November 19, 2004

How I reduced weight...

My weight :: My normal weight (as for now) is around 67-69 kgs. The fasting month has also caused my normal activities; physical, going out, eating and so on to also been reduced, as the result of fasting itself. It took me the whole month of taking the meal once a day to reduce my weight from 69 to 62 kg, it's official just when I arrived at home for Raya holidays last Thursday. A reduction of 7 kgs.

Wow :: I can't believe myself. At myself I was looking.. hmm.. my cheekbones are now easy to be noticed. I haven't seen my cheekbones for quite sometimes. My sister was laughing at me as I'm having a big head as compared to my small and thin frame of my body. Hmm.. what had happened to myself. I'm getting too thin, but I'm happy now. It's just like a dream come true.

The ART :: Not even sahur, I rarely took my late supper. There was once I break fast by just drink plain water and a few picks of dates, as to to have my heavy meals later but I ended up going back home and slept. I only wake up the next day at 6 o'clock. I was so hungry for the next day. As for a tight budgeted person like me, it's really kewl to be in the Ramadhan. At the mosque I went to have free meal sometimes. Since I'm fasting, I don't really have to waste my time for unscheduled tea time. No munchies during work.

State of the ART :: Back with state of the art style, hell no.. what the heck was GTH in the previous comment. Is it Gran Turismo Hell version? hehe.. :p Well, we were just passed the holy month of Ramadhan, a month of the Moslems; As Rajab the month of the God and Sya'aban as the month of Muhammad. You are not supposed to say that . That's the beauty of the Ramadhan. We are not only experiencing thirst and hinger, we are suppose to learn to control ourselves from doing unsupposedly things. I know, my bad, I was cursing and I'm so sorry. My point is, fasting gives me a lot of good impacts.

Fasting effects :: If we exercise the Fasting Ibadah properly, we are supposed to detoxify ourselves from unwanted chemicals and toxic. I was achieving this by the end of the fasting ibadah. I'm very toxified, as I can conclude from the late result. By the book, we should consume a lot of water. Reduced the food taken during the fast breaking. The result of fasting for the first few days would be a drastic weight reduction without any effect on yourselves. You feel hungry as your body still contains a lot of toxificated fats. Day by day, as for myself, I'm getting easier to get cold in the air conditioned office as the fats are all gone. BY that time, your urine will get more coloured, as for my case it's nearly to red or chocolate, and the smell was yucks! I felt uneasy with myself, as I could say, I was having bad breathe for the first few weeks. And more, how much deodorant I put wouldn't stop my armpit from throwing out bad smells, even though I'm working in the air conditioned office.

Why :: All the bad breathe, smelly urine, bad odour are the result of detoxification! I was actually get it from the reading. I was hoping that the result will come out after the 14th day of fasting as suggested in the article, but for a fully toxified person like me, it took me 24 days to be detoxificated! From that article, a full detoxification process will result your body to become normal after 14 days. I was not only detoxificated, I lost my weight by 7 kgs!!

So then it's raya!!!

We were having our morning breakfast!

Yummy! But I just lost my weight!!!

Just after the prayer, we went back home and took this picture. I was burnt in the heat!
From the left back row :: Hafiiqh, Hafiizh, Ikhwan, My Father, Faizah and Izzat
From the left middle row :: Wani, My mom, My Mak Lang and my nenek
From the left front row :: Farah and My Pak Lang.

From the left :: Ikhwan, My father, Farah, Hafizh and Hafiqh

From the left :: Izzat, myself, Hafizh, Ikhwan and Hafiqh. I'm not that short aight?

It's the happy moment!!!

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