February 25, 2006

New addiction...

I've just realize that i'm addicted to this game,

"Online Quiz on IRC"

Just open an IRC client, connect to the webnet network, join the channel #JB and enjoy the game.

I managed to reach the 2nd place out of hundreds players just in a few weeks. In one night, i managed to get myself a single number ranking and i was slowly catching up with the leaders, initally to catch the 3rd, and i took long time to catch with the 2nd place and at once, i managed to be at the 1st place, which is not for that long.

When the leader, who happened to be the operator of the IRC channel too, found out that i'm catching up with him, he started to do something that will slowing me down. Accusing me of cheating and what not. He even kicked me out of the channel when i was away for dinner or doing something.

Nevermind, at least i've really got something to do to help me overcoming things that is boggling my mind. A lot of things.

And it regards of me being so nice too. Is it bad to be too nice to people. Someone told me that being very so super nice would cause harm as well.

Is it?

I was born and grown in a family that is emphasizing on behaving and having the right attitude, no matter when and where we are. I used to be getting a good punishment when i did something wrong while visiting my father's friend family.

I used to be a super bad boy when i like to bully weeaker people, girls, smaller kids and who ever i think i like to bully, but when i was a lil bit older, my mom told me that, don't mess around with girls. Think as if people do the same to my mom or my sisters.

Since then, i changed; I no longer bully females or mess around with them, i'll be super nice with them but i keep bullying smaller kids. Or cats.

I wanted to have a girlfriend when i was as young as 13 years old. At that time, i learnt to be nice with girls when i 14, right after my mom told me such things.

The thing was, i've been so nice with every girls that is around me that i forgotten that i've already got a girlfriend, that we broke up later after she found out that i was close to a girl who claimed herself to be the next girlfriend of mine. Haha. One side of me was worried, but part of me were so happy that i don't expect she to claim such a thing. Am I that great? Or maybe it's just rumours that people told me. Hahaha..

Well now, i continued being super nice, as well as super cruel too.

I heard from someone that it takes to be cruel to be nice. Something sounds like that. Is it correct? Doesn't really matter. I don't care.

Being nice, people would easily misunderstood. Is it true?

I just like being nice to people, as i wanted people to be nice to me as well. It was a mistake when i treat people i'm dealing with in my business in a super nice as well.

Not to mention to all my beloved superfriends from my college time.

I'll be nice to even those who i just knew. It's just me. Naturally.

I think it's just true that being nice would easily made people misunderstood. They think that they would easily manipulate me for anything?

I'm expecting give and take, at least a lil bit of it. Not that i'm not sincere for all the kindness, but after sometimes, i'll bet every one of us would do the same thing. GIVE UP! Especially when you're the only who give and the other party were benefiting a lot from that relationship. No matter personal or business relationship.

And i have to be crude and cruel to overcome such thing.

I actually am not really sure what am I talking about. Messed.

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