February 17, 2006

When we talk about love then why Valentine?

As a muslim, it's generally understood that, it's forbidden celebration. No question asked. Well, i look at it as, it's still okay as the intention is not leading towards any known bad intentions.

Anyway, I'm still thankful that i've received a few cards; a funny card, 2 romantic cards and an honest card! (hehe what was that?) Not to mention wishes by sms, messengers or people calling me up wishing me Happy Valentine's Day. Thank You guys!

What is Valentine?

By referring to www.dictionary.com, it returns me with the result below:-

val·en·tine ( P ) Pronunciation Key.

  1. A sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member, for example, on Saint Valentine's Day.
  2. A gift sent as a token of love to one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.
  3. A person singled out especially as one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.

Well, they even provided the history of the word as well.

Lovers and the greeting card industry may have Geoffrey Chaucer to thank for the holiday that warms the coldest month. Although reference books abound with mentions of Roman festivals from which Valentine's Day may derive, Jack B. Oruch has shown that no evidence supports these connections and that Chaucer was probably the first to link the saint's day with the custom of choosing sweethearts. No such link has been found before the writings of Chaucer and several literary contemporaries who also mention it, but after them the association becomes widespread. It seems likely that Chaucer, the most imaginative of the group, invented it. The fullest and perhaps earliest description of the Valentine's Day tradition occurs in Chaucer's Parlement of Foules, composed around 1380, which takes place “on Seynt Valentynes day,/Whan every foul cometh there to chese [choose] his make [mate].”

taken from www.dictionary.com.

Well the actual origin of valentine is actually a Roman Christian who according to tradition was martyred during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Claudius II. Saint Valentine's Day was primarily celebrated in his honor, but was also inspired by another martyr named Valentine, who was bishop of Terni, a region in central Italy.


Well, no matter what it is, in the eyes of the Islamic Scholars, Valentine's Day is always amongs ways that will lead to adultery.

I can still remember, during my school time, the Valentine's Day is celebrated by having the Apple and Chocolate day. The English has always seeing it as an opportunity for them to make money out of the Apples and Chocolates that is to be given as a gift to the loved ones.

1. From a Boy to a Girl of his heart.
2. or from a girl to a boy of his heart.
3. From an admirer to the admired student.
4. From a student to the admired teacher.
5. and even from a teacher to the admired student.
6. from the rascals who always wants to make fun of a bulliful girl.
7. or even from the popular girls who were making fun of a geek.

Or whatever, even though the school prohibited the student to get involved in love or coupled. But it was fun! I always see it as something that can make somebody to be happy like hell!

So this is my story.

In school, i have a few not so popular girl friends, who were always in their very small circle of friends. Yeah, I've to admit that they're not so good looking, not even english-spoken and there's no reason why they would become very popular, even among the girls.

Even though they used quite rough languages while talking, i know deep from the bottom of their heart that they're really good at heart and sincere. Honestly, that explains why i was quite "greet 'em all the time" everytime i see them, and they've become quite friendly to me.

When I was in form 4, despite of my jealousy girlfriend that i had at school, i actually quite a number of chocolates and apples from; err some i know, and some i don't even know their name. That's impossible as i was actually know everyone in school. But that doesn't matter.

I've got those gifts a few days earlier, and some i've got it on the day itself. Well, you know, as a male student, those gifts i would never consume them alone. I always shared it with friends. Who cares? Except for those given by special people. While people were busy with the Valentine thingy, from far, i see those so unpopular girls were walking lazyingly, like ignoring what's happening around them.

I guess you must have expected what did i do? Guess?

Yeah, they did received a pair of chocolate and apple each. But they weren't from me.

They were from one of the teacher. The teacher was asked by the English Club promoter to buy Apple and Chocolate from them but she doesn't know to whom the gifts should be given to.

She wanted to give it to me, as I was always helping her in doing things, and she asked me to find another two to be given the gifts. I mentioned about the 3 girls.

She handed the gift herself in their class. It was a 'moment'!

The three of them were so thankful and happy for the gift, till they came over to the teacher's desk in the teacher's room and cried.. It was a total unexpected thing to be happening in their life in school.

I've never imagined that it would be so emotional, but i was happy either. Happy for them.

I wish that they're doing well now.


Back to the Valentine's Day celebration. It's general that everyone wanted to celebrate it as other people is doing it too. On the radio. On TV. In the newspapers. Everywhere. Not to mention the clubs which provide special treatment to special couple who attended their club on the valentine's day.

Hmm... As a human being, who is being loved, every single minute, hour, day, week, month and year, why would only the 14th February become the only special day for those in love?

When I'm in love, everyday is a special day. Thinking that; owh yes, i've a girlfriend and i feel so blessed for having a special someone in my life. 14 February was just a normal day for us as everyday was like the 14 February.

But that was years ago, hehe.

Now, I'm getting older, and admitting this would bring no good to me. Love has become second or third of fourth in my priority as i'm focusing on my making-money activities and my family, especially my growing lil sister who had just enrolled in her Standard Two studies. She was quite being bullied at school, lazy and non-initiatived person so that worries me a lot.

Well, i like babies. I like kids. I was blessed when i'm surrounded by all friends of mine who already have babies or kids.

As I'm getting old, more problem boggling my mind. I dropped a lot of my hair. I'll becoming bald in a few years time i guess.

Well, about the Valentine, judge it yourself. It's been quite a while i did not celebrate the Valentine's Day as:

1. I've been single for quite sometimes.
2. When i was with my xgf, everyday was special, except that i was forced to do something extra special for valentine. It was fun!
3. The dilemma of celebrating it, To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate.
4. What's so special about 14 Feb anyway, i find it just like any other days, except for the free heart shaped chocolate at the starbucks that I've forgotten to consume everytime i had it. Gosh!

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