November 25, 2005



Seremban I reached at 11 something yesterday. Straight away i went to fix my brake pads amd air conditioner. Who can stand the heat? It didn't take long as I was going to fetch my father from the KLIA. Was hoping that my father would leave the Cygnus key but my mom warned that my father didn't allow anyone to drive the cygnus (yeah, you should know mom that father will let me to drive any car he drove hehe).

Yesterday, for the first time ever I went to a mamak restaurant for lunch in Seremban!

And I was watching the 'What a girls wants' last night, and it was seriously sweet movie! Amanda Bynes was really being herself in the movie, just like when she starred in the 'What I Like About You'. I didn't watch the movie at the cinema, for the reason I could not remember. The movie is hillarious, especially when even Prince Charles gave her a mark of 10 for her in the pageant contest.

The funny thing, the name of her father was 'Dashwood', which sounds like 'Dashboard'. Dashwood was maybe the name of the timber they use to make dashboars, I was thinking.. haha.

She has the honest, modest and humble attitude that i think everyone would like. Plus, she's just being herself. That is the most important. She is amongst the celebrities that replied my email 3 years back. Hahaha! That sounds funny aight, but I was so 'nothing todo', and i think doing this would be fun, I did and she replied! But i'm a bit in doubt that maybe it wasn't she, maybe her assistants or whoever.


So today, all of us in the family would be going up to Perak, for my brother, Ikhwan's wedding, except for Izzat who would be preparing for his SPM exams. If i'm not mistaken, today is also the exam day for some of us, maybe zamil, abby and tina, and maybe whoever lah out there who's having exam today. Should do the best aight?

There were my father's car, Abang . Bakri's, Pye's, Adik's and Aliazak's. There were 5 cars from Seremban, I think 3 cars from KL, and I myself will drive up a lil bit later as I've to wait for my brother to finish his work, going to an Open House in KL, then leave for Parit Buntar tonite.

I've forgotten to snap pictures of them leaving! I was busy doing my car, painting, touching up, and cleaning. I did Pye's car too. Black car is so easy to do. If anything wrong, a can of black spray and a can of clear lacquer would be the best to fix any paint wounds. A hot air hair dryer would help a lot!

Would be back the earliest by Saturday Night!

Gracias y Adios!


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