November 17, 2005

Lately and happenings!

Lately, i've been visiting other's blog more oftenly than usual. People came up with much intriguing issues, ideas and stories, that has made me to get busy body with those people sometimes.

Sadly, some of them have yet updated their blog.

Without doing my own blog, I blogged at other's blog, which sometimes caused me not to have any idea of what should i put in my blog. Updating about my daily life is no longer as interesting as there's nothing much happened. It's just that I'm keen to go out a lot as I need to find a lot of money this week to pay for my car's job.

Sadly, there's someone asked me to write my comments in my own blog. Hehe. I believe that 'I' live in the world of free speech. Only me huh? What about you, people?

As usual, most of my surfing time was spent on the 'AMIGOS' blogs, newspapers and any tech news which I hardly understand nowadays, as I'm no longer a techie person. As i was reading Tina's blog, someone left a note and as I pointed my browser to his blog, the blog has created vague of perceiveness and inconceivability inside me. The English is so beautiful!

That reminds me of my early days of blogging. I wish I could impress people, using words that I can only find in the books about the challenging adventures of dungeon and dragon or gothical fictions. It last for 3-4 entries when someone told me that as he struggled to understand my blog.

I started to write in simple english then, as I don't want people who may not be so well-versed in english to be left out. I write blog for people to read and say anything they want about it. And that friend of mine is now having hiw own blog in English. He has well-developed his english since then.

In life, we are awarded by having options and the freedom to choose. Whichever we opted, to write in Malay or English, doesn't matter, as long as the message is delivered.

Yesterday, I was trying to get a ticket for Afdlin Shauki's show, Why You Still Fat in the Actors Studio Bangsar, but it was totally sold out. What a miss! I'm trying to ask Shima, the assistant for Afdlin to help me.. please..!

This weekend, my friend Rizal Bulat is gonna get married here in JB. Next week, on the 26th, my brother Ikhwan is gonna get married in Parit Buntar. The next day, on the 27th, my friend Faisal Abu Bakar, is gonna get married in Simpang Ampat, Melaka. Then on the 3rd, my father's friend daughter, who happened to be my friend during my small kids time, is gonna get married. The on the 4th, my brother is gonna get married again, ops, actually just the reception ceremony for our side in Seremban.

A lot of weddings!

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