February 27, 2006

What's wrong with the govt?

Mood? Blegh. Hell no. Why? More burden and problems. I've been thinking so much for the country i guess? Wei, our country is in a total mess right now, still you can sit and laugh like nothing will happen?

Why the petrol price is increased by 30 sens? That means, my full tank 45 liters per each refill (and 5 liters spare in the tank),

Previously it will cost 45l x RM1.62 = 72.90.

New price 45l x RM1.92 = RM86.4.

A relative increase of RM13.70 of each refill (what?)

So maximumly, i pour in the fuel into my car tank 8 times a month, so there will be an increase of RM13.70 x 8 = RM109.60

That is only on the petrol itself. Consider all the other price raises? Transportation cost? Bus & taxi fares? Workmanship cost? Food? Everything will be increased. This is such a bad inflation. That does not include the Toll increment next year! And do you know that the interest rate is also flying high this year?

What do u mean by such a great economical growth when the inflation is so sky high?

All the of terms and terminologies they created to bluff us with the actual situation.

All they said was, they really hope that the business operators will absorb the cost increment but their salary keep on incrementing year by year. Suck you own d*ck lah.

Why can't you guys yourself absorb the petrol increase by actually cutting your pay into half? Eh, where does the Petronas's profit goes? Petrol price increase, profit also increase right?

Do u know that there are oil producing countries that gave petrol for free to the folks, and they are even richer day by day. Malaysia? Charge the folks for the petrol but we are getting poorer. Sometimes, all these economical theories are useless. They are all made my human, and human does not know everything.

We must do something like, things that Tun Mahathir used to do.

Come out with his own workable theory. Things that will regenerate the economy.

Hmm maybe i should consider doing a new business. Smuggling the petrol. Hei I know how to do that. But surely i'll be caught for becoming hero to the people. Nak jadi hero pun susah. Nak tolong orang lain pun salah. What's wrong with the world now?

Or maybe, malaysians should consider for a change.


What actually 'semen' can do?

Can u read the document in the picture above? Well, let me retype it again.


Durham University
Estates & buildings.

Re: Masturbation in Showers.

We have recently found several blockages in showers in university owned accomodation, most commonly caused by human hair.

However, over last term we found many of these blockages to be caused by large quantitiesof what we have now determined to be 'semen'. This is intolerable, and we shall be tracing the culprits by means of DNA matching if the problem persists.

May we advise students who wish to masturbate to do so in the comfort of their own rooms, rather than in the showers.

Thank you for taking time to read this document.

P. Robinson
Estate & Building


This is seriously my first time knowing that male's semen can cause such a disaster. Wouldn't it just follow the water flow and being drained out? It's not that thick and sticky enough, for me to imagine that it will get stucked in the drains and causing the blockages.

Very illogical, but to think about it.

Now i know why it also caused the blockages to the women menstruation cycle :p


Anugerah Bintang Popular dan Kuiz

Heh, dalam anugerah bintang popular 2005, MAWI sapu habis. Penyanyi baru popular lelaki, Penyanyi popular lelaki and artis paling popular.

Bertambah-tambahlah juga isi poket mawi. Rezekinya sungguh lah murah, bukan setakat murah, mewah pula tu. Dalam masa 6 bulan gain dah nak dekat 2 juta.

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri janganlah buat-buat tak nampak pulak. Katala dalam masa 6 bulan dia dapat 2 juta, setahun 4 juta. Kejar beb, jangan tak kejar. Mementangla korang minat kat MAWI korang tak nak kejar pulak yer. Banyak cantik.

Adik saya pun pegi ke Genting Highlands semata-mata nak tengok diorang ni. Dahla duduk depan Mawi. Takci betul. Saya pun nak pegi jugakla!

Takpe, mungkin suatu hari nanti, saya pulak yang akan panjat pentas amik kunci kereta KIA ke, sape tau..

Kereta KIA? Ish, confirm saya jual balik, buat modal bikin kereta baru. Hehehe..

Untuk beberapa minggu, saya bermain kuiz di channel #JB di Webnet. Semuanya utk melupakan sekejap masalah yang melanda. Bosan gak, asyik fikir masalah aje.

Sehinggalah jam 2 lebih petang semalam,

[14:12] IzhamJB is in 1st place for this year! Good job IzhamJB!
[14:12] IzhamJB has just moved into position 1 for this year!
[14:12] IzhamJB is 2 points ahead for keeping 1st place this year!
[14:12] -Tenet- The player behind you is Frozen^Throne!

saya telah mengambil alih kedudukan pertama daripada RatJaiSripet, seorang chatters lain yang agak busuk hatinya, yang tak boleh melihat orang lain berjaya mengejar kedudukannya di persada no 1.

[14:12] IzhamJB is in 1st place for this year! Good job IzhamJB!
[14:12] IzhamJB is 15 points ahead for keeping 1st place this year!
[14:13] -Tenet- The player behind you is RatjaiSripet!

Pada masa saya mengambil alih kedudukan no.1 itu, markah saya sama dengan RatJaiSripet. Ngam-ngam. Pastu saya pun main lagi untuk meninggalkan si RatJatSripet dengan jauhnya, sebab saya tau dia kalau kejar cepat nak mampus.

[15:47] IzhamJB has 13976 points so far today, 26809 points so far this week, 52674 points so far this month, 52674 points so far this year, has a winning streak record of 173 wins in a row and has a speed record of 1 second and has matched it 1574 times so far!!

Itulah kehebatan saya.. 173 kemenangan berturut2. Ianya satu rekod. Terror tu.

[15:47] -Tenet- Top 10 Trivia Scores For Feb, 2006:
[15:47] -Tenet- 1st Place: IzhamJB with 52674 points! 2nd Place: RatjaiSripet with 49470 points! 3rd Place: Frozen^Throne with 34142 points! 4th Place: acidskool with 21601 points! 5th Place: sekaye_secache with 20866 points! 6th Place: metalzone with 14934 points! 7th Place: FarmerJohn with 14885 points! 8th Place: pc with 14109 points! 9th Place: aeiza with 12176 points! 10th Place: RatuSanubari with 11407 points!
[15:47] -Tenet- Congratulations To IzhamJB for wearing their thinking cap the most! 8)

Masa itu juga, saya memeriksa kedudukan saya. jauhkan saya tinggalkan si Ratjai pada masa itu. Hari itu sahaja, saya dapat 13k point untuk diri saya.

[15:47] IzhamJB has 13976 points so far today, 26809 points so far this week, 52674 points so far this month, 52674 points so far this year, has a winning streak record of 173 wins in a row and has a speed record of 1 second and has matched it 1574 times so far!!

Dalam masa 2 hari sahaja saya boleh dapat point untuk dapat tempat ke-3. Jadi saya teruskan bermain sehinggalah RatJatSripet masuk dan mendapati saya jauh di hadapan meninggalkannya. Tiba-tiba..

[18:49] * You were kicked from #Jb by RatjaiSripet (reverse)
[18:49] * You were kicked from #Jb by RatjaiSripet (tidak mungkin reverse)

Wah.. selepas itu, saya terus diban dari channel tersebut dan saya langsung tidak dapat bermain. Sungguh menyakitkan hati. Seperti budak-budak.

Fikir2kan balik, biarlah dia. Malas nak layan.

Rasa macam MAWI pulak. Naik dengan cepat, pastu orang cuba nak jatuhkan saya. Hehehe.. melalut plak nieh..

Inilah kedudukan terakhir semalam, selepas di ban.

[19:03] -Tenet- 1st Place: IzhamJB with 54431 points! 2nd Place: RatjaiSripet with 50093 points! 3rd Place: Frozen^Throne with 34503 points! 4th Place: acidskool with 21601 points! 5th Place: sekaye_secache with 20906 points! 6th Place: metalzone with 15522 points! 7th Place: FarmerJohn with 14885 points! 8th Place: pc with 14109 points! 9th Place: aeiza with 12363 points! 10th Place: RatuSanubari with 11738 points!

February 25, 2006

New addiction...

I've just realize that i'm addicted to this game,

"Online Quiz on IRC"

Just open an IRC client, connect to the webnet network, join the channel #JB and enjoy the game.

I managed to reach the 2nd place out of hundreds players just in a few weeks. In one night, i managed to get myself a single number ranking and i was slowly catching up with the leaders, initally to catch the 3rd, and i took long time to catch with the 2nd place and at once, i managed to be at the 1st place, which is not for that long.

When the leader, who happened to be the operator of the IRC channel too, found out that i'm catching up with him, he started to do something that will slowing me down. Accusing me of cheating and what not. He even kicked me out of the channel when i was away for dinner or doing something.

Nevermind, at least i've really got something to do to help me overcoming things that is boggling my mind. A lot of things.

And it regards of me being so nice too. Is it bad to be too nice to people. Someone told me that being very so super nice would cause harm as well.

Is it?

I was born and grown in a family that is emphasizing on behaving and having the right attitude, no matter when and where we are. I used to be getting a good punishment when i did something wrong while visiting my father's friend family.

I used to be a super bad boy when i like to bully weeaker people, girls, smaller kids and who ever i think i like to bully, but when i was a lil bit older, my mom told me that, don't mess around with girls. Think as if people do the same to my mom or my sisters.

Since then, i changed; I no longer bully females or mess around with them, i'll be super nice with them but i keep bullying smaller kids. Or cats.

I wanted to have a girlfriend when i was as young as 13 years old. At that time, i learnt to be nice with girls when i 14, right after my mom told me such things.

The thing was, i've been so nice with every girls that is around me that i forgotten that i've already got a girlfriend, that we broke up later after she found out that i was close to a girl who claimed herself to be the next girlfriend of mine. Haha. One side of me was worried, but part of me were so happy that i don't expect she to claim such a thing. Am I that great? Or maybe it's just rumours that people told me. Hahaha..

Well now, i continued being super nice, as well as super cruel too.

I heard from someone that it takes to be cruel to be nice. Something sounds like that. Is it correct? Doesn't really matter. I don't care.

Being nice, people would easily misunderstood. Is it true?

I just like being nice to people, as i wanted people to be nice to me as well. It was a mistake when i treat people i'm dealing with in my business in a super nice as well.

Not to mention to all my beloved superfriends from my college time.

I'll be nice to even those who i just knew. It's just me. Naturally.

I think it's just true that being nice would easily made people misunderstood. They think that they would easily manipulate me for anything?

I'm expecting give and take, at least a lil bit of it. Not that i'm not sincere for all the kindness, but after sometimes, i'll bet every one of us would do the same thing. GIVE UP! Especially when you're the only who give and the other party were benefiting a lot from that relationship. No matter personal or business relationship.

And i have to be crude and cruel to overcome such thing.

I actually am not really sure what am I talking about. Messed.

February 17, 2006

When we talk about love then why Valentine?

As a muslim, it's generally understood that, it's forbidden celebration. No question asked. Well, i look at it as, it's still okay as the intention is not leading towards any known bad intentions.

Anyway, I'm still thankful that i've received a few cards; a funny card, 2 romantic cards and an honest card! (hehe what was that?) Not to mention wishes by sms, messengers or people calling me up wishing me Happy Valentine's Day. Thank You guys!

What is Valentine?

By referring to www.dictionary.com, it returns me with the result below:-

val·en·tine ( P ) Pronunciation Key.

  1. A sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member, for example, on Saint Valentine's Day.
  2. A gift sent as a token of love to one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.
  3. A person singled out especially as one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.

Well, they even provided the history of the word as well.

Lovers and the greeting card industry may have Geoffrey Chaucer to thank for the holiday that warms the coldest month. Although reference books abound with mentions of Roman festivals from which Valentine's Day may derive, Jack B. Oruch has shown that no evidence supports these connections and that Chaucer was probably the first to link the saint's day with the custom of choosing sweethearts. No such link has been found before the writings of Chaucer and several literary contemporaries who also mention it, but after them the association becomes widespread. It seems likely that Chaucer, the most imaginative of the group, invented it. The fullest and perhaps earliest description of the Valentine's Day tradition occurs in Chaucer's Parlement of Foules, composed around 1380, which takes place “on Seynt Valentynes day,/Whan every foul cometh there to chese [choose] his make [mate].”

taken from www.dictionary.com.

Well the actual origin of valentine is actually a Roman Christian who according to tradition was martyred during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Claudius II. Saint Valentine's Day was primarily celebrated in his honor, but was also inspired by another martyr named Valentine, who was bishop of Terni, a region in central Italy.


Well, no matter what it is, in the eyes of the Islamic Scholars, Valentine's Day is always amongs ways that will lead to adultery.

I can still remember, during my school time, the Valentine's Day is celebrated by having the Apple and Chocolate day. The English has always seeing it as an opportunity for them to make money out of the Apples and Chocolates that is to be given as a gift to the loved ones.

1. From a Boy to a Girl of his heart.
2. or from a girl to a boy of his heart.
3. From an admirer to the admired student.
4. From a student to the admired teacher.
5. and even from a teacher to the admired student.
6. from the rascals who always wants to make fun of a bulliful girl.
7. or even from the popular girls who were making fun of a geek.

Or whatever, even though the school prohibited the student to get involved in love or coupled. But it was fun! I always see it as something that can make somebody to be happy like hell!

So this is my story.

In school, i have a few not so popular girl friends, who were always in their very small circle of friends. Yeah, I've to admit that they're not so good looking, not even english-spoken and there's no reason why they would become very popular, even among the girls.

Even though they used quite rough languages while talking, i know deep from the bottom of their heart that they're really good at heart and sincere. Honestly, that explains why i was quite "greet 'em all the time" everytime i see them, and they've become quite friendly to me.

When I was in form 4, despite of my jealousy girlfriend that i had at school, i actually quite a number of chocolates and apples from; err some i know, and some i don't even know their name. That's impossible as i was actually know everyone in school. But that doesn't matter.

I've got those gifts a few days earlier, and some i've got it on the day itself. Well, you know, as a male student, those gifts i would never consume them alone. I always shared it with friends. Who cares? Except for those given by special people. While people were busy with the Valentine thingy, from far, i see those so unpopular girls were walking lazyingly, like ignoring what's happening around them.

I guess you must have expected what did i do? Guess?

Yeah, they did received a pair of chocolate and apple each. But they weren't from me.

They were from one of the teacher. The teacher was asked by the English Club promoter to buy Apple and Chocolate from them but she doesn't know to whom the gifts should be given to.

She wanted to give it to me, as I was always helping her in doing things, and she asked me to find another two to be given the gifts. I mentioned about the 3 girls.

She handed the gift herself in their class. It was a 'moment'!

The three of them were so thankful and happy for the gift, till they came over to the teacher's desk in the teacher's room and cried.. It was a total unexpected thing to be happening in their life in school.

I've never imagined that it would be so emotional, but i was happy either. Happy for them.

I wish that they're doing well now.


Back to the Valentine's Day celebration. It's general that everyone wanted to celebrate it as other people is doing it too. On the radio. On TV. In the newspapers. Everywhere. Not to mention the clubs which provide special treatment to special couple who attended their club on the valentine's day.

Hmm... As a human being, who is being loved, every single minute, hour, day, week, month and year, why would only the 14th February become the only special day for those in love?

When I'm in love, everyday is a special day. Thinking that; owh yes, i've a girlfriend and i feel so blessed for having a special someone in my life. 14 February was just a normal day for us as everyday was like the 14 February.

But that was years ago, hehe.

Now, I'm getting older, and admitting this would bring no good to me. Love has become second or third of fourth in my priority as i'm focusing on my making-money activities and my family, especially my growing lil sister who had just enrolled in her Standard Two studies. She was quite being bullied at school, lazy and non-initiatived person so that worries me a lot.

Well, i like babies. I like kids. I was blessed when i'm surrounded by all friends of mine who already have babies or kids.

As I'm getting old, more problem boggling my mind. I dropped a lot of my hair. I'll becoming bald in a few years time i guess.

Well, about the Valentine, judge it yourself. It's been quite a while i did not celebrate the Valentine's Day as:

1. I've been single for quite sometimes.
2. When i was with my xgf, everyday was special, except that i was forced to do something extra special for valentine. It was fun!
3. The dilemma of celebrating it, To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate.
4. What's so special about 14 Feb anyway, i find it just like any other days, except for the free heart shaped chocolate at the starbucks that I've forgotten to consume everytime i had it. Gosh!

February 16, 2006

Makan Malam Amal CBN

Hari Sabtu yang lalu, saya telah dijemput untuk menghadiri Majlis Makan Malam Amal Convent Bukit Nanas bagi mengutip derma untuk pembiayaan perbelanjaan memperbaiki salah satu blok yang sudah uzur di sekolah tersebut. Hehe, sebenarnya saya pun nak minta derma jugak ni. Derma sempena kereta nak cat baru. Sape nak bagi duit?

Bagaimana saya dijemput? Biasalah, orang terel macam saya ni (sambil kembang kuncup hidung)

Di sana, saya sangat teruja untuk melihat anak-anak buah Dina (juga seorang 'blogger'), yang akan membuat persembahan Gymrama dan tarian untuk malam itu. Sebenarnya, anak-anak buah Dina akan tampil 5 kali untuk membuat persembahan, bukan sekadar gymrama, tapi juga tarian, mungkin disebabkan kebolehan mereka dalam gymnastic, sungguh mudah agaknya untuk mengajar mereka menari. Memang diorang ni sungguh handal dan saksama kerana pada malam itu sahaja, ada 5 tarian, jadi budak-budak gymnast tu ada 5 koreograf untuk di hapal.

Mampus saya. Kalau saya terlupa, saya goyang2 bontot aje macam Mr. Bean.

Mengenangkan makan malam tersebut, saya tidak makan seharian. Saya tiba di sana pada jam 7.30 malam, dan saya agak kecewa kerana majlis hanya akan bermula jalam lapan lebih. Bilanya nak makan ni? Jalan sana sini, last-last ada accident kat tepi jalan. (Ulasan lanjut, sila lihat blog English saya)

Lebih teruja lagi, apabila melihat buku aturcara, di mana pengacara malam ini ialah Aznil Hj. Nawawi? Wah. Mesti best ni! Tapi agak kecewa kerana apabila majlis dimulakan, orang lain yang menjada pengacara. Bosanlah! Mujur slide show tak berapa lancar jadi bolehlah saya makan dulu. Tak malu betul saya makan. Habis saya makan semua benda yang ada atas pinggan tu. Kesian uncle tu. Meleleh air hidung dia tengok saya telan jellyfish tu. Slurrp!

Majlis dimulakan dengan nyanyian choir, sempena menyambut kehadiran Yang Teramat Mulia Isteri Raja Muda Perlis. Anaknya pun ada bersekolah di CBN, jangan main-main tahu. Yang menari di hadapan tu, ialah anak-anak buah Dina juga. Seronok tengok mereka ni menari. Tapi tak dinafikan, ada juga yang keras. Nasib baik tak macam Mawi jadi Pokok masa buat audition AF dulu.

Memang kezutan apabila saya sedang makan, tiba-tiba kedengaran lagu yang agak biasa kedengaran. Lagu apa yer? Lagu tema rancangan, "Macam Macam Aznil". Rupa-rupanya, aznil sampai juga, tapi lewat sedikit sebab kesesakan lalulintas, Biasalah. Setibanya aznil di sana, dengan muka yang tak tahu malu, Aznil ingin memulakan persembahannya dengan menyanyikan lagu Sheila Majid, Sinaran. Hmm, mentang-mentanglah mengacarakan Akademi Fantasia. Saya rasa, dia lama-lama geram juga tengok orang menyanyi, akhirnya, dia sendiri nak menyanyi. Nasib baik sedap.

Itulah Aznil in Action. Komen saya :: (bayangkan bob lokman) Muka banyak sangat mekap. Lontaran suara kurang. Pitching perlu diperbaiki.

Habis sahaja aznil menyanyi, majlis terus dimulakan dengan nyanyian Lagu Pudar, nyanyian asal oleh Rossa, dinyanyikan oleh pelajar bernama Sarah, yang rasanya anak kepada isteri Raja Muda perlis tu, agaknyalah. Kalau tak pun, saya tipu la ni. Hehehehehe..

Yang ini pula gambar adik-adik gymnast ni menari untuk lagu asmaradana. Yang penting saya suka lihat mereka menari. Rasa macam satu kepuasan pula bila melihat mereka dididik sebagai gymnast dan melihat hasilnya. Sungguh menggembirakan dan lazat. Erkk.. apa yang lazat eh? Silap hehehe.

Ini gambar gymnast-gymnast di belakang pentas, beberapa jurus silat sebelum persembahan gymrama mereka dimulakan. Yang comel sekali dan favourite saya (dan jugak aznil) ialah yang kecil sekali dan sedang duduk tu. Namanya Qismina, tapi digelar Sweet, macam gula-gula pulak tapi dia memang comel. Kalau boleh hari-hari nak tengok muka dia, dan aksinya juga sungguh selamba dan bersahaja. Di sebelahnya, Edrynna. Yang berdiri, dari kiri Qistina, kakak kepada sweet yang digelar Pearl pula. Di tengah-tengah pula Kar Mun (sebutan=Karmen) gadis cina yang sangat fasih berbahasa Melayu. Takde bunyi macam cina langsung. Sebelahnya pula lagi ialah Suhaila.

Yang gemuk berdiri di belakang itu ialah Dina, jurulatih mereka. Tak sangka jurulatih gymnastik gemuk juga. Hehe..

Pada malam itu, gymnast-gymnast kecil ini ada juga membuat persembahan gymrama mereka. Anda pasti akan melopongkan mulut anda dengan kebulatan yang sempurna apabila melihat aksi-aksi melentikkan badan mereka. Aznil pun sungguh tertarik dengan persembahan tersebut sehinggakan saya rasa dia pun tercuit dengan kecomelan dan aksi-aksi bersahaja oleh Sweet. Sweet sekarang ni berada di Bangkok, Thailand menyertai pertandingan Gymrama di sana. Best kan? Umur dia baru 9 tahun. Yang tak bestnya, dia panggil saya Uncle. Tak patuuuuuut!!!

Habis sahaja majlis, saya mengambil peluang bergambar dengan Adibah. (lihatlah perbezaan yang ketara itu). Apa-apa pun, saya berasa sungguh gembira kerana gambar saya tidaklah kecil sangat, bukan apa, lihat sahajalah saiz orang2 yang sama menyebok nak ambil gambar dengan saya tu. Tapi seronokla jugak.

Best best...

Who says Malaysian road are safe?

The Malaysian media and news were always been stuffed by the story of the bad roads everywhere.

Despite me abandoning the blog that I'm having as I was so busy doing this and that plus I'm doing quite a tight diet (starting today) as I do feel like I'm getting heavier day by day. Why?

When i drive, i feel like the car was not as fast as usual? I think my car is ok, and if the car is slow, it must be me who gained weight. Or maybe, the road is getting worse. I've just changed my old adjustable absorber to a new one, harder and lower this time, but my car will shake like hell sometimes.

After some investigation, it was the road. The road worsening everyday! There are certain part of the road that I went to check out were badly uneven, u'll feel like u're driving on hundreds of small humps.

I was intrigued to write about this lately when i was having problem driving my car which has recently been equipped with a better set of adjustable absorber, and of course it went super low as well. On the first day itself, my right front bumper was scratched a lil bit, a result of a sunken road which caused the bumper to touch the road, as i was about to reach the roundabout near the end of Federal Highway, heading towards the city center in KL.

But I was more intrigued when I saw a sudden stupid accident that happens last Saturday, while I was waiting for the VIP to reach the CBN dinner I was having at the Flamingo Hotel, Ampang, which I heard sound like plates and bowls were bring dropped on the road. At first I thought that it might be that those things dropped from a lorry. But when I went further, I saw :-

a. 2 traffic policemen
b. a motorbike lying on the road
c. a motorcyclist also lying on the road
d. people helping the motorcyclist

And the motorcyclist actually hit nothing but he fell all by himself. How come? It was the uneven road.

But I feel bad that the policemen only manage to order people to help the motorcyclist, not to help them all by themselves. Why be so inhuman then 'abang polis'?

But i was happy with the help by the people. Even the hotel manager managed to come down and try to console the injured motorcyclist. He even asked his subordinates to bring water to be given to him. And there was girl who keep telling how was the accident happened. Maybe his friend.

I wanted to take pictures, but the abang Polis might have scolded me if I did that. hehe..

* Wanna look at the CBN dinner pictures? Click on my Malay Blog

February 8, 2006

The 20th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL)??

Lame isn't it? It was like 5 days ago but only today i wanna wrote about it. Actually i wanted to touch a lil bit about it but i have a lot of other things in mind at the same time, plus, as I was saying that I'm getting fatter, yes I am so right now I've started to go jog. Walla, my legs aches. I've forgotten that I need to warm myself up before jogging.

Well, certain people would say that Anugerah Juara Lagu was boring, lame and stupid but I was a loyal follower of Muzik-Muzik before the format was changed to the current 3 categories, which i think, especially in the pop rock, was not properly assigned, as there was no such thing as rock elements in the competing songs. Well, it is all based on the choice of the audience.

I do think that the current 3 categories were not appropriate and enough to cater the scene of the current local music industry. Rap and hip hop songs were categorized in the pop rock? That's pretty lame. Sounds stupid. Is the people in TV3 are stupid or Malaysian were stupid also for not correcting them?

I think both la..

Nevermind, being stupid is okay since no one seems to care, I used to write a letter and email to TV3 but i think they've never read 'em. I believe that there are so many music literate artists out there, who should point out to TV3 about the music categorizing, but it has been well accepted.

Even Amy Search says that there's none of the finalist in the Pop Rock Category this year has the Rock element in it.

The contestants? They don't care as long as they get through. Duh...

Review? Do I have to since there's a lot more people out there who has been doing it. I would not put it as my review, as it's more to comments.

No need to mention that I've known any of the artist personally, and even if they knew me, mentioning it won't do me any good neither.

To be frank, i've only heard a few of the songs. Songs like Taat, Selamakama and Elegi Sepi has never come into my knowledge before, and i don't understand why they were chosen to be in the final, as i do think there's a lot more better songs i've heard within the last year but,

That was the drawback of having the categories.

So i dun really catch these songs that night.

Well, i do favor on Gemilang by Jac and Awan Yang Terpilu by Ning Baizura. Both gave the most entertaining performance. I myself was deeply touched by Ning's singing, it's just that her vocal it's not comparable with Jac at all despite of her good voice. That night, if Ning had a better control of her voice, I would definitely cry, instead of about to cry!

Well, Jac and her team has definitely modified the song, which i think is the most radical change. Compared to the other songs, even from the previous AJL, they only made slight changes, on the intro, during the silence in the middle of the soung or the outtro. The team has lengthen the song, with the support of the choir, applying the approach of the American Black towards their bridge by making it longer so that they can coomunicate with the audience or having somekind of vocal solos. Well, tt has not been fully made use by Jac, as the approach is still not that ordinary for the local music scene.

If u listen to Alicia Keys Unplugged especially, not a single song was like the original. Each song must have at least a slight changes. That really shows how committed they are in making the music. They have different arrangement for different concert. So tonight, only Jac and the team did that. They did it very well.

Zainal with his environmentalist apprearance, was so calm and relax and he was really make use of the stage like doing his own concert. Well, the background coreography was supposed to be amazing but it was kinda ordinary as it has become so usual. The fire playing, the snake and the 'Capoeira' the native brazilian martial art. I like the capoeira thingy, but he should be making the song more serious, not to be as relax as that. I think he should be more serious.

Others, while Mawi singing, I was busy looking at the Fireworks. So the rest, not really into my interest of watching. So it's really good to know the result.

Well, The only person who i expected to win was Mawi. As the 'King of SMS' he won the best performance and also the Ethnic Creative Category. I don't really care. But Hazami won the best vocal? Luckily they don't have SMS vote for the vocal as if they do, I think Mawi would be winning it. And Hazami also won the Pop Rock Category, which i think his song has no Rock Element at all! Am I confused or stupid?

Well, I'm proud that Gemilang of Jac had won the Ballad category. Pity Ning, as if there's no such thing as category, Ning's song will get the 1st runner up. And the best thing was, as I was really hoping, Gemilang of Jac had the overall winning.

Yeah Jac. I luv u so much. Keep it up!

Mankind and Cartoon.

Post by post, this is my 100th post on this blog. Time is running away leaving me so far behind. I'm getting fatter too. Blegh. So many things inside my junkie brain.

If I say cartoon, what do u have in mind?

When i was small, 7-10 years old, the only cartoon was cartoon from the Walt Disney and the one with the lion roaring, inluding the tom & jerry, woody woodpecker, road runner show and bugs bunny.

Growing older, i learnt that cartoon does not only come on the TV screen, but also in the form of printed matters, like comic. Then it comes to satirical cartoon or what we can call caricature. This variant of cartoon is normally being sarcastically made, with some meaningful message to be delivered to certain audience, which normally come with political message in it. It also will highlight controversial issues, are usually satirical in nature, usually play on cultural sensitivities, and are usually provocative. Properly done they give more punch than the best sound bites now so popular with politicians. (taken from anisah's blog as well)

Recently, I've been to Anisah's blog, the place where i can read about a lot of things that i never know, even though it happens in my own country, as for instance, the recent theatre play, picturizing the historical visit by the Cheng Ho, an Admiral from China.

Today, i learnt a new thing : Castrated male will age slower than non castrated male because of the purely high content of the hormon inside the body.

Well, in the previous issue of her blog, it was all about cartoon, which she referred to as the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being drawn in the cartoon form and even picturing the Prophet as the terrorist, which was being published in the Danish local newspaper, somewhere in September last year.

The arguments are more likely caused by :-

1. The misunderstood of Islamic ethics as taboos.
2. They claimed that they didn't realize that such thing would not be a sensitive issue towards the muslims but they keep publishing it even though people were telling them to stop.
3. Freedom of speech? I believe in freedom of speech too but religious thingy is something intolerable. I understood that those westerners wouldn't really care (or maybe they'd like it) if I write something bad about jesus, or draw jesus like an animal or something, but I'm sure, other christian people out there will be like mad ard me like murdering me. Why does it got to be the religion thing?
4. One thing is, the muslim has acted beyond the border. I do think that if Prophet Muhammad is still alive, he won't do anything with the thing. Patience has always been his silence weapon to fight with any kind of evilish attempt towards him.

As a malay boy, i always see religious arguments as a way to know each other better. When I was in standard 5, means I was 11 years old, there were 4 old male folks, who sit in a local coffee stall, one indian, two chinese and a malay.

If u listen properly to them, they were like insulting each other's religion, especially the malay guy who was really full of insulting ideas of how the indian and chinese god would look like. Same goes to the other 3 folks who keep insulting the other's religion, but amazingly, they love each other so much, till, if one of them was not around, they won't sound as cheerful. They really love each other.

It's a total different situation where in this issue, people disliked what they've done. Is tolerating so hard to do? Let us consider this.

Would u still pick your nose while having dinner even though your mom told u she didn't like it?

Or, would u still flashing your penis to the public when other people were mad and asking you to stop it?

And this time, why is it so hard for the Danish newspaper to stop publishing the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad when the local muslim tell them that it's not in the favour of the Muslim people? Not even that, they defended what they're doing as the freedom of speech.

The Danish really lacking of these two secret recipies towards the well blend for tranquility of the multi-cultural and background society. Toleration and Sensitivity. They didn't learn, did they?

So the impact were, the madness of the muslims all over the world. Even though this is expectable, i'm admitting that the muslim has gone overboard by being too much. It's actually too many muslims fail to grasp Islam, which teaches the Muslim to be lenient towards others and understand the good values, which are being tolerated by Islam as a religion. Well, it is mostly influenced by the crisis of misunderstanding, which were caused by the failures, which permits the continued radicalization of Muslims world-wide, while blinding the rest of humanity to a solution which hides in plain sight.

This is just ridiculous.

Worse, Denmark is losing business with a lot of middle-east countries. It wouldn't be so bad if the Danish lose their ego and being a lil bit more sensitive.

If i'm among the Arab country leaders, what I would now is to discriminate the oil price. To developing countries, sell lower, to Westerners, sell higher. WHY? This would kill them really slow. The developing country will be able to sell things they manufacture at a very low price.

If you can think about it, it's not hard to kill those westeners, but the arab people were just being so stupid for letting the westerners to gain control over their wealth.

February 7, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hope that it is still not too late for me to wish the chinese people Happy Chinese New Year.

And I was enjoying a week plus of vacation away from work, away from keyboard and away from everything. Most of my chinese customers were closed for almost a week and they only started to get back to work yesterday; while i was still in KL.

The problem is now, after the new year, they are so eager to start with their business, and it happens that they started to rush for the supplies. They've took too much and now the supplier wouldn't allow me to take anymore logs from them.


When i was in KL, was having a few discussion about doing some new business. I met a friend who is in the maintenance/cleaning business and i'd try to look for an opportunity to do biz in this field.

I'm so lucky to get my login id and password to the e-procurement of Telekom R&D this morning and can start viewing options for me to start work with. And i'm even luckier that only this morning the quotation for the maintenance work tender has just being opened and i'm up to this job. Called two friends and forwarded them the required documents for the job.

So right now i'm just crossing my fingers, hoping for good news from them.


Apart from that, right now I'm tanned and gained weight. The past one week away from JB was great. For the first time in 2006, the whole family gathered in Senawang house, plus the new member which is my sister in law. My granma and auntie also came over, giving me hands on doing the BBQ thing that i had in Port Dickson from 1st to 3rd February.

Yeah for the BBQ, i prepared the all time favoritas potato saladas, apple salad, coleslaw, marinated chicken, beef and franks.

I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Post Dickson. It was fun especially when getting my adrenaline running again with that expensive RM80 ride on the water jetski for half an hour.

Now it's time to get back to work.

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