November 29, 2005

Sunday Happenings, & the iTTM regathering!

Yeah, I was still on the race to the toilet with Bob!

Then my mom called me as early as 730 in the morning. I was so surprised when my mom acknowledged that most of our family members who went to the wedding was getting diarrhea as well, except for my father and farah. I tried to figure out, why didn't my father and Farah didn't get the diarrhea.

Then after a while, I've got the answer. Both my father and Farah just take plain water.

Not to mislead myself and u guys, and no to be so orthodoxically thinking, I was suspecting someone has been putting somekind of black magic (something like santau) into the food, as actually for those people who were using this kind of black magic, once in a while they will have to dispose 'em, for the purpose of to enlive the thing.

In my father's and farah's case, the plain water has some sort of cured the poison. How amazing. I've read about this before. It's really pain in the ass whenever you have to go to the toilet so many times, as in my case, I went in 9 times! My stomach is already sensitive, and additional thing like this would really make me suffer like hell!

So I rested for the whole morning, while as usual, the kids around would playing around me without hesistate. I don't know why the babies were somekind of liking me. Since years back, as I've experience taking care of my brothers and sisters, except for Farah, she didn't like me that much.

Boo, the baby of As, were like baiting me to play hide and seek with him, while I was sleeping. That was so cute. All all the other kids were playing around me, make fun of me while I was sleeping, even though that was the first time I met them. After sometimes, I woke up and they ran away, I went to the toilet, had my bath and we made a move to Bob's house. There would be an open house and I myself would be having ex-ITTM95's pot luck gathering party at Rahimah's in Bangi!

At around 1.30, i've made a move from Setiawangsa to Bangi. I bought bananas and ice creams, something that I don't think other people would have ever thought of taking 'em to the potluck party.

Reached there at around 2.30. Gee, Mel, Muna, Lokman, Sally and someother guys were already waiting. I'm so damn happy to see them all there.

Here are the list of the attendees, sorted by the classes.

Diploma of Telecommunication Engineering :
  • Hazril(taiko) and Azlinda Tee (azerque) + two sons
  • Hizamel + wife + 2 daughters (yummy desert)
  • Idayu
  • Fazilla Zahra (zid)

    Diploma of Electronics Engineering :
  • Arif Affendi Atan
  • Hafez (Nyahche) + a daughter
  • Amin Jaleel + Wife
  • Lokman
  • Ahmad Kent + wife (tinidewi) + kids.

    Diploma of Information System Engineering :
  • Idham (Giant) + wife (Engku Nordiana) + 2 kids
  • Shukri + wife
  • Azizan Mat Jidin + wife
  • Jernk + wife + kids
  • Mizwan + wife + kids
  • Noral (Mee goreng)

    Diploma of Software Engineering (always the last and very happening!)
  • Me + nobody! (Ice cream + banana)
  • Sally + daughter
  • Muna
  • Yusran + wife + kids
  • Haziran + wife (mel)
  • Pak din + Barirah + kids
  • Iym + azhar + kids (Macaroni)
  • Bisu
  • Izhan (bond) + Haida + kids
  • Mohen
  • Gmen + Wife + kids
  • Azman Minha (Ayaq tin)
  • Mazlin (Karamel)
  • Mayna

    It was really fun. I was as usual, being the kid bullier. The kids seems not to be having problem with me, especially Sally's daughter. I had fun with Yusran's daughter as well, and Hizamel's daughter was the cutest (because she kissed me haha). Giant kids are for bullies. Hei, I remembered kids much better than their parents actually hahaha..

    Slowly, people come and go. I remembered Mizwan came for only a few minutes. He came, managed to eat some food and ciao. Most of them made a move after we took pictures. Yeah, the long lasting spirit ITTM when everybody's picture was being snapped, is still there! Those picture are clickable. Click for a bigger view version.

    Chit chatting. Arif, Yusran and kid, bisu, lokman, muna and azman minha

    Gman, Amin Jaleel and Syukri

    Mel (Gee's Wife), Giant and Gee

    From left behind row: Bisu, Azman Minha, Muna, Me, Lokman, Mizwan and Syukri. Front Row: Amin, Yusran, Nyahche, Gman and Gee

    From Gee's Camera: Behind; bisu, yusran, syukri, muna, azman, lokman, giant + kid, mizwan, azizan. Front Row: nyahche, amin, arif, me, Gee, izhan and gman.

    What are u guys laughin at? Mayna, Mazlin and Iym

    The rest of the wives, I do not know them. Hehehehe

    Sally and Idayu. Those kids do not belong to them hehe.

  • It was really fun. Taiko and wife was the last group of people reaching the place as they were from Tapah initially, attending another wedding ceremony there. I was there for quite sometimes, chit chatting with old friends would never be the same as I've always come up with new things to tell, especially about my brother's wedding and the recent mystical thing happened.

    I waited till maghrib before everything is over. We do Jemaah Solat for maghrib before we leave.

    It was something i haven't been doing for quite sometimes. I will miss this occasion. I'm hoping to have this kind of occasion more in the future.

    For more pictures of the occasion, please visit My Fotopages(still updating).


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