November 4, 2004

An Eventful Buka Puasa @ KL Tower

Been BZ. Wira just passed these pix via email.

Yeah, we (Me, Wira, Abop) were in front of my car. These are moments where we were testing the cameras. Just after we arrived and parked my car. Nice surroundings. I don't feel like being in KL anymore.

This is just before sunset (Maghrib). You can see the sky was a lil bit reddish at the back.

This is snapped after we're all full with food. You can see clearly the KLCC building behind us. Kewl.. We're nearly 500m above everyone else in KL.

I'm in a situation. Been dealing with this Corona problem since Wednesday. Went to Kelab Darul Ehsan for berbuka, and guess what, I met Shalina! It's been quite sometime, not seeing each other, well both of us are busy, so we spent 10-15 minutes chatting, updating ourselves with what ever things. She's much prettier this time, or maybe because I haven't seen her for really sometime.

So guess, I've no much time. Secretly composing this as my boss is sitting just next to me. Daa!!! I'll update this blog soon

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