November 21, 2005

Weekend again..

At last, on that Friday, we went back to our hometown, in Melaka.

My kampung, Kg. Kemuning, as the name was taken from a name of a tree, "KEMUNING", is a place that is in the middle of Pulau Sebang, Gadek and Hutan Percha.

In the middle of the pulau sebang-gadek-hutan percha triangle, it's a very hidden kampung that actually not so many people know about it. When i tell people Kampung Kemuning, they always end up by asking, Ayer Kuning?

Need a map? Hahahaha...!

So, on the last Saturday, my Mak Lang held a Kenduri Arwah, as it's already a year since my Uncle (Pak Lang) had passed away. -Al-Fatihah-. It was sad, as there was something happened, and my Pak Long did not join us for the feast. I miss my cute2 cousins so much.

After maghrib, after everyone else had gone back to Seremban, me, ikhwan and izzat made a move to seremban. My sisters went back earlier as they wanted to buy tix for the Harry Porter Midnite show. So At around 11.30PM, we left the house, heading towards Seremban 2, where the new Jaya Jusco is built, and watch Harry Potter.

I watch Harry Potter for the first 30 minutes, and the last one hour. I've got a call! I was so sleepy in the movie, so talking to someone is rather a better option to keep me awake.

Sunday morning, Tip, Rota and Gee fetched me at the Senawang Toll Exit as we're going down to JB for Rizal Bulat's wedding. As we haven't seen each other for quite sometimes, we chat a lot! And for god sake, Tip got a blog too! Haha. It must be hillarious!

Arrived at JB at around 1PM and we took our sweet time to find Bulat's house. He'll only be at the wedding at around 2.30PM so we just loaf around while waiting for him.

Pictures speak better!

Rota and Tip.

Rizal and His Wife upon their arrival.

A boy showing off his Silat.

An uncle showing off his Silat.

From Left: Me, Gee, Rizal, His Wife, Tip and Rota.

It's time to bloghop!!

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