November 30, 2004

New Look...

Hehe.. it's a new look. I need my blog to be softer looking just like this. I love the colours.

Sunday.. I woke up at 6 to realize that I didn't take off my lenses. Sh*t. My eyes gonna be aching the next day. I took it off, and get back to sleep and my eyes starts to aching.

Woke up again at 10 and put on my contact lenses. I need to be on the net. It's not easy for me to get on the net nowadays. In the office, my boss was always looking on what am I doing. Was partly modifying the color scheme of my blog till Hemsem woke up and asked me to be quick. We have 2 open houses to attend.

That means.. I need not to go to the MAD. Hahaha.. First we went to hemsem's err.. i think officemate's house in Puncak Jalil. Then we went to my friend's house, norhariati che ros. She was my classmate and coincidently her father's name is the same as my father's name too. We were good friends. Her mom knows me very well.

It's a good chance for me to see hew new born baby. It's been 2 months, and she'd forgotten to inform me about it. So after a while in her house, we went to my house in Taman Desa. I changed took bathe, changed clothe and we went to Mid Valley.

After a while, i sent Hemsem back home and I went out with Ija. I (only me) had dinner while she had a drink. As usual, I lost to her talkative attitude and she talk a lot more than I do.. hahaha..

So on Monday :: I've been to work late. A lot later than usual as I woke up so so much late that day. I first have to sent my brother's things he left in my car. Met him in Masjid Jamek.

And I went to work as usual. Do nothing. Mingling around. Loafing. Talk nonsense. That means, I'm no longer interested to work anymore. Arfan, a friend of my boss treated me, my boss and zubir to lunch. Kari kepala ikan.. Yummy...

After work. Sent my brother back home. I told him not to smoke in my room and in the whole house as my housemate will get mad. Just before I went out, I had chit chat with her and she said, my brother can stay..

I went out with Yan to Mid Valley. She treated me dinner at the Secret Recipe. Then we watched Leave Me Alone, starred by my favourite actor EKIN CHENG, or his real name Yee Kin Cheng, sounds a lil bit kebukitan but I love his actings.. Love it so much.

Then we went for teh tarik at bangsar and sent her back home.

When I'm home... I smelt something. My brother smoked in my room.

I'm MAD!!!!!!!!!!

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