November 1, 2004

Story :: It must be the salmons!!!

That fridae afternoon, I rushed over to Puduraya to catch a bus to go back to JB. There were a lot of people. As I bought the bus ticket, I went down to teh bus platform to fetch the bus but the bus has gone, so I've to wait for another bus to come.

It was really comfy to be in the bus. As I stepped up and had my whole body resting smoothly on the 3 seater bus seat, I felt like sleeping. As my brother called me reminding me to break my fast, as I had my drink, I slept.

I was dreaming about myself in the middle of a small town. Nice small town where people were so nice to each other. Just like what I dreamt off, but 'em.. the town people was so scared when I approached them. They were just hide say sorry, while looking on the ground, and step backwards.

I met this one girl named Yana, and she acted the same when I was trying to ask her something but I grabbed her hand and tell her not to back herself away from me. She was struggling hard to let her hand off me. I calmed her down by saying that I will give no harm to anyone of you but why everyone keep themselves off me.

She simply said, people were talking about a life taker who just look like me. He will just curse anyone who talked to him, and simply she calmed as she spoke, nothing happened to her.

But the ground changed to reddish and sandy, wind was strong and the sky was about to fall on my head. I was like falling down from a high place to the deep down under the ground place. I was lost and suddenly I woke up.

The bus stopped in Ayer Hitam, and as I was so hungry, I spent rm20 just for food. I remembered, mostly are light foods, kaya balls, fruits, fishballs with sticks and bread buns. I was stuffy and the journey later to Jb seems to be short, and I reached home at around 10.30.

I slept late. Watched a lot of TV programme. Yummy. Have not been watching TV for a week..

So the next saturday, I went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to make my new IC, MYKAD. As I was there, there are a lot of Orang Asli also wanted to make their new ICs. And I was looking at this one girl, she was with beautiful shiny & smooth hair. Wonder how does orang asli can have such a beautiful hair. And she looks just like someone I knew quite close. She was as pretty as that someone.

Then I went to my father's office, where my father parked my car. Yeah, my car is now back to normal. It's drivable and everything was perfect! So drove back home, and then drove back to KL, as on the way, I dropped by my house in melaka just to look around my rented house. It's still clean! wow. and the tenants are quite responsible enuff to take care of the house nicely. Then dropped by at the Kampung, and we're discussing about the color of the house. I was trying to get them to get use to new modernised colour scheme but they prefer not to. well, the discussion has not come to an end and I decided to continue my journey to KL.

In KL, my sister, Ina and her two friends, Yana and Risya were waiting for me to reach KL as I promised to treat them for berbuka puasa. Before i go and see hem, I went to a barber shop and again i cleared up my head. Then we went to Ikan Bakat jalan Bellamy, and buka puasa there. We had one keli (catfish), one cencaru and 2 siakaps. All cost me RM63. Wow.. quite expensive but it's okay. I sent them back to my sister's hostel and I went back home and asleep.

Sunday, I woke up late, I was overslept by sleeping at around 9.30 and waking up at around 10.30. I clean myself up and went to Wira's house in USJ. I watched 3 movies. All funny/chicky movies. School of Rock, 13 going 30 and I spy, i've forgotten the title. Well, wira was then asking me whether I'm okay to accompany him to the Majlis Berbuka Puasa, as I was first heard it's going to be at Menara Telekom, I said it's okay.

But we're actually going to Menara KL. WOOHOO!!!

It was a sponsored dinner by the Apex, and I wonder whether Fiza is gonna be there, who knows but unfortunately, she is not. hehe. Kewl man kewl.. ! I can't wait to swallow the salmons. This is my 4th time having dinner/lunch there. I'm not expecting any surprise, but there surprises!!!!

Ramli Sarip, Yazid ex-Search, Man Kidal and few others who I'm not sure who they are were there, I guess they must be working on some new musical project. Well, I'm not really their fan but I'm just proud of them struggling hard to fight for their music. They're kewl man. I shaked hand with Man Kidal and jokingly said,

"Mintak2 dapat berkat tangan man kidal jadi terror main gitar"

(Hope that by shaking your hand i'll be getting to be a good guitar play just like man kidal)

Then, I sent wira back to home.


And today is a boring day. selangor is on holiday and most of my chat alliance are on holiday too today. I've been settling a lot of problem today. I woke up late as my stomach was acheing badly. I shit 6 times and my anus was feeling like tearing into 8 pieces.

It must be the salmons!

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