November 10, 2005

A funful wenchsday!

Remember the Monday before raya? I was bloghopping, but it feels like going to the shopping mall alone. Everyone was not updating their blog and i felt so strange. I was like talking to myself again and again, leaving notes and comments to blogs i visit everyday, as my nature to tease people and to get busy body with other people's life.. as usual.

Till the end of the week (and even today Ida and Kak Zuni didn't turn up in their blog yet), no one is really updating, except for Tina who started to write something on Saturday.

I think somewhen during Ramadhan, when Afdlin Shauki was in Japan, he called me. Well through skype. I don't have so much yet contact in skype, but luckily, i accidentally found Nik Elyani, an MMU junior, we used to talk a lot. She showed me around her photoblog, which is mostly about her married life and the child.

I woke up late in the morning as to get myself ready for a job interview. Yes it's a job interview. I used to talk about this to my friend, sometimes, i attended interviews just for fun, and to waste their time and resources.

This is different. I've got an sms, asking me to apply for a job. It's a contractual based job in Dubai, requiring me to be there for 6 months, with a very irresistable lucrative salary in USD, house, car and all sort of communication tools provided.

Wearing casually, went off to bangsar, as I'm supposed to be seeing Michelle, (hope she's cute so it won't be boring). Parked my car, late for 4 minutes and saw her sitting on the couch with white top and jeans. She.. is cute! Haha..

As usual, i'm so a flirt in the interview. She laughed a lot to my stories that she forgotten that she's supposed to be interviewing me. Instead, i asked her a lot, especially about her imaginery boyfriend.

So, at least I've got her number, which later i just throw it off in a dustbin. Am I being insensitive?

Because she is actually a lesbian!

Went to see Bob, before I went off to Karaoke Bangsar to entertain 12 stup*d japs. Yeah, I'm looking forward to be their product dealer in Malaysia, but should i spend thousands to get 'em drunk? Which i myself don't? Anyway, that KTV i went is damn cheap, MYR9.90 per head, includes lunch and sides buffet, and karaokeing from 12PM to 4PM. Buy 2 free 1. Means, pay 3 people for 2 person's rate. And that KTV got japs songs too! They're damn happy, i'm damn more happy! Very cheap to entertain.

Then drove off to Puchong, handing my bro's wedding invitation card to Shalina and her fiance. She's getting married too! I'm gonna buy her a microwave for her wedding!

Afterwards, as the offices are already closed, i went to Lego's house in Putrajaya. You know what, he has the light saber of star wars! I will post the picture once Lego emailed 'em to me.

Then went out with Ines, talked till 12AM.

Just got the news that my EVO7-8 has just torn apart due to a mistake done by one of the welder. It's a track car, which i built up from EVO8's front half cut and EVO7's rear half cut. ILLEGAL and dangerous! Don't do this at home! Due to an accident on track, it was workshopized (read like hospitalized) as the front part was badly ruined.

I had an intention to use it on the road, take it back to kampung and show off for Raya, even though it's an illegal car. Make surprises to everyone. Everything is there. Road tax and plate no.

Now it's a total wrecked up!

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