November 10, 2004

Jejak Kasih + Raya Mood...

Actually, a few last weeks till the last weekend, it was sort of a rekeep-in-touch season for me. Some of my long lost friend, either lost contact or whatever lost you can name it, are now back in touch with me..

Case 1 :: Ieda. After nearly a year we've not been in touch, out of nowhere she sms'ed me telling me that she's now a single lady, after fights over fights with her boy, which I was always there to help. The last time I helped her was by making her boy jealous, which is seems not to be working very well. We lost contact after that. And she wanted to go out with me. I'm fine.. hehe..

Case 2 :: Raimie Maljono. My senior in school. He's the prefect who took care of the whole dorm when I was in Form 1. He's married now. He's happy with his life now. I wonder why I was so happy seeing hime too, because he was well-known as the curseman. He will just curse anything that popped out of his mind. I've got his influent badly, hehe.. all my friend knoe.

Case 3 :: Harliyan. Heheh.. last nite I went out with her. We used to work together for the project of Halal.Com.My. She was in the different company, Quantum Parallel Sdn. Bhd. She's nice. Very nice person and she is kinduf short and I always make fun of her. But she's kewl. I always admire her kewlness. We lost contact since I left AMSTEK.

Case 4 :: Wawa. She's from Seremban. I've not been in touch with her for I guess, maybe nearly 2 years. She's a nice friend. I lost contact with her after I went out with another girl Siti Nirwana, hehe..

Case 5 :: Sheyna. Not for so long. I actually lost her number when I accidentally found her @ Kelab Darul Ehsan, but I was pretending to ensure her number is correct. Unfortunately, her number is still in my phone. Just in a different name. Well, I was so happy to see her, we were taking for quite sometimes but.. I know u're busy sheyna.. We'll go out sometimes k? Was so happy to see her again. Do we lost contact.. err..

Case 6 :: Daymen, Hez, and other HCOC club members. HCOC stands for Honda Cars Owner Club. I last met them in 2002, during the track day. I missed them so much. After losing my Honda, I was hardly seeing them, ashamed of not being a honda owner, they actually encouraged me to come to the gaths, and join in the fun. Yeah I really miss these guys. They're super kool!

Case 7 :: The most unexpected. I met with Khalila Khalid. She was my gf back in school, when I was in form 3. I can't deny that I was so happy to actually met and keep in touch with her. It was when I went for window shopping with Farok and Hemsem on the last Sunday. She manage to look just like when she was in school. Reason for lost contact; broke up.

Case 8 :: The most special is, I get to keep in touch with Fiza. As someone who was and still so special to me, of course I'm very happy. Instead of all the sadness, I treasure every moment between us, as I'm so happy to at talk to you over the phone or Yahoo Messenger. It's good to know that you're doing fine with your life, despite your hardship, always think that there are, people who are having much much harder life than we do. I know you're reading this. . So take care.


Meetup Wish List....

I wish to see and go out and chill with these people :-

1. Fiza.. okay hold up. It's Fiza err.. I don't know her full name. She works in the Telekom and she had just recently commented my blog.. Chill Chill!! :p ; she asked for duit raya too..

2. Julie.. I've never met this guy. We talk only through phone or sms. She knows me well and I just don;t know why. Well, I appreciate her. so so much.

3. Eric. he's so bz with things.

4. Fizah.. again another fiza in my life. She's a pretty girl studying in Shah Alam.

5. Ailin. I missed her so much. I don't know why u're keeping a distance off me. I know I always make fun of you. My BAD. so sorry..

6. Ieda. Yeah.. I wanted to go out with you too..

7. Anis.. she's a married sister who always nagged about me not to choose a lady to be my girl friend. She's busy now. Been in overseas for about a year plus.

8. Rika.. she was about to be eric's gf.. but I know eric.. she's getting a new bf now and I want to see her and say hi and talk about her super duper new bf.

9. Kimi.. a friend of mine, my bassist guitar player. He's in a hardship of life now. I'm going to tell him that I care and love this guy very very much...

10. Of course Khalila. How I wish. I was delivering this idea to see her, but she was thinking that I'm gonna open the old book. y'all, my bad.. it's not that. I'm just wanted to chill out, and relax. yeah.. nearly 12 years we've not been seeing each other, there's a lot to tell.

11. Chot.. My ex school mate. She's now the news reader on TV. You can recognize her by the name Rosmanizam Md. Dali. I wanted to be a journalist and maybe I should talk to her.

12. Baby Rosie.. She's coming back!!!!!!!!!! In december!!! Come on baby.. I'm waiting for you!!!

13. Sheyna.. I'm badly wanting you.. opps.. wanting to go out with you.. have a lotsa things to talk.


Yeah.. I'm done now but yet done at all. I've a lot more things to jot in here.

First of all. I'm motivationally very low. I'm not happy with my job now. I don't know whether I should maintain my sweetness, good realtionship with everyone in my workplace. People seems to be annoying me in so many ways. They stepped on my head when I'm down to earth. Just everyone.

I used to be not so kewl person. Hot blooded. Stupid. Low self esteem. Bad, not naughty but a real bad ass.

The things that happened to me lately has triggered me into some state that caused my inner berserk desire to explode. Now with no one by my side, I'm all alone in facing everything in my life.

Lucky for me to have Farok & Hemsem, a listener for me to tell 'em all my raged feelings towards anything happened in my working life which I had my pride with. And my friend Wira to ask where do I go when something gone wrong with my car. For me, something wrong with the car means, all my body and head are aching too!

But to which extent they would go to help me out.

I don't know..

Now I'm alone in the office. Everyone else had gone for their holiday. I'm stuck here cause I've things to do. And I miss talking to my blog. So i'm writing as much as possible that I could. I just think I'm getting carried away with my writings now. Not focus. Diverging. No points.

That's how my mind is now. I'm not focus to my life. My mind is boggling about something else when it's supposed to be doing something else.

It's not easy to be me.

- I'm just someone who don't know how to say 'NO'
- I'm someone who is to please everyone.
- I'm someone who is to please myself too.
- I'm someone in the middle of so many people who are so coward to tell what they want or what they think so they keep telling me to tell the other people for them
- You can ask me to do anything for you

That's how my work life.

I'm goin to dump this job....~ Soon ~

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