February 27, 2006

What actually 'semen' can do?

Can u read the document in the picture above? Well, let me retype it again.


Durham University
Estates & buildings.

Re: Masturbation in Showers.

We have recently found several blockages in showers in university owned accomodation, most commonly caused by human hair.

However, over last term we found many of these blockages to be caused by large quantitiesof what we have now determined to be 'semen'. This is intolerable, and we shall be tracing the culprits by means of DNA matching if the problem persists.

May we advise students who wish to masturbate to do so in the comfort of their own rooms, rather than in the showers.

Thank you for taking time to read this document.

P. Robinson
Estate & Building


This is seriously my first time knowing that male's semen can cause such a disaster. Wouldn't it just follow the water flow and being drained out? It's not that thick and sticky enough, for me to imagine that it will get stucked in the drains and causing the blockages.

Very illogical, but to think about it.

Now i know why it also caused the blockages to the women menstruation cycle :p


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