November 30, 2004


I've just got a call..

My beloved pak lang had just passed away. I'm goin back to Melaka now..


Oh god. Please gimme the strength. I'm losing one of of the person i loved most. I owed him a lot.

Without him, I'm not the person I am now...


New Look...

Hehe.. it's a new look. I need my blog to be softer looking just like this. I love the colours.

Sunday.. I woke up at 6 to realize that I didn't take off my lenses. Sh*t. My eyes gonna be aching the next day. I took it off, and get back to sleep and my eyes starts to aching.

Woke up again at 10 and put on my contact lenses. I need to be on the net. It's not easy for me to get on the net nowadays. In the office, my boss was always looking on what am I doing. Was partly modifying the color scheme of my blog till Hemsem woke up and asked me to be quick. We have 2 open houses to attend.

That means.. I need not to go to the MAD. Hahaha.. First we went to hemsem's err.. i think officemate's house in Puncak Jalil. Then we went to my friend's house, norhariati che ros. She was my classmate and coincidently her father's name is the same as my father's name too. We were good friends. Her mom knows me very well.

It's a good chance for me to see hew new born baby. It's been 2 months, and she'd forgotten to inform me about it. So after a while in her house, we went to my house in Taman Desa. I changed took bathe, changed clothe and we went to Mid Valley.

After a while, i sent Hemsem back home and I went out with Ija. I (only me) had dinner while she had a drink. As usual, I lost to her talkative attitude and she talk a lot more than I do.. hahaha..

So on Monday :: I've been to work late. A lot later than usual as I woke up so so much late that day. I first have to sent my brother's things he left in my car. Met him in Masjid Jamek.

And I went to work as usual. Do nothing. Mingling around. Loafing. Talk nonsense. That means, I'm no longer interested to work anymore. Arfan, a friend of my boss treated me, my boss and zubir to lunch. Kari kepala ikan.. Yummy...

After work. Sent my brother back home. I told him not to smoke in my room and in the whole house as my housemate will get mad. Just before I went out, I had chit chat with her and she said, my brother can stay..

I went out with Yan to Mid Valley. She treated me dinner at the Secret Recipe. Then we watched Leave Me Alone, starred by my favourite actor EKIN CHENG, or his real name Yee Kin Cheng, sounds a lil bit kebukitan but I love his actings.. Love it so much.

Then we went for teh tarik at bangsar and sent her back home.

When I'm home... I smelt something. My brother smoked in my room.

I'm MAD!!!!!!!!!!

Malaysian Audio Dream Final 2004!!!!!

As a car craze human, and an audio manic, i'm presenting you the pix from the *MAD 2004!!!

It's Mugen Foo's *ITR. Being on display from Friday to Saturday.

It's a freak car with nice *ICE setup! Bravo!!

A nice *ICE setup by *JVC inside a Toyota Wish

A very loud setup. I was mad at whoever did this setup and put it on there!!!! It was so loud till everyone was dizzy all the time.

An engine setup just like mine. Just this one is much pretty.

An *ICE setup in a Honda Accord *CF4. Very nice and worth the money!

*ICE = In Car Entertainment
*MAD 2004 = Malaydian Audio Dream 2004
*ITR = Integra Type-R
*JVC = A electric company name lah..
*CF4 = A model of Honda Accord. Very nice one!

November 28, 2004

Sesame Street Live!!!

Hahaha.. nothing to do with the topic. I've just got the idea of the title of my blog today from the advertisement on TV just now.

Have not been blogging since the last Thursday. I was just browsed through other people's blog, and it seems that most of the bloggers did not keep on writing except for Leez and Dolly. I love reading dolly's blog. It has always made me laugh to myself. Wira was asking why am I laughing when I read her blog. He should read it himself.

You know, Wira is an innocent guy, unlike me. But he laughed lookin at the pix uploaded by leez on his blog (leez is a transexual so i put as his). I could not imagine if my picture is being put there. Of course people would think that the guy int the picture must have surely 'guna-pakai' leez.. yucks!!

I've been noticing of myself, has always spent my time with my friends in USJ. The place that I used to stay from early 2000 to end of 2001 before I moved to Shah Alam. It's not really a nice place to stay. I could say, the house is not as clean and nice as my current place of stay.

But i liked the feeling being around my friends. Trusted, nice and loving friends. My boss's aunt passed away on wednesday, so he went off early as he is heading back to taiping. He borrowed my handphone and I went off the office to Subang Jaya and had the time of myself to write the previous blog. At nite, I spent the nite with them.

Thusrday, I went to work. It's my bro's first day of working. My boss went in late and to work is not a good idea as he's tired badly. 6.30 from Taiping and 9.30 in KL. That's fast! After work, I fetch my bro, and took him home.

That nite, I went to Desa Hartamas, helping the HCOC preparing for the next exhibition at One Utama. Then to USJ, and on the way back sending my friends home, my car hit something and my left absorder kong'ed. Damn!!

Friday, I didn't go to work, I went to check my car. Nothing's wrong with the arms, just the absorber. So i was calculating the cost and everything. I might not be using the same adjustable shock anymore. It's the cheapest adjustable been heard by people, but, lucky it was cheap. I don't really mind changing it back to the standard shock, but hafta find some cheap alternative for stiffness and cheap labor cost too!!!!

After that, I went off to USJ, and spend my time there. Watching movies. Chit chat, and their streamyx is back to service. I helped Wira develop the Flash invitation card for his weeding. Wanna see? hehe.. I'm not that good though just to meet the purpose of making the Flash card. I was working without Adobe Photoshop so I have no intention to make it so graphically beautiful as all you guys did.

That nite, my bro went off back to Seremban. I managed to watch Young & Dangerous till part 4.

Saturday.. I went to One Utama and just wait at the booth like moron. No chicks at all. It was too hot. Luckily Jasni, another fellow of HCOC was there. I went off to One Utama and jalan-jalan inside. At 4 i took a break and went to Nur Zakri's open house and went back in at 6. Went of at 8 and went to Emma's open house, a friend of Hemsem. Then went back home and slept..

November 24, 2004

I've been thinking..

Thank god.

People were thinking about me. People wish to be having something to do with me. That's kewl hehe..

Dear Ekin,

I wanted to call and see you. Of course. U're so dear to me and I won't forget that. So this paragraph is special for you. Lemme know when's your open house as I'm badly wanting to go.

And who ever else. When are you guys open house? Invite me please.. I want to be fat as I still can.. just for this Raya month!!!!

Jules.. (Julie). A nice person from Serdang. Never been seeing her but I know she's really nice. Pity her, she's having fever. So I asked her not to drink iced water any more.

and I've been thinking...


I'd prefer to work on my own. I really want to do thing that's really into my interest, such as laundry, cars. I wish I can have a chain of laundries. A car service center. Then I want to provide full wedding package, from tents, catering, deejays, PA systems, stage, tables and chairs, decorations.


I'm having this one good opportunity to supervise and manage a business, as a favor from a friend of my father, to take over his business. I might opt for this.

Yet, another month left for me to spend with my friends in KL. I'll be planning on how to tender my resignation letter. Just another month to play futsal, another month to hang around.

But yet for sure, I promise to try to be in KL on weekends, so I can meet those people who were always being beside me, Farok, Wira, Hemsem. I love u so much guys..

Guess, there are new people in my list.. which I wanted to be with and spend my time.

But for sure, after new year, I won't be around...

How am I doing??

So today is wednesday ..

It's been 3 days without internet.. and 10 days without working.. it was heaven on earth.. I was watching TV like mad.. I love to watch discovery, as they aired so many things about life, and things i like most, about machineries and cars.

Nothing new.. I'm back to KL on the last saturday. This year is quite a-no-luck year for me. No ang pow at all. Last year I maneged to collect nearly RM1k++ ang pows.

Raya was fine. I just followed where ever my father went to. I don't want to waste my time going to other people's house who may not come over to mine. But I went to Kimi's house whose mother is now suffering from lung cancer. And I went to Wawa's house as to see her father who was sick. Then of course I went to a lot of my relative's house.

Our family's main dishes this raya was Bolognaise Spagetti. It was populared by my bro, Izzat. He can cook really well now, just after I insulted him few months back for not having any kind of natural talent or life useful knowledge. INSULT does work well aight? At least for my lil bro Izzat. I love him for his yummy spagetti.

I've been thinking and thinking. What's my next step.

I'm going to be 28 next year. I had done nothing except paying a very high premium every month which caused me not to have any savings, and it was worse when i had unexpected problems like my car. I may now consider it as free of problem but the problem is I'll still have to prepare for any unexpected, u know.. just anything.

I'm going to sell the house. I'll keep the car for myself. It's the greatest thing on earth I have now, even though I used to have greater things, but this is the best, currently.

Do I have to quit my job? I'm sick of it. Sick of my job. Sick of the bosses. But I love my Mr. Rosli. He's kewl. The best boss ever on earth. I love my colleagues. Yan, Jeff Wong and Abu. Naresh is a steady boss. He'll stand on his saying no matter what!

So my last Raya holidays was full of phone calls. I called every single person I wanted to call but I'm a bit frustrated for not being able to call Ein and Fiza, the one who worked in Telekom.

I was in my Kampung. Surprisedly, the telephone reception was quite good, I mean Celcom. But I can't talk properly with people. And in Seremban, my house was in the middle of 2 base station. In my kampung, Maxis was totally out but in Seremban, it was hard to make a call, as every line was busy like hell. Why everyone was using maxis? Maxis shouls be raising it's rate so that i can use Maxis line easier. Otherwise, I'll be talking long hours with Fiza and Ekin.

But I managed to call Fizah, who's still studyin in Shah Alam. Long hours. Real long hours.. But I can say I'm fucked. hehe..

Last Saturday, I rushed to KL, as to go to Elizany's wedding. Yeah, that son of a Satan (kiddin) already married, and he left me with other devils like Fendi, Ayam and who EVER to go on with this boring life. Having a wife is something that is surely kewl, as for one thing, you don't have to go out to look for a companion. You can chat the whole nite, and if u feel scared you can always have someone to console you, to hug you or even kiss you, and it's nice to hear your loved one praying her love towards you.

What else huh.. The next day I went to Subang Jaya, as usual, forcing them to open the door for me. I called all Wira, Hemsem and Farok earlier in the morning but they seems to be sleeping fucking safe and loudly sound. In the afternoon, went to lunch with Nyahche.. oh nyahche.. It's been so long since we last met.

Then I went out, to Pusat Bandar Damansara. Met Itik's mom who was excited to introduced me to a nice petite gal, Salmi. Spent time there.. and went out again. I met Ija.. fetched her from her home and for the first time I've the chance to meet to pretty gal. We went to Ampang Point's coffee bean and spent time there till late 10s and sent her back and again rushed back to USJ. Then we went to KL for soup, went back and watched that scary movie, dawn of the dead. Damn it was darn fucking mad scary. Shit I was like scared to death imagining the whole people in the world becoming zombies.

Monday :: Haha.. I'm not going to work. In the afternoon, I went to Usj's mosque to help him on his wedding things.


Then to Shah Alam for his wedding thing. Then as promised I went to see Fizah, and this is why I was fucked.

She's not supposed to bring NJ with her. I don't like NJ. I shouldn't be saying anything bad abt her rite. But then, NJ was there.. and I'm fucked but I'm just kewl. I went back home and asked Salmi to drop by. And we watched Mr. Incredibles.

Tuesday went to work and bored. Went back home at around 8, and fetched Yana from Serdang and took her to Futsal. Played futsal with all my friends and sent yana back home.

November 19, 2004

How I reduced weight...

My weight :: My normal weight (as for now) is around 67-69 kgs. The fasting month has also caused my normal activities; physical, going out, eating and so on to also been reduced, as the result of fasting itself. It took me the whole month of taking the meal once a day to reduce my weight from 69 to 62 kg, it's official just when I arrived at home for Raya holidays last Thursday. A reduction of 7 kgs.

Wow :: I can't believe myself. At myself I was looking.. hmm.. my cheekbones are now easy to be noticed. I haven't seen my cheekbones for quite sometimes. My sister was laughing at me as I'm having a big head as compared to my small and thin frame of my body. Hmm.. what had happened to myself. I'm getting too thin, but I'm happy now. It's just like a dream come true.

The ART :: Not even sahur, I rarely took my late supper. There was once I break fast by just drink plain water and a few picks of dates, as to to have my heavy meals later but I ended up going back home and slept. I only wake up the next day at 6 o'clock. I was so hungry for the next day. As for a tight budgeted person like me, it's really kewl to be in the Ramadhan. At the mosque I went to have free meal sometimes. Since I'm fasting, I don't really have to waste my time for unscheduled tea time. No munchies during work.

State of the ART :: Back with state of the art style, hell no.. what the heck was GTH in the previous comment. Is it Gran Turismo Hell version? hehe.. :p Well, we were just passed the holy month of Ramadhan, a month of the Moslems; As Rajab the month of the God and Sya'aban as the month of Muhammad. You are not supposed to say that . That's the beauty of the Ramadhan. We are not only experiencing thirst and hinger, we are suppose to learn to control ourselves from doing unsupposedly things. I know, my bad, I was cursing and I'm so sorry. My point is, fasting gives me a lot of good impacts.

Fasting effects :: If we exercise the Fasting Ibadah properly, we are supposed to detoxify ourselves from unwanted chemicals and toxic. I was achieving this by the end of the fasting ibadah. I'm very toxified, as I can conclude from the late result. By the book, we should consume a lot of water. Reduced the food taken during the fast breaking. The result of fasting for the first few days would be a drastic weight reduction without any effect on yourselves. You feel hungry as your body still contains a lot of toxificated fats. Day by day, as for myself, I'm getting easier to get cold in the air conditioned office as the fats are all gone. BY that time, your urine will get more coloured, as for my case it's nearly to red or chocolate, and the smell was yucks! I felt uneasy with myself, as I could say, I was having bad breathe for the first few weeks. And more, how much deodorant I put wouldn't stop my armpit from throwing out bad smells, even though I'm working in the air conditioned office.

Why :: All the bad breathe, smelly urine, bad odour are the result of detoxification! I was actually get it from the reading. I was hoping that the result will come out after the 14th day of fasting as suggested in the article, but for a fully toxified person like me, it took me 24 days to be detoxificated! From that article, a full detoxification process will result your body to become normal after 14 days. I was not only detoxificated, I lost my weight by 7 kgs!!

So then it's raya!!!

We were having our morning breakfast!

Yummy! But I just lost my weight!!!

Just after the prayer, we went back home and took this picture. I was burnt in the heat!
From the left back row :: Hafiiqh, Hafiizh, Ikhwan, My Father, Faizah and Izzat
From the left middle row :: Wani, My mom, My Mak Lang and my nenek
From the left front row :: Farah and My Pak Lang.

From the left :: Ikhwan, My father, Farah, Hafizh and Hafiqh

From the left :: Izzat, myself, Hafizh, Ikhwan and Hafiqh. I'm not that short aight?

It's the happy moment!!!

November 14, 2004

I would like to take this opportunity to.....

Please allow me....

The last few days of fasting is really challenging my soul and mind. I'm now facing the real weather, it's hot and no longer raining in the afternoon. As for the last Thursday, things gone really bad for me as the night before, I was writing my last blog as I've to stay in the office to do a change in the production server. Breaking fast only with some dates and a bottle of water, I planned to have my dinner later.

As I've finished with my thing, I went back home, made some calls. especially to Farok asking where he's going tonite. Then my father also called asking me when am I going back to Seremban. So I decided to go back to Seremban the same nite, maybe after I went and spend some time with Farok and Hemsem.

Just I'm not sure when did I fell asleep, and I only woke up the next morning 6.30. It has passed the range of time to eat. Oh GOD!!.. I'm f*ckin hungry. Really hungry. I missed my promise with Farok, and I even didn't go back to Seremban as promised to my father.

I packed up all my things and drove off to Seremban. The traffic on the highway near Bangi was a bit frightening, I'm tired of the traffic jam, so I decided to take the old route back to Seremban. It was all fun, I vtec'ed as many time as I want, it's just that my car cannot get the desired heat as the route was through the forest and the weather was cold. It's not performing really well.

The whole day was tiring. As I arrived, I followed my parents to the market. I was like fainting as the result of no drinks and food since tuesday. Then to KL with my father, and get back home, looking for a new freezer. The 2 years old freezer seems not to be working fine anymore.

Then as usual, before such festival celebration, we'll clean up the house, cook, bake cakes and cookies, cook rendangs, buy lemangs and so many more. The last nite of Tarawih seems nothing much for me, except that, the feeling of the month that is going to leave us was quite saddening. The last nite of doing tadarrus with the whole family seems as usual till Abang Bakri came over and we talked about a lotsa things.

Kak Ani mentioned about my cousin who's just gonna get his second child. And she mentioned if I was married, I'll be having the second one as well, hehe.. I was just smiling.


It's the eve of Raya, again. There's a lot of things been mingling over my tired mind. Even though fasting at home is much more makin me thirstier and hungrier, at least I can do my fasting in a better condition, holier thinking, pure mind without external distraction that will waste my fasting. Ya know leave in KL, there's nothing that u are keen not to see. Everything was like 'MESTI TONTON' (must-watch) campaign by NTV7. I'm dumb if i ain't be looking into a girl wearing short skirt. I might be a non-appreciative if my eyes weren't exploring the shape of a pretty sexy lady, and I'm a gay if don't look at girls at all!!!

Well, it's the feeling again. Feeling of being apart of this world, apart from all other people who just got their own way of living, better life with someone they cared very much. I used tp have friends who were just there anyime we would be in need of 'em. Just name 'em, ROmdzi, Wira, Hemsem, Omen, Lego, Farok & Taiko, some of them even willing to sacrifice their holidays just to make myself happy in the ward of a hospital. I'm aware I myself wouldn't be able to do such thing in return.

The misery of having the same feeling over and over again has been haunting me just as when I recite the Takbir of Eid. How I wish it supposed to be done in a different way, different place and different people. I haven't gain control over things. Thing has gain control over me. I was easily overwhelmed by new achievements, old sentiments and feelings.

I went to the mosque and followed the Takbir Group from a house to another, It was not as fun as I normally do in my Village Hometown. It's really boring but guess I've to take care of my father's/mother's felling. I told them that I'm gonna be back to the village and they happened to be not so happy about it.

Here are some pictures..

I'm getting much much sleepy by now. Nite... da!

* I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Selamat Hari Raya...

November 10, 2004

Jejak Kasih + Raya Mood...

Actually, a few last weeks till the last weekend, it was sort of a rekeep-in-touch season for me. Some of my long lost friend, either lost contact or whatever lost you can name it, are now back in touch with me..

Case 1 :: Ieda. After nearly a year we've not been in touch, out of nowhere she sms'ed me telling me that she's now a single lady, after fights over fights with her boy, which I was always there to help. The last time I helped her was by making her boy jealous, which is seems not to be working very well. We lost contact after that. And she wanted to go out with me. I'm fine.. hehe..

Case 2 :: Raimie Maljono. My senior in school. He's the prefect who took care of the whole dorm when I was in Form 1. He's married now. He's happy with his life now. I wonder why I was so happy seeing hime too, because he was well-known as the curseman. He will just curse anything that popped out of his mind. I've got his influent badly, hehe.. all my friend knoe.

Case 3 :: Harliyan. Heheh.. last nite I went out with her. We used to work together for the project of Halal.Com.My. She was in the different company, Quantum Parallel Sdn. Bhd. She's nice. Very nice person and she is kinduf short and I always make fun of her. But she's kewl. I always admire her kewlness. We lost contact since I left AMSTEK.

Case 4 :: Wawa. She's from Seremban. I've not been in touch with her for I guess, maybe nearly 2 years. She's a nice friend. I lost contact with her after I went out with another girl Siti Nirwana, hehe..

Case 5 :: Sheyna. Not for so long. I actually lost her number when I accidentally found her @ Kelab Darul Ehsan, but I was pretending to ensure her number is correct. Unfortunately, her number is still in my phone. Just in a different name. Well, I was so happy to see her, we were taking for quite sometimes but.. I know u're busy sheyna.. We'll go out sometimes k? Was so happy to see her again. Do we lost contact.. err..

Case 6 :: Daymen, Hez, and other HCOC club members. HCOC stands for Honda Cars Owner Club. I last met them in 2002, during the track day. I missed them so much. After losing my Honda, I was hardly seeing them, ashamed of not being a honda owner, they actually encouraged me to come to the gaths, and join in the fun. Yeah I really miss these guys. They're super kool!

Case 7 :: The most unexpected. I met with Khalila Khalid. She was my gf back in school, when I was in form 3. I can't deny that I was so happy to actually met and keep in touch with her. It was when I went for window shopping with Farok and Hemsem on the last Sunday. She manage to look just like when she was in school. Reason for lost contact; broke up.

Case 8 :: The most special is, I get to keep in touch with Fiza. As someone who was and still so special to me, of course I'm very happy. Instead of all the sadness, I treasure every moment between us, as I'm so happy to at talk to you over the phone or Yahoo Messenger. It's good to know that you're doing fine with your life, despite your hardship, always think that there are, people who are having much much harder life than we do. I know you're reading this. . So take care.


Meetup Wish List....

I wish to see and go out and chill with these people :-

1. Fiza.. okay hold up. It's Fiza err.. I don't know her full name. She works in the Telekom and she had just recently commented my blog.. Chill Chill!! :p ; she asked for duit raya too..

2. Julie.. I've never met this guy. We talk only through phone or sms. She knows me well and I just don;t know why. Well, I appreciate her. so so much.

3. Eric. he's so bz with things.

4. Fizah.. again another fiza in my life. She's a pretty girl studying in Shah Alam.

5. Ailin. I missed her so much. I don't know why u're keeping a distance off me. I know I always make fun of you. My BAD. so sorry..

6. Ieda. Yeah.. I wanted to go out with you too..

7. Anis.. she's a married sister who always nagged about me not to choose a lady to be my girl friend. She's busy now. Been in overseas for about a year plus.

8. Rika.. she was about to be eric's gf.. but I know eric.. she's getting a new bf now and I want to see her and say hi and talk about her super duper new bf.

9. Kimi.. a friend of mine, my bassist guitar player. He's in a hardship of life now. I'm going to tell him that I care and love this guy very very much...

10. Of course Khalila. How I wish. I was delivering this idea to see her, but she was thinking that I'm gonna open the old book. y'all, my bad.. it's not that. I'm just wanted to chill out, and relax. yeah.. nearly 12 years we've not been seeing each other, there's a lot to tell.

11. Chot.. My ex school mate. She's now the news reader on TV. You can recognize her by the name Rosmanizam Md. Dali. I wanted to be a journalist and maybe I should talk to her.

12. Baby Rosie.. She's coming back!!!!!!!!!! In december!!! Come on baby.. I'm waiting for you!!!

13. Sheyna.. I'm badly wanting you.. opps.. wanting to go out with you.. have a lotsa things to talk.


Yeah.. I'm done now but yet done at all. I've a lot more things to jot in here.

First of all. I'm motivationally very low. I'm not happy with my job now. I don't know whether I should maintain my sweetness, good realtionship with everyone in my workplace. People seems to be annoying me in so many ways. They stepped on my head when I'm down to earth. Just everyone.

I used to be not so kewl person. Hot blooded. Stupid. Low self esteem. Bad, not naughty but a real bad ass.

The things that happened to me lately has triggered me into some state that caused my inner berserk desire to explode. Now with no one by my side, I'm all alone in facing everything in my life.

Lucky for me to have Farok & Hemsem, a listener for me to tell 'em all my raged feelings towards anything happened in my working life which I had my pride with. And my friend Wira to ask where do I go when something gone wrong with my car. For me, something wrong with the car means, all my body and head are aching too!

But to which extent they would go to help me out.

I don't know..

Now I'm alone in the office. Everyone else had gone for their holiday. I'm stuck here cause I've things to do. And I miss talking to my blog. So i'm writing as much as possible that I could. I just think I'm getting carried away with my writings now. Not focus. Diverging. No points.

That's how my mind is now. I'm not focus to my life. My mind is boggling about something else when it's supposed to be doing something else.

It's not easy to be me.

- I'm just someone who don't know how to say 'NO'
- I'm someone who is to please everyone.
- I'm someone who is to please myself too.
- I'm someone in the middle of so many people who are so coward to tell what they want or what they think so they keep telling me to tell the other people for them
- You can ask me to do anything for you

That's how my work life.

I'm goin to dump this job....~ Soon ~

November 9, 2004

A fess :: We're in a situation and I'm f*ckin messed!!

Y'all, my bad. I'm not gonna curse for nothin'.

Just blogged, I was alarmed by this Corona problem, but i just take it easy as I do think I am able to handle it properly, as i've been gettin' enough inputs from all the relevant parties. I stopped the operation, backup the database and run a weekly job.

Tomorrow mornin'. BOMB! The system is bombed and the problem was raised as level 1 severity alarm instead of Level 2, means if we failed to deliver within time, I'll die!


The thing is, everyone get panicked so easy and everyone is getting emotional. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY?

The rule of nature :: We shall never get angry or emotional when we are facing problem. Gettin' angry/emotional will not lead y'all to a rationalized thinking. So chill out, and you can think properly.

I've to be in the conference meeting call every half an hour. Just to listen to those stupid people speaking arrogantly. I'm the one whose facing the customer here. I'm freakin' mad to hell as they keep askin' things while we're doing our job, not only askin', i was so mad as they said i'm slow. F*CK!

Guys, what would u just think if we're just doin your job, we investigate the causes, we do any appropriate things as to get things back to normal, and while the meantime, they keep mumblin & naggin & bla bla bla at you, askin this and that, and sayin that u're slow. I was freakin' f*ckin' mad.

The users are just fine with the problem as they crossed their fingers by sayin that they just depend on us on what to be done. They asked us to do anything, and they're able to sacrifice anything as to get the system back to normal. The users are just so nice but not the people inside the company.


On that thursday nite, I'm so thankful for the chance to get going to Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE) for berbuka puasa. The database restore went too long and i decided with my boss to go to the Berbuka Puasa at KDE; and guess what, I've met sheyna there.. Hi Sheyna..


Restored the database, as it took me nearly 2 days. Startin' from 1.30 pm Thursday and end up at almost 7 pm the next day. I brought the system up and runnin' and users are just fine but now it's now time to hunt for a scapegoat. Lucky I'm not the one to be hunted, as I'm just doing my job.

I'm just freakin frustrated as the meetings are not to find a solution, but to find someone to blame, so that they can leave it and they don't have to do any job as there's someone to blame and leave it back to the the one who is in guilt.

So that freakin Friday nite, I went back, late at 12 o'clock and get my first good sleep after 3 days of messy days. -sigh-


So on that fine Saturday, went again to the office, get things done, get all the reports completed, and went back home. Managed to berbuka puasa @ bangsar. Then at nite, went off to USJ, and slept there.

This is funny, there was once all the lights went off as the fan owned by hemsem was faulty, and the result is - THEIR STREAMYX CONNECTION WENT OFF. Why? I just find it funny as, the bill has not been paid for 6-7 months, and they had never get it disconnected for that 6-7 months just to keep the connection. As the electricity back to normal, they are not able to connect to streamyx again.

Sundae :: Okay. Movie day. I woke up just to find myself is actually sleeping in USJ. I thought i'm still @ home in Taman Desa so that's why i felt so cold without the blankets. I watched, Stephen Chow's movie, Cooler, and what else, haha.. southpark uncut!

Then me, Farok and Hemsem went to Jalan TAR as Hemsem got things to be bought. I was talking a lotsa thing to Farok, especially about work, as he's working in the bank industry as well, just the difference are he's in the bank while I'm not in the bank.

Then went to One Utama. Kenny Rogers. Gosh I've not been to Kenny Rogers for quite some time. It's the pervert mailing list that I accidentally joined gathering actually. But instead of all the porn messages, some of them are quite nice. Well, all I can say, they're all look very very much decent as compared to me, farok and hemsem. Hei, I don't send pervert porn mails. I just read 'em. hahaha. Sometimes when i'm in a situation, need seomthing cooling for my eyes

At nite, we again watched TV, but now is the TV drama. Then went out for Late supper @ carlos, and I met my HCOC friends over there. I'll shoot some pictures one day. Then again watched movie and slept.

Monday, I decided to rest. I sent my car to workshop to replace my sensor. I wanted to change my back arm mounting boosch too. Then my disc brake too. They cost me near RM500. errr.. I felt so bad as I'm actually reaching the level of badly broke now. But still okay, I can manage it. so @ nite, i again spent my money buying some cheap clothes and 2 DVDs. White chicks and ENVY.

Well, those are good movies. I need not to say anything. If u want you should buy urself. Or else, I can let u borrow it if u want.


Today i'm back in the office and I'm again stranded in between people who makes decision but they're just can't talk to each other. And today I'm f*cked again.

It's so messy in the office. I just don;t know why. I'm being f*cked from every angle of my sight. Ouch! This is a freakin mess.

Now, I feel worse. I just can't live with all these thing again. There's a lot. I just can't put it down in here..


I'm lost in my very own pride of working world...

I really hate myself

I hate myself for being such a dumb person to be working in such a f*ckin messed up place.

Can u just imagine that u're just doing your job but people are seeking any fault that you may have done that might cause the problem so that they can BLAME you!

Can u just imagine having a teleconferencing meeting with people talking like they're GOD and I have to answer stupid questions they asked.

Can u just imagine, you have to settle the problem in 4 hours as to restore the database would take you 2 days?

Can u just imagine a problem of a small system, which is not so important has caused me to sit like such a dumb person just waiting for the status to be updated and update to every single person who are just waiting for for the result, and insisted to have a conference call every half an hour for update, for the whole 2 days?


November 4, 2004

An Eventful Buka Puasa @ KL Tower

Been BZ. Wira just passed these pix via email.

Yeah, we (Me, Wira, Abop) were in front of my car. These are moments where we were testing the cameras. Just after we arrived and parked my car. Nice surroundings. I don't feel like being in KL anymore.

This is just before sunset (Maghrib). You can see the sky was a lil bit reddish at the back.

This is snapped after we're all full with food. You can see clearly the KLCC building behind us. Kewl.. We're nearly 500m above everyone else in KL.

I'm in a situation. Been dealing with this Corona problem since Wednesday. Went to Kelab Darul Ehsan for berbuka, and guess what, I met Shalina! It's been quite sometime, not seeing each other, well both of us are busy, so we spent 10-15 minutes chatting, updating ourselves with what ever things. She's much prettier this time, or maybe because I haven't seen her for really sometime.

So guess, I've no much time. Secretly composing this as my boss is sitting just next to me. Daa!!! I'll update this blog soon

November 3, 2004

JPJ :: The 'Driving License Guaranteed Pass Scheme'

As on monday, there's nothing special, except everyone was noticing my reshaved head. That day, I have not even break fast on time, as the azan was just recited, I was just stepped in to the LRT, with Ye Yann, with nothing to eat.

So that nite, I took my dinner @ the stall near my home. Then I went out again to Kajang to see my sister. It was really hard to drive as it was raining heavility. Roads were almost flooded with water, just everywhere. I decided to take the nearest and safest path by taking the main highway to Kajang. Nearby to my sister's place, I missed the junction to i've to turn back to bangi just to get back to her place.

On the way back I fetched Uni and we had again, eat & eat.. wouw.. i'm getting my weight lately.

Back to work on tuesday, nothing much except for the meeting, boring. I hate meetings, and oh yeah, I managed to pay my Zakat today. heh heh.. RM4.50 for KL. In the late afternoon, after the Asar, I've checked my phone and I've got missed calls from Helen, and I straight away called her back.

She was mentioning about her problem in getting her license, as she failed the first time. I just didn't get it, I've got through both of my B full and D license test successfully, just once, and i still remember how did I get full marks for my on the road car driving test.

I called a friend, a very long long friend which I know since I was a kid, when I was in Terengganu, who is now working in JPJ. He's the kind of willing to help just on anything when it comes to the car thingy, especially when it has to go through the JPJ and Puspakom. He himself owns an 'illegal' integra, just i did, without my knowledge, I owned an 'illegal' civic, the last 3 years.

Then, he asked for Helen's phone number and I just gave it to him. He called and asked her the photocopy of her license and IC.

Later, Helen called again by saying that she is going to treat me for berbuka puasa, so i just say yes, since this is my first time going out berbuka puasa with a friend, this year.

We went to Mid Valley and had Teppanyaki, not so good, but I was happily entertained by this one baby, who eventually sitting next to me, who was held by her mother. Noticed that the father is a caucasian and the mother maybe indonesian. And I heard the mother called her Audrey.. She is so cute, and if possible i would want to hug and kiss her at that time. But i just smiled to her mom.

I had cuttlefish teppan, while she had chicken teppan. Then we went out to the mall and I bought myself some buns from the breadtalk. The price is expensive but u'll be satisfied with the taste. They taste so so so damn good. Then went to jusco and I bought myself sushis, as the first thing in mind when she asked me out is to go and have sushi!

Then we went to bangsar, for teh tarik and sent her back home.

@ home, she called me, and she was telling me that my friend was asking for RM450 for the test, and it's a "GUARANTEED PASS TEST"

Hmm.. it's the corrupted world, it's corrupted Malaysia isn't it. But through my conversation with Helen, everyone was asking about it when they were about to have the test. Oh God.

It's really frustrating. Gainers are actually the school driving and the JPJ officers. The govt. has set the compulsary 16 hours of driving lessons; when sometimes, if u're good, not even reached your 5th lessons u'll be sent to the test. But for helen's case, she is dumb enough to learn till the 16th lessons and failed the test.. hehehe.. so pity. she failed as the car dies in the middle of the roundabout. She said, she's given an old car which is hard to drive. Ah, just reasons.. aight?

After the test thingy, she straight away went back to the driving school, and asked for a replacement test. She was asked to pay another RM220 for the test, and to pass, she had to pay another RM210, and she was asked to go for another 4 hours lesson for RM 80, which will cause her RM510. She was so frustrated as she had already paid RM850 for all the lessons and the previous test.

In total, she had to spend RM1360, just to get a license which later you're going to pay RM30 a year, and with big P, which carrying the meaning of PROBATION, but for some people they are PROFESSIONALS wannabe, as you can see, all the reckless drivers are all those "who's-just-got-their-license" young drivers. I was once like that but whithout the "P" thingy.

You know what, I just paid RM110 for my car driving test, gone through the test just once and passed the driving test with flying colours, without any hassle of having to pay any extras to the driving school or the JPJ officers.

My brother, Iwan just paid RM80 for his car license, just one driving lesson, and passed the driving test.

Anyway, I paid RM300 to the driving school for my motorbike license as I'm taking the B full license, which will allow me to ride any class of motorbike. It's still cheap as now people have to pay more if I'm not mistaken.

Comparing that RM300, any of you have the B full license? NAH!!!

November 1, 2004

Story :: It must be the salmons!!!

That fridae afternoon, I rushed over to Puduraya to catch a bus to go back to JB. There were a lot of people. As I bought the bus ticket, I went down to teh bus platform to fetch the bus but the bus has gone, so I've to wait for another bus to come.

It was really comfy to be in the bus. As I stepped up and had my whole body resting smoothly on the 3 seater bus seat, I felt like sleeping. As my brother called me reminding me to break my fast, as I had my drink, I slept.

I was dreaming about myself in the middle of a small town. Nice small town where people were so nice to each other. Just like what I dreamt off, but 'em.. the town people was so scared when I approached them. They were just hide say sorry, while looking on the ground, and step backwards.

I met this one girl named Yana, and she acted the same when I was trying to ask her something but I grabbed her hand and tell her not to back herself away from me. She was struggling hard to let her hand off me. I calmed her down by saying that I will give no harm to anyone of you but why everyone keep themselves off me.

She simply said, people were talking about a life taker who just look like me. He will just curse anyone who talked to him, and simply she calmed as she spoke, nothing happened to her.

But the ground changed to reddish and sandy, wind was strong and the sky was about to fall on my head. I was like falling down from a high place to the deep down under the ground place. I was lost and suddenly I woke up.

The bus stopped in Ayer Hitam, and as I was so hungry, I spent rm20 just for food. I remembered, mostly are light foods, kaya balls, fruits, fishballs with sticks and bread buns. I was stuffy and the journey later to Jb seems to be short, and I reached home at around 10.30.

I slept late. Watched a lot of TV programme. Yummy. Have not been watching TV for a week..

So the next saturday, I went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to make my new IC, MYKAD. As I was there, there are a lot of Orang Asli also wanted to make their new ICs. And I was looking at this one girl, she was with beautiful shiny & smooth hair. Wonder how does orang asli can have such a beautiful hair. And she looks just like someone I knew quite close. She was as pretty as that someone.

Then I went to my father's office, where my father parked my car. Yeah, my car is now back to normal. It's drivable and everything was perfect! So drove back home, and then drove back to KL, as on the way, I dropped by my house in melaka just to look around my rented house. It's still clean! wow. and the tenants are quite responsible enuff to take care of the house nicely. Then dropped by at the Kampung, and we're discussing about the color of the house. I was trying to get them to get use to new modernised colour scheme but they prefer not to. well, the discussion has not come to an end and I decided to continue my journey to KL.

In KL, my sister, Ina and her two friends, Yana and Risya were waiting for me to reach KL as I promised to treat them for berbuka puasa. Before i go and see hem, I went to a barber shop and again i cleared up my head. Then we went to Ikan Bakat jalan Bellamy, and buka puasa there. We had one keli (catfish), one cencaru and 2 siakaps. All cost me RM63. Wow.. quite expensive but it's okay. I sent them back to my sister's hostel and I went back home and asleep.

Sunday, I woke up late, I was overslept by sleeping at around 9.30 and waking up at around 10.30. I clean myself up and went to Wira's house in USJ. I watched 3 movies. All funny/chicky movies. School of Rock, 13 going 30 and I spy, i've forgotten the title. Well, wira was then asking me whether I'm okay to accompany him to the Majlis Berbuka Puasa, as I was first heard it's going to be at Menara Telekom, I said it's okay.

But we're actually going to Menara KL. WOOHOO!!!

It was a sponsored dinner by the Apex, and I wonder whether Fiza is gonna be there, who knows but unfortunately, she is not. hehe. Kewl man kewl.. ! I can't wait to swallow the salmons. This is my 4th time having dinner/lunch there. I'm not expecting any surprise, but there surprises!!!!

Ramli Sarip, Yazid ex-Search, Man Kidal and few others who I'm not sure who they are were there, I guess they must be working on some new musical project. Well, I'm not really their fan but I'm just proud of them struggling hard to fight for their music. They're kewl man. I shaked hand with Man Kidal and jokingly said,

"Mintak2 dapat berkat tangan man kidal jadi terror main gitar"

(Hope that by shaking your hand i'll be getting to be a good guitar play just like man kidal)

Then, I sent wira back to home.


And today is a boring day. selangor is on holiday and most of my chat alliance are on holiday too today. I've been settling a lot of problem today. I woke up late as my stomach was acheing badly. I shit 6 times and my anus was feeling like tearing into 8 pieces.

It must be the salmons!

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