February 8, 2006

The 20th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL)??

Lame isn't it? It was like 5 days ago but only today i wanna wrote about it. Actually i wanted to touch a lil bit about it but i have a lot of other things in mind at the same time, plus, as I was saying that I'm getting fatter, yes I am so right now I've started to go jog. Walla, my legs aches. I've forgotten that I need to warm myself up before jogging.

Well, certain people would say that Anugerah Juara Lagu was boring, lame and stupid but I was a loyal follower of Muzik-Muzik before the format was changed to the current 3 categories, which i think, especially in the pop rock, was not properly assigned, as there was no such thing as rock elements in the competing songs. Well, it is all based on the choice of the audience.

I do think that the current 3 categories were not appropriate and enough to cater the scene of the current local music industry. Rap and hip hop songs were categorized in the pop rock? That's pretty lame. Sounds stupid. Is the people in TV3 are stupid or Malaysian were stupid also for not correcting them?

I think both la..

Nevermind, being stupid is okay since no one seems to care, I used to write a letter and email to TV3 but i think they've never read 'em. I believe that there are so many music literate artists out there, who should point out to TV3 about the music categorizing, but it has been well accepted.

Even Amy Search says that there's none of the finalist in the Pop Rock Category this year has the Rock element in it.

The contestants? They don't care as long as they get through. Duh...

Review? Do I have to since there's a lot more people out there who has been doing it. I would not put it as my review, as it's more to comments.

No need to mention that I've known any of the artist personally, and even if they knew me, mentioning it won't do me any good neither.

To be frank, i've only heard a few of the songs. Songs like Taat, Selamakama and Elegi Sepi has never come into my knowledge before, and i don't understand why they were chosen to be in the final, as i do think there's a lot more better songs i've heard within the last year but,

That was the drawback of having the categories.

So i dun really catch these songs that night.

Well, i do favor on Gemilang by Jac and Awan Yang Terpilu by Ning Baizura. Both gave the most entertaining performance. I myself was deeply touched by Ning's singing, it's just that her vocal it's not comparable with Jac at all despite of her good voice. That night, if Ning had a better control of her voice, I would definitely cry, instead of about to cry!

Well, Jac and her team has definitely modified the song, which i think is the most radical change. Compared to the other songs, even from the previous AJL, they only made slight changes, on the intro, during the silence in the middle of the soung or the outtro. The team has lengthen the song, with the support of the choir, applying the approach of the American Black towards their bridge by making it longer so that they can coomunicate with the audience or having somekind of vocal solos. Well, tt has not been fully made use by Jac, as the approach is still not that ordinary for the local music scene.

If u listen to Alicia Keys Unplugged especially, not a single song was like the original. Each song must have at least a slight changes. That really shows how committed they are in making the music. They have different arrangement for different concert. So tonight, only Jac and the team did that. They did it very well.

Zainal with his environmentalist apprearance, was so calm and relax and he was really make use of the stage like doing his own concert. Well, the background coreography was supposed to be amazing but it was kinda ordinary as it has become so usual. The fire playing, the snake and the 'Capoeira' the native brazilian martial art. I like the capoeira thingy, but he should be making the song more serious, not to be as relax as that. I think he should be more serious.

Others, while Mawi singing, I was busy looking at the Fireworks. So the rest, not really into my interest of watching. So it's really good to know the result.

Well, The only person who i expected to win was Mawi. As the 'King of SMS' he won the best performance and also the Ethnic Creative Category. I don't really care. But Hazami won the best vocal? Luckily they don't have SMS vote for the vocal as if they do, I think Mawi would be winning it. And Hazami also won the Pop Rock Category, which i think his song has no Rock Element at all! Am I confused or stupid?

Well, I'm proud that Gemilang of Jac had won the Ballad category. Pity Ning, as if there's no such thing as category, Ning's song will get the 1st runner up. And the best thing was, as I was really hoping, Gemilang of Jac had the overall winning.

Yeah Jac. I luv u so much. Keep it up!

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