November 24, 2004

How am I doing??

So today is wednesday ..

It's been 3 days without internet.. and 10 days without working.. it was heaven on earth.. I was watching TV like mad.. I love to watch discovery, as they aired so many things about life, and things i like most, about machineries and cars.

Nothing new.. I'm back to KL on the last saturday. This year is quite a-no-luck year for me. No ang pow at all. Last year I maneged to collect nearly RM1k++ ang pows.

Raya was fine. I just followed where ever my father went to. I don't want to waste my time going to other people's house who may not come over to mine. But I went to Kimi's house whose mother is now suffering from lung cancer. And I went to Wawa's house as to see her father who was sick. Then of course I went to a lot of my relative's house.

Our family's main dishes this raya was Bolognaise Spagetti. It was populared by my bro, Izzat. He can cook really well now, just after I insulted him few months back for not having any kind of natural talent or life useful knowledge. INSULT does work well aight? At least for my lil bro Izzat. I love him for his yummy spagetti.

I've been thinking and thinking. What's my next step.

I'm going to be 28 next year. I had done nothing except paying a very high premium every month which caused me not to have any savings, and it was worse when i had unexpected problems like my car. I may now consider it as free of problem but the problem is I'll still have to prepare for any unexpected, u know.. just anything.

I'm going to sell the house. I'll keep the car for myself. It's the greatest thing on earth I have now, even though I used to have greater things, but this is the best, currently.

Do I have to quit my job? I'm sick of it. Sick of my job. Sick of the bosses. But I love my Mr. Rosli. He's kewl. The best boss ever on earth. I love my colleagues. Yan, Jeff Wong and Abu. Naresh is a steady boss. He'll stand on his saying no matter what!

So my last Raya holidays was full of phone calls. I called every single person I wanted to call but I'm a bit frustrated for not being able to call Ein and Fiza, the one who worked in Telekom.

I was in my Kampung. Surprisedly, the telephone reception was quite good, I mean Celcom. But I can't talk properly with people. And in Seremban, my house was in the middle of 2 base station. In my kampung, Maxis was totally out but in Seremban, it was hard to make a call, as every line was busy like hell. Why everyone was using maxis? Maxis shouls be raising it's rate so that i can use Maxis line easier. Otherwise, I'll be talking long hours with Fiza and Ekin.

But I managed to call Fizah, who's still studyin in Shah Alam. Long hours. Real long hours.. But I can say I'm fucked. hehe..

Last Saturday, I rushed to KL, as to go to Elizany's wedding. Yeah, that son of a Satan (kiddin) already married, and he left me with other devils like Fendi, Ayam and who EVER to go on with this boring life. Having a wife is something that is surely kewl, as for one thing, you don't have to go out to look for a companion. You can chat the whole nite, and if u feel scared you can always have someone to console you, to hug you or even kiss you, and it's nice to hear your loved one praying her love towards you.

What else huh.. The next day I went to Subang Jaya, as usual, forcing them to open the door for me. I called all Wira, Hemsem and Farok earlier in the morning but they seems to be sleeping fucking safe and loudly sound. In the afternoon, went to lunch with Nyahche.. oh nyahche.. It's been so long since we last met.

Then I went out, to Pusat Bandar Damansara. Met Itik's mom who was excited to introduced me to a nice petite gal, Salmi. Spent time there.. and went out again. I met Ija.. fetched her from her home and for the first time I've the chance to meet to pretty gal. We went to Ampang Point's coffee bean and spent time there till late 10s and sent her back and again rushed back to USJ. Then we went to KL for soup, went back and watched that scary movie, dawn of the dead. Damn it was darn fucking mad scary. Shit I was like scared to death imagining the whole people in the world becoming zombies.

Monday :: Haha.. I'm not going to work. In the afternoon, I went to Usj's mosque to help him on his wedding things.


Then to Shah Alam for his wedding thing. Then as promised I went to see Fizah, and this is why I was fucked.

She's not supposed to bring NJ with her. I don't like NJ. I shouldn't be saying anything bad abt her rite. But then, NJ was there.. and I'm fucked but I'm just kewl. I went back home and asked Salmi to drop by. And we watched Mr. Incredibles.

Tuesday went to work and bored. Went back home at around 8, and fetched Yana from Serdang and took her to Futsal. Played futsal with all my friends and sent yana back home.

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