November 29, 2005

Saturday Happenings!

We (me, ikhwan and uncle bob) reached Parit Buntar at around 1.30AM, after attending the open house of Datuk Ahmad Bujang at Gombak. No pictures as I was busy with my car's stereo.

Then, everyone was asleep, except for abah and mak, who were waiting for us. I manage to took some pictures! Hahah! I went out to sniff the fresh air of Parit Buntar!

Ali Azak and Hafizh.

Pye (my sister's fiancee)

I was waken up early in the morning, we took turn to use the bathrooms while I was busy cleaning up my car, and tested my cousin's car. Just before we went off to the Akad Nikah Ceremony, we took pictures, outside of the house. (click on the pictures to view the enlarged version)

So, then we were off to Simpang Lima, straight to the mosque of the bride's kampung. Their family has already been waiting there. Some of us did the Sunat Tahiyyat Masjid Solat, but I remembered my father was praying towards the wrong direction of the qiblah.

Then, Ikhwan waited relaxly for the upcoming events. I was surprised for a few changes on the marriage documents which displayed the wrong amount of dowry (which the Imam told us that, the amount was way too high). It's already expensive but they managed to raised the amount!

After every single thing had been verified, then the Imam holds my brother's hand and started the Akad. It was a weird long akad (or is it because of the expensive dowry?), I was sitting behind my brother, carefully listen to each word, it took 2 to 3 minutes to finish his ijab. Then my brother straight away recites the kabul he had already memorized! The witnesses said 'SAH' and the Imam proceed with the takliq.

You know what, as the Imam asked my brother to read the takliq, he was reading it by himself, which he is supposed to read it as loud as possible, for other people to listen to his takliq/ It was like an agreement of the groom towards his wife. After a few times, i slowly tell him, 'oi, imam suruh baca kuat-kuat dia nak dengar! (the imam asked you to read it loudly, so everyone can listen!)

Then only he says 'OH!'. Settled with that, the Imam proceed with doa and my brother proceed with his Sunat Nikah Solat. Then we proceeded with the 'Majlis Membatalkan Wudhuk'
He started with presenting the Dowry money to her, then the Quran, then the ring. Then she puts a ring on my brother's hand too. Then we went off to the house and get ready for the Wedding ceremony at the bride's house!
As we arrived at the bride's house, my brother gives his most macho pose!
Can you see that Royal umbrella. It was mine and that is the only umbrella available during the wedding. Sadly, it was left there in Parit Buntar and I'll have to ask Haira to send it back to me later.
A pose inside the house. I took a lot more pictures in here but as there were a lot more people were snapping with their cameras, I can't really properly snap the pictures.
Another pose inside the house. Then we had our lunch before we departed out of Parit Buntar.

For more pictures on this wedding, please go to My Foto Blog

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