November 24, 2004

I've been thinking..

Thank god.

People were thinking about me. People wish to be having something to do with me. That's kewl hehe..

Dear Ekin,

I wanted to call and see you. Of course. U're so dear to me and I won't forget that. So this paragraph is special for you. Lemme know when's your open house as I'm badly wanting to go.

And who ever else. When are you guys open house? Invite me please.. I want to be fat as I still can.. just for this Raya month!!!!

Jules.. (Julie). A nice person from Serdang. Never been seeing her but I know she's really nice. Pity her, she's having fever. So I asked her not to drink iced water any more.

and I've been thinking...


I'd prefer to work on my own. I really want to do thing that's really into my interest, such as laundry, cars. I wish I can have a chain of laundries. A car service center. Then I want to provide full wedding package, from tents, catering, deejays, PA systems, stage, tables and chairs, decorations.


I'm having this one good opportunity to supervise and manage a business, as a favor from a friend of my father, to take over his business. I might opt for this.

Yet, another month left for me to spend with my friends in KL. I'll be planning on how to tender my resignation letter. Just another month to play futsal, another month to hang around.

But yet for sure, I promise to try to be in KL on weekends, so I can meet those people who were always being beside me, Farok, Wira, Hemsem. I love u so much guys..

Guess, there are new people in my list.. which I wanted to be with and spend my time.

But for sure, after new year, I won't be around...

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