February 16, 2006

Who says Malaysian road are safe?

The Malaysian media and news were always been stuffed by the story of the bad roads everywhere.

Despite me abandoning the blog that I'm having as I was so busy doing this and that plus I'm doing quite a tight diet (starting today) as I do feel like I'm getting heavier day by day. Why?

When i drive, i feel like the car was not as fast as usual? I think my car is ok, and if the car is slow, it must be me who gained weight. Or maybe, the road is getting worse. I've just changed my old adjustable absorber to a new one, harder and lower this time, but my car will shake like hell sometimes.

After some investigation, it was the road. The road worsening everyday! There are certain part of the road that I went to check out were badly uneven, u'll feel like u're driving on hundreds of small humps.

I was intrigued to write about this lately when i was having problem driving my car which has recently been equipped with a better set of adjustable absorber, and of course it went super low as well. On the first day itself, my right front bumper was scratched a lil bit, a result of a sunken road which caused the bumper to touch the road, as i was about to reach the roundabout near the end of Federal Highway, heading towards the city center in KL.

But I was more intrigued when I saw a sudden stupid accident that happens last Saturday, while I was waiting for the VIP to reach the CBN dinner I was having at the Flamingo Hotel, Ampang, which I heard sound like plates and bowls were bring dropped on the road. At first I thought that it might be that those things dropped from a lorry. But when I went further, I saw :-

a. 2 traffic policemen
b. a motorbike lying on the road
c. a motorcyclist also lying on the road
d. people helping the motorcyclist

And the motorcyclist actually hit nothing but he fell all by himself. How come? It was the uneven road.

But I feel bad that the policemen only manage to order people to help the motorcyclist, not to help them all by themselves. Why be so inhuman then 'abang polis'?

But i was happy with the help by the people. Even the hotel manager managed to come down and try to console the injured motorcyclist. He even asked his subordinates to bring water to be given to him. And there was girl who keep telling how was the accident happened. Maybe his friend.

I wanted to take pictures, but the abang Polis might have scolded me if I did that. hehe..

* Wanna look at the CBN dinner pictures? Click on my Malay Blog

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