November 23, 2005


Hardly see the sunshine, I was wondering. I hope the sun will shine as usual but when? Despite the heat, I love it when it was so easy for me to move around. As for today, I may have to move around a lot.

As for yesterday, I wasn't around in the morning, I left to the woods as soon as I leave my last comment on the last blog I was reading. The rain was too heavy, I was wet all over. My phone was all out of coverage and the battery drained hastily. I think that my three phones are not as good as they were, after wear and tear, they've become quite old to serve my need of communication, still, I love them a lot lot more, each and everyday.

Nothing much at and on work. It was boring as one of my customers was going to cut his expenses and tend to stop buying items from me. I was thinking of getting new customers, but as the quota is concerned, it's really hard for me to decide. It's been really hard for me to deal with the quota, for some people, there must be some workaround, but in my case, the quota is just nice to meet the requirement of a very limited number of customers.

Eyed abby's blog, as she lately was talking about passion and soul. Enshrining ourselves with the quran's reading, prayers and good deeds is truly something. Even I have the intention of doing it, hmm, i just hope i can do it some other time, maybe later.

Zamil was talking about.. who? me? He was like telling every single thing he did in his life. Hehe. Then, a friend, Suzie has to be getting ready to upgrade herself to becoming a Secretary of a CEO! I am still laughing like mad reading Nashrex's post on how he went to the wedding, accidentally wearing unmatched sandals. Madnessinvain has again creating wonders! I'm afraid that i'm interpreting his saying differently from what he meant!

What's with being 'gumok' or fat? Jita claims that she's becoming 'gumok'. What's the problem with being a lil bit adorably chubby? Wouldn't it be yummy with flesh all around. Well, I may not go for a perfect figure, as long as everything is there. Look is precious but i'd rather choose adorable.

Tina was always claiming that she's chubby too. Ah well, where is she? She wasn't blogging and that's absurdly weird. There were other people who wasn't updating as frequent, but I think I will miss something without reading these people's blogs: Tina, Ida, Sarc, Xazuru, Zetty and LimKitSiang, as I noticed them as having daily updates without fail, unless i'm informed of a sudden disappearance (:p zetty).

I think I'm fat too (hahaha, someone laughed at me when I mentioned that but he gulp once i sit on the chair, why? hehehehe). I wanted to reduce my weight, but a friend, Reen asked me not to as I looked best at current. Really? Do u people love to see me with a balloning Tummy? Tina said I'm small too. Small? Hehe. Sarc, how I wish u tell me about that run. At least i've got something interesting to do on the weekends. Next if u have such thing, lemme know! I want I want!

The electricity bill was sky high. As we're rarely be at home, it shouldn't be at that rate. I was suspecting a drainage of current, somewhere in my house.

Gotta go guys. Banking Day.

Gracias y adiós


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