November 9, 2004

A fess :: We're in a situation and I'm f*ckin messed!!

Y'all, my bad. I'm not gonna curse for nothin'.

Just blogged, I was alarmed by this Corona problem, but i just take it easy as I do think I am able to handle it properly, as i've been gettin' enough inputs from all the relevant parties. I stopped the operation, backup the database and run a weekly job.

Tomorrow mornin'. BOMB! The system is bombed and the problem was raised as level 1 severity alarm instead of Level 2, means if we failed to deliver within time, I'll die!


The thing is, everyone get panicked so easy and everyone is getting emotional. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY?

The rule of nature :: We shall never get angry or emotional when we are facing problem. Gettin' angry/emotional will not lead y'all to a rationalized thinking. So chill out, and you can think properly.

I've to be in the conference meeting call every half an hour. Just to listen to those stupid people speaking arrogantly. I'm the one whose facing the customer here. I'm freakin' mad to hell as they keep askin' things while we're doing our job, not only askin', i was so mad as they said i'm slow. F*CK!

Guys, what would u just think if we're just doin your job, we investigate the causes, we do any appropriate things as to get things back to normal, and while the meantime, they keep mumblin & naggin & bla bla bla at you, askin this and that, and sayin that u're slow. I was freakin' f*ckin' mad.

The users are just fine with the problem as they crossed their fingers by sayin that they just depend on us on what to be done. They asked us to do anything, and they're able to sacrifice anything as to get the system back to normal. The users are just so nice but not the people inside the company.


On that thursday nite, I'm so thankful for the chance to get going to Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE) for berbuka puasa. The database restore went too long and i decided with my boss to go to the Berbuka Puasa at KDE; and guess what, I've met sheyna there.. Hi Sheyna..


Restored the database, as it took me nearly 2 days. Startin' from 1.30 pm Thursday and end up at almost 7 pm the next day. I brought the system up and runnin' and users are just fine but now it's now time to hunt for a scapegoat. Lucky I'm not the one to be hunted, as I'm just doing my job.

I'm just freakin frustrated as the meetings are not to find a solution, but to find someone to blame, so that they can leave it and they don't have to do any job as there's someone to blame and leave it back to the the one who is in guilt.

So that freakin Friday nite, I went back, late at 12 o'clock and get my first good sleep after 3 days of messy days. -sigh-


So on that fine Saturday, went again to the office, get things done, get all the reports completed, and went back home. Managed to berbuka puasa @ bangsar. Then at nite, went off to USJ, and slept there.

This is funny, there was once all the lights went off as the fan owned by hemsem was faulty, and the result is - THEIR STREAMYX CONNECTION WENT OFF. Why? I just find it funny as, the bill has not been paid for 6-7 months, and they had never get it disconnected for that 6-7 months just to keep the connection. As the electricity back to normal, they are not able to connect to streamyx again.

Sundae :: Okay. Movie day. I woke up just to find myself is actually sleeping in USJ. I thought i'm still @ home in Taman Desa so that's why i felt so cold without the blankets. I watched, Stephen Chow's movie, Cooler, and what else, haha.. southpark uncut!

Then me, Farok and Hemsem went to Jalan TAR as Hemsem got things to be bought. I was talking a lotsa thing to Farok, especially about work, as he's working in the bank industry as well, just the difference are he's in the bank while I'm not in the bank.

Then went to One Utama. Kenny Rogers. Gosh I've not been to Kenny Rogers for quite some time. It's the pervert mailing list that I accidentally joined gathering actually. But instead of all the porn messages, some of them are quite nice. Well, all I can say, they're all look very very much decent as compared to me, farok and hemsem. Hei, I don't send pervert porn mails. I just read 'em. hahaha. Sometimes when i'm in a situation, need seomthing cooling for my eyes

At nite, we again watched TV, but now is the TV drama. Then went out for Late supper @ carlos, and I met my HCOC friends over there. I'll shoot some pictures one day. Then again watched movie and slept.

Monday, I decided to rest. I sent my car to workshop to replace my sensor. I wanted to change my back arm mounting boosch too. Then my disc brake too. They cost me near RM500. errr.. I felt so bad as I'm actually reaching the level of badly broke now. But still okay, I can manage it. so @ nite, i again spent my money buying some cheap clothes and 2 DVDs. White chicks and ENVY.

Well, those are good movies. I need not to say anything. If u want you should buy urself. Or else, I can let u borrow it if u want.


Today i'm back in the office and I'm again stranded in between people who makes decision but they're just can't talk to each other. And today I'm f*cked again.

It's so messy in the office. I just don;t know why. I'm being f*cked from every angle of my sight. Ouch! This is a freakin mess.

Now, I feel worse. I just can't live with all these thing again. There's a lot. I just can't put it down in here..


I'm lost in my very own pride of working world...

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