November 9, 2004

I really hate myself

I hate myself for being such a dumb person to be working in such a f*ckin messed up place.

Can u just imagine that u're just doing your job but people are seeking any fault that you may have done that might cause the problem so that they can BLAME you!

Can u just imagine having a teleconferencing meeting with people talking like they're GOD and I have to answer stupid questions they asked.

Can u just imagine, you have to settle the problem in 4 hours as to restore the database would take you 2 days?

Can u just imagine a problem of a small system, which is not so important has caused me to sit like such a dumb person just waiting for the status to be updated and update to every single person who are just waiting for for the result, and insisted to have a conference call every half an hour for update, for the whole 2 days?


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