November 14, 2005

A night that was warm..

First of all, a heartily condolence to Tina Zuriana for the Demise of her uncle, last Thursday.


Secondly, sorry to Dina because i cannot attend your open house.

Thirdly, same goes to Afdlin Shauki, i cannot attend your showcase.

Fourthly, good luck to my brother Izzat, Abby and Zamil for the exams.

Who else having Exams? Lemme know! I'll pray for u!

It's really warm. I've been sweating since noon. I was heavily sweating until i could smell the stinky wet collar of my shirt. The air-conditioner of my sister's car doesn't help at all. I was moving around town in my sister's car. The first place I went was to the workshop where I sent my car. They had taken out everything from the engine bay. I did took pictures with my newly bought cybershot (oh yeah) but it was blurred, as i intended to show how my engine bay was emptied.

I wondered why it's so warm back here in JB. Is it the weather or me? I have a feeling that my tummy is healthily growing since raya. Hardly breathing sometimes, i gain weight maybe up to 73kg. I'm getting so much fatter. Heavier than ever. Except my mom, a lot of people regards me as thin.

If possible, I'm to reduce my weight to 62 kg, just like a day before raya last year. At that moment, I felt so light and healthy. Fasting and starving in KL are so easy. I'm so lazy to go out to have food as there's no food at home. In JB, everything is there. I just have to walk out of my room and look for 'em in the kitchen. So that's how i gained my weight.

I've had a peek of what they're gonna do about my car. The whole engine block was taken out, together with the gearbox. It's a major revamp since the engine was installed in my car, July 2005. It's been more than 100,000 km of mileage, of my consumption, which gives a total of 200,000km++ of mileage, for the engine. Pretty old engine, it is just the time for a major rework and upgrade.

There's a lot of happenings, whether in the past or incoming. I missed Afdlin Shauki's showcase of Baik Punya Cilok last Sunday. Talked to Shima about my failure to come but I've asked her to reserve a place for the next showcase which would be on the 27th November, a day after my brother's wedding in Parit Buntar Perak. This week, i think there'd be a lot of my old colleagues from college that would be coming down to JB as a friend of mine, Rizal Bulat is also getting married, this weekend.

I'm still waiting for your invitation card. What? Wednesday? Okie, just gimme a call yah! hehehe..

Last Sunday, I found up an old recording of my performance on a tape, years back from now. It was a private Merdeka Day Celebration, somewhere back in Melaka. As I actually signed up for poetry recitation, i did not prepare a single thing about it. As I was actually one of the working committee, on that day, they asked me whether i'm going to perform or instead.

I was totally forgotten about the performance, and as my name was already in the performing list, i asked the MC to announce me as to sing, instead to recite poems.

Here I come, with a guitar and singing one of my favourite old song, Bahtera Merdeka!

You guys should know how nervous I was. I was dead pale.

As maybe some of you had already listened to it, I was thinking of sharing the clip with you guys but I found it ANNOYING. It's not really a good idea.

Well, Bahtera Merdeka would still be my favourite song. I would never miss to sing it whenever I went to Karaoke. It is a nice song, very patriotical and persuading.

Just a short note before I end up this post (which I actually have a lot more to tell but we'll go one by one alright?), I did buy a Sony Cybershot Camera the S40 model, which can support up to 4.1 megapixel. It comes with the Carl Zeiss's lens, a perfect lens for picture shots!

I bought it at the KLCC Sony Wings at the price of just RM699! What a good buy!

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