February 8, 2006

Mankind and Cartoon.

Post by post, this is my 100th post on this blog. Time is running away leaving me so far behind. I'm getting fatter too. Blegh. So many things inside my junkie brain.

If I say cartoon, what do u have in mind?

When i was small, 7-10 years old, the only cartoon was cartoon from the Walt Disney and the one with the lion roaring, inluding the tom & jerry, woody woodpecker, road runner show and bugs bunny.

Growing older, i learnt that cartoon does not only come on the TV screen, but also in the form of printed matters, like comic. Then it comes to satirical cartoon or what we can call caricature. This variant of cartoon is normally being sarcastically made, with some meaningful message to be delivered to certain audience, which normally come with political message in it. It also will highlight controversial issues, are usually satirical in nature, usually play on cultural sensitivities, and are usually provocative. Properly done they give more punch than the best sound bites now so popular with politicians. (taken from anisah's blog as well)

Recently, I've been to Anisah's blog, the place where i can read about a lot of things that i never know, even though it happens in my own country, as for instance, the recent theatre play, picturizing the historical visit by the Cheng Ho, an Admiral from China.

Today, i learnt a new thing : Castrated male will age slower than non castrated male because of the purely high content of the hormon inside the body.

Well, in the previous issue of her blog, it was all about cartoon, which she referred to as the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being drawn in the cartoon form and even picturing the Prophet as the terrorist, which was being published in the Danish local newspaper, somewhere in September last year.

The arguments are more likely caused by :-

1. The misunderstood of Islamic ethics as taboos.
2. They claimed that they didn't realize that such thing would not be a sensitive issue towards the muslims but they keep publishing it even though people were telling them to stop.
3. Freedom of speech? I believe in freedom of speech too but religious thingy is something intolerable. I understood that those westerners wouldn't really care (or maybe they'd like it) if I write something bad about jesus, or draw jesus like an animal or something, but I'm sure, other christian people out there will be like mad ard me like murdering me. Why does it got to be the religion thing?
4. One thing is, the muslim has acted beyond the border. I do think that if Prophet Muhammad is still alive, he won't do anything with the thing. Patience has always been his silence weapon to fight with any kind of evilish attempt towards him.

As a malay boy, i always see religious arguments as a way to know each other better. When I was in standard 5, means I was 11 years old, there were 4 old male folks, who sit in a local coffee stall, one indian, two chinese and a malay.

If u listen properly to them, they were like insulting each other's religion, especially the malay guy who was really full of insulting ideas of how the indian and chinese god would look like. Same goes to the other 3 folks who keep insulting the other's religion, but amazingly, they love each other so much, till, if one of them was not around, they won't sound as cheerful. They really love each other.

It's a total different situation where in this issue, people disliked what they've done. Is tolerating so hard to do? Let us consider this.

Would u still pick your nose while having dinner even though your mom told u she didn't like it?

Or, would u still flashing your penis to the public when other people were mad and asking you to stop it?

And this time, why is it so hard for the Danish newspaper to stop publishing the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad when the local muslim tell them that it's not in the favour of the Muslim people? Not even that, they defended what they're doing as the freedom of speech.

The Danish really lacking of these two secret recipies towards the well blend for tranquility of the multi-cultural and background society. Toleration and Sensitivity. They didn't learn, did they?

So the impact were, the madness of the muslims all over the world. Even though this is expectable, i'm admitting that the muslim has gone overboard by being too much. It's actually too many muslims fail to grasp Islam, which teaches the Muslim to be lenient towards others and understand the good values, which are being tolerated by Islam as a religion. Well, it is mostly influenced by the crisis of misunderstanding, which were caused by the failures, which permits the continued radicalization of Muslims world-wide, while blinding the rest of humanity to a solution which hides in plain sight.

This is just ridiculous.

Worse, Denmark is losing business with a lot of middle-east countries. It wouldn't be so bad if the Danish lose their ego and being a lil bit more sensitive.

If i'm among the Arab country leaders, what I would now is to discriminate the oil price. To developing countries, sell lower, to Westerners, sell higher. WHY? This would kill them really slow. The developing country will be able to sell things they manufacture at a very low price.

If you can think about it, it's not hard to kill those westeners, but the arab people were just being so stupid for letting the westerners to gain control over their wealth.

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