elyani, an MMU junior, we used to talk a lot. She showed me around her photoblog, which is mostly about her married life and the child.

    I woke up late in the morning as to get myself ready for a job interview. Yes it's a job interview. I used to talk about this to my friend, sometimes, i attended interviews just for fun, and to waste their time and resources.

    This is different. I've got an sms, asking me to apply for a job. It's a contractual based job in Dubai, requiring me to be there for 6 months, with a very irresistable lucrative salary in USD, house, car and all sort of communication tools provided.

    Wearing casually, went off to bangsar, as I'm supposed to be seeing Michelle, (hope she's cute so it won't be boring). Parked my car, late for 4 minutes and saw her sitting on the couch with white top and jeans. She.. is cute! Haha..

    As usual, i'm so a flirt in the interview. She laughed a lot to my stories that she forgotten that she's supposed to be interviewing me. Instead, i asked her a lot, especially about her imaginery boyfriend.

    So, at least I've got her number, which later i just throw it off in a dustbin. Am I being insensitive?

    Because she is actually a lesbian!

    Went to see Bob, before I went off to Karaoke Bangsar to entertain 12 stup*d japs. Yeah, I'm looking forward to be their product dealer in Malaysia, but should i spend thousands to get 'em drunk? Which i myself don't? Anyway, that KTV i went is damn cheap, MYR9.90 per head, includes lunch and sides buffet, and karaokeing from 12PM to 4PM. Buy 2 free 1. Means, pay 3 people for 2 person's rate. And that KTV got japs songs too! They're damn happy, i'm damn more happy! Very cheap to entertain.

    Then drove off to Puchong, handing my bro's wedding invitation card to Shalina and her fiance. She's getting married too! I'm gonna buy her a microwave for her wedding!

    Afterwards, as the offices are already closed, i went to Lego's house in Putrajaya. You know what, he has the light saber of star wars! I will post the picture once Lego emailed 'em to me.

    Then went out with Ines, talked till 12AM.

    Just got the news that my EVO7-8 has just torn apart due to a mistake done by one of the welder. It's a track car, which i built up from EVO8's front half cut and EVO7's rear half cut. ILLEGAL and dangerous! Don't do this at home! Due to an accident on track, it was workshopized (read like hospitalized) as the front part was badly ruined.

    I had an intention to use it on the road, take it back to kampung and show off for Raya, even though it's an illegal car. Make surprises to everyone. Everything is there. Road tax and plate no.

    Now it's a total wrecked up!

    November 9, 2005

    Being me....

    Being an Izham,

    I was admitted into the boarding school when I was 13. Being arrogant, very reserved and hot-tempered, i think i was the best person around. I do think that i'm able to do everything. Lucky there were seniors to beat me up, to teach me that i'm not the only person living in the school. They taught me to take those bullies as to learn how to tolerate things. I was hit so bad so that I learn that anything bad will happen to me, no matter what, when and where.

    I wish i can have the same room mates; Suji, Mamak, Eres, Matsin, Fadzil Selamat, Sam, Big, Zamani, Burn, Safree, Jin, Hasid, Ameng, Kerol, Ravih, Arm. You guys are Fantastic! Not to mention Telor, Ucuk, Anan, Fizam, Badak,Mark, Kili, Yasin (guitar mates), Latip, Aizul.. i cannot remember every single one of them.

    I learnt a lot of things in the school. I learnt physics, which is the most important thing i've ever realized, that grew my interest towards computers, guitars, cars and DIY. I learnt biology that tells me the importance of having a gf, so i started to have girlfriend since when i was in form one (i had 3 steadies, and a few spares), not to mention all the kakak angkat, and also seniors who hit me every single night for being his gf's pet brother. (ooohh... hehe). I learnt chemistry that later taught me the ingredients of good foods, that helped me how to be a good cook. I failed my 1119 English paper, that later i sent myself to an Extended TOEFL English class (with my hard earned money, working at a car-wash during Ramadhan after SPM) to pass the mock IELTS exam with Level 3.

    In the college, friends taught me to love them. I was taken care by my housemates when i was hospitalized, resulting from an accident, a night before my examination. They even cried for me, accompanied me and even sleep in the hospital, just for being housemates and friends (you guys are really my soulmates). I remembered someone told me, if she happens to be my gf at that time, she will surely had taken care of me day and night, and i still wish it will become true. My friends taught me to become a super kewl guy, and i managed to control my temper. But after the accident, i turned to be somekind of talkative.

    (My original housemates; Omen, Wira, Efdza, Romdzi, Taiko, Lego, Bigan, Tobiaq, Azman Minha, Adik, Zaidee. Additional, Giant, Farok and all other ITTM mates who always lepak at my house every single night. I love u guys so so so much!)

    Being talkative, it grew even more when i broke off, thus urged me to open a blog to redirect my talkative behaviour into words. I can talk talk talk talk talk talk... non stop. What's happening to me? I've become soft hearted, sensitive (but i always cover it up by saying this and that, and when people scold me, i will just laugh, not to show my exact feeling, and when I saw something touching, i will walk to the kitchen while laughing to everybody, which actually, i'm trying to stop my tears from being seen by others). It's like having a girl's soul & heart.

    But, from the bottom of my blackened heart, i have a deep revenging lust. Lusts of doing erroneous things that no one will never expect me to do. I was actually very fragile to provocation, i will just blaze off like a bomb. Just like a girl, i think.

    Life has really taught me how to become 'Izham', as what I am now. I hate the word 'perfectionist' but somehow, someone said that i am. I'm not a perfectionist, but sometimes, i just prefer things to go well.

    Being me also, my weight is always fluctuating. A day before raya, my weight was 67kg. 3 days after, it reached 72kg. Now it turned back to 68kg. Even when I was at 70kg, people kept telling me, "Wah, kurusnya sekarang!!" (wow, you are thin now!!)

    I was partly happy to be me, as I'm able to visit my dearest friends like Wira and Romdzi, at their home last nite. Wira has just got a baby boy (eh tina, kita macam samala got new born babies around), which his wife delivered through a caesarean operation. Romdzi's wife is confirmed pregnant for about 14 weeks (about 3 months rite?).

    You know what? Wira, Romdzi and Efdza did helped me when I was about to wee-wee when i was in the hospital. Omen and Taiko cried by my bed in the hospital, at 2Am in the morning, the night i was just knocked by that girl's car. Omen and Gulong went up and down from KL, Kuantan and Melaka to see me at home. At the moment i saw them at my home, I was strong enuff to walk without my walking stick, even though my knee was not completely recovered. How I wish, she was my girlfriend at that time, I'm sure i will have the best ever time in the hospital, because even without her, it was still the best experience being warded in the hospital, ever!

    The best 3 and a half years of my life was when I was with her. She taught me a lot more meaning of sharing and love. Being appreciated, being most loved. Not everyone will do stupid things but i did. It didn't work out, but it will always remain as the best thing ever happened in my life. Being me, it's really hard for me to fall in love, truly being in love. There are times i was too emotional, especially when it comes to love thingy. I was never meant to put her away, out of my life, but being too emotional, it drives me to do a lot more stupid things, saying bad things, making her sad heart becomes even more sad, as an additional to the already stupid things i have done so so much.

    Being me now?

    For the last 3 and a half years, I've been really missing her, every single thing about her, so so much!

    For the last 5 and a half years, I've been working. 2 years with love and 3 and a half years without. 5.5 wasted years of working. Why can't I be just like other people who had already succeeded like Keme, Mel (Gee's wife) or a friend i'm going to tell about below?

    Like today, I woke up in the morning, bathed and went off to Sri Hartamas, seeing someone who I have never expect to be someone I can proud of, Megat Hisham (who we used to call 'Paus' means whale in Malay). I would say he's a very good example of quite a successful businessman, owns his own business and opened a branch of Mutiara Motors. He himself is driving a Toyota Caldina, a 2.0 liter which I've never expect it to be turbo'ed. It was a nice and very fast car indeed! The best thing happened when I met him was, I was called by a friend telling me that there's a big opportunity back in Johor!

    I went to Mid Valley. The first store I walked into was the MPH bookstore. Suddenly I saw a very familiar face. He was indeed looked very much nicer than how I used to see on TV. He's Datuk Sri Dr.Chua Jui Ming, a Malaysian ex-Minister. Instantly, it reminds me of the moments i went to his Chinese New Year's open house in Muar years ago. And just recently I met his brother, Datuk Chua Jui Ling in a Berbuka Puasa event in Pulai Springs resort in Johor. I said hi to Datuk Chua Jui Ming, and he was quite happy as someone talking to him. I did asked him, what he's doing now. He simply said, enjoying life. I told him, the last time i met him, he was not as handsome as this! He laughed!

    Then in Jaya Jusco, I met Nizal, one of the TV3 programme host. He's so surprised when i said hi and reminded him of an incident happened in the TV3 studio, once ago. He laughed too! I made two total strangers laugh today!

    Then, I walked alone in the mall, waiting for my so called sister, Ines to come over to have dinner with me. Was walking alone all over the places, imagining how nice if i can walk there with someone i really love. I saw a lot of girls walking alone, but I can't hardly see any male walking alone (what does that actually indicates?)

    Howla I wish i can turn back the time so that I can fix things back to how i want it to be. I want to be 8 years back from now, before that every single beautiful things began so that I will know what to do, to avoid bad-bad things happened to me in the past to be happening again in that rewinded life.

    But this life is just about being me. Sometime, I may have to agree that someone said that all this while, it was all about me. Is it? I don't know.

    And now, i just want everyone i know, or related to my life, to be happy, especially my family.


    * by the way please visit my sister's blog

    November 7, 2005

    First Day of Raya

    It's raya again. It's actually a celebration of 30 days, but we normally celebrate it, aslong as our leave is available. This year, I determine my own leave so i might rest and relax for maybe 2 weeks at toal.

    So actually I went back to my 'kampung' on the day just before raya. On the big day, I woke up early in the morning, met all my relatives, hand off 'ang-pows' and went to the mosque. Back from the mosque, we went back home and snap some pictures of us.

    A Snap of the whole family!

    Picture of me with all my siblings and cousin, next to my car.

    Spontaneous candid

    All of them surrounding my car.

    The whole big family

    All boys!

    A splendid candid

    All the old folks

    All girls!

    Grandchildren and granma

    My family

    Mak Lang and children

    Pak Long and children

    Second Day of Raya

    I went back to Seremban on the second day and wait for people to come over. I was so lazy to go anywhere as I was eating and eating and eating the whole day yesterday. This is the pictures of one of the visitor, which is the family of my sister's fiance. Today's special menu: Penang Laksa!

    My father and his father

    My sister, her fiance, my mom and the fiance's mom.

    Third Day of Raya

    On the third day, I was planning to finish off all the fireworks that I bought a few days before raya, when the whole gather back again in my house in Seremban. It's the regathering of family again. Today's special menu: Mee Goreng Basah!

    Hafiqh and Fatiha posed.

    Hafizh and Izzat holding fireworks (don't do this at home!)

    Luqman Hakim posed

    Fatiha posed cutely!

    Everyone was in joy enjoying the fireworks!

    Izzat, Wani, Adik & Ina

    Looking at something?

    A pose earlier in the evening.

    Wani, Farah, Fatiha & Atifah. Look at the sweetest smile by Fatiha

    It's me! Don't do this at home ok!

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