November 30, 2004

Malaysian Audio Dream Final 2004!!!!!

As a car craze human, and an audio manic, i'm presenting you the pix from the *MAD 2004!!!

It's Mugen Foo's *ITR. Being on display from Friday to Saturday.

It's a freak car with nice *ICE setup! Bravo!!

A nice *ICE setup by *JVC inside a Toyota Wish

A very loud setup. I was mad at whoever did this setup and put it on there!!!! It was so loud till everyone was dizzy all the time.

An engine setup just like mine. Just this one is much pretty.

An *ICE setup in a Honda Accord *CF4. Very nice and worth the money!

*ICE = In Car Entertainment
*MAD 2004 = Malaydian Audio Dream 2004
*ITR = Integra Type-R
*JVC = A electric company name lah..
*CF4 = A model of Honda Accord. Very nice one!

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