November 15, 2005

Smart Tag? (continued from Tina)

Another tagging game (I was tagged by Tina).

Here's what the game is like...

The Rules:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 04th post.
I've a question here. Archive of the latest archive or the 4th post of the whole blog. I was on a different blog. Can I take the entry of the old blog, because they're my archive..
3. Find the third sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same.

Okay, after some good digging in the archive, the sentence that we are looking for is:

0800 :: After coming out of the elevator.. we went to have our breakfast.. i was having roti canai and warm tea while Heri was having 2 half boiled cackles, roasted bread and nescafe.. Suddenly, two stray kids (obviously they were the Orang Asli's children around) approaching us (imitating Heri's munching sound at first.. haha) and asking for the noshs we have to be given to 'em. Out of nowhere, why us? There are so many people around but those kids only come to us.. Is this a kind of test from the Absolute-Being?
I've to put the whole paragraph as if i just put the 3rd sentence, what would it be? 'we went to have our breakfast' What does that mean?
So was it crap? Might be. But i was telling something. Check out the entry to check what was it all about.

So, hereby I am tagging the following people to carry the torch:
1. Eejay
2. Zetty
3. Eqin
4. Xazuru
5. Reen

Once u're done, then leave a note on my comment board that you've done it! Whoever that was not listed, don't be 'small hearted' please... I'll invite u guys the next time!

* Tina is real la!!! Today only she had posted 6 ENTRIES! Wa respect la sama lu! Tabik spring 1024 kali(1MB). Eh Tina u're an aquarius too, aren't u?

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