August 24, 2007

Jakarta This Time

On Monday, I was supposed to be posting an entry saying that I'm going to Jakarta and see you guys in another few more days.

But then I may conclude that both my N70 and N73 were unable to make such post.

I was at the KLIA when I was trying to hit that post. There was a lounge with Internet facility but they asked for something like RM80 to get in..


So, on that Monday, as I was on the ERL to the KLIA from KLSentral, I've got a call from my sister telling me that my brother, Izzat was involved in an accident on the highway.

Funny, he didn't dare to call me at all.

And we departed from KLIA at around 5 something, as the flight was a lil bit delayed. They were still busy loading things when I was already boarded, as you can see above.

Who are we? We are, me, 3 from Wakala Johor and 1 from Wakala Penang. I'm from Wakala Skudai.

We arrived at the Soekarno Hatta's at around 8 something their time and we're headed straight away to a restaurant for dinner. We were warmly welcomed by the Goldex's staff, Miss Novi and the VIP immigration representative, Pak Waluyo, who took all out passport and let us to walk through the green lane.

Keeeeeewwwwwwlll... isn't it? The chick who sat next to me in the flight waved at me as i was passing through them. If she's willing to follow me to the hotel, I will surely take her with me to pass the green lane hehehehehe. Everybody was looking at us with envy.

Or maybe that was just my 'perasan' feeling.

But we were still be the last went out, because my bag was the last to come out from the flight. Damn it! Later, we were taken to the car to be taken to the dinner place. It was an ALPHARD. Jakun giler seh. That was my first time.

Surprisingly, there's a traffic officer escorting us all the way! Hahahahah. I started to feel so bongkak at that time, no matter what.

Even though Jakarta's traffic was all jammed, we managed to reach in half an hour. I guess you can see how we did it. Thanx to the traffic officer.

The best thing during the dinner was the sausage, and it was chicken sausage. Chewing it reminds me of the popular sausage at the IKEA, which was found to be using the pig's intestine.... hmmm.. who cares.....

Just before we were taken to the Sultan Hotel, (owh no wonder we were treated like a sultan ay?) they took us to an office of the intended place for the new Gold Exchange.

So, we arrived at the Sultan Hotel around 11.00 PM their time, which was 12.oo PM Malaysian time. As I checked in, the room was marvellous. I can share the bed with another two girls; if I wanted to hehe, but I was too tired.

The next morning, there was again the delicious chicken sausage and I enjoyed it with the omelette. Damn the chicken sausage was addictive. Luckily I got 'em all for free. Then we were taken to the Jakarta Future Exchange (JFX). Later we had lunch at the Nasi Padang Natrabu. Hell, I ate my most favourited (past tensed lagi) otak and urat lembu. At the end of lunch, I was calculating the calories. But it was damn syiok i tell you.

In the afternoon, we went to the Goldex office and later the steamboat dinner at the Mulya Hotel. In the picture, that was Carestha, a 23-year-old girl who was a smart girl that managed to finished her diploma at the age of 19. Forget it guys, she's married with a kid. Amazing pretty lady.

We were fully occupied for the whole day and returned to the room exhausted. That means no shopping, so no souvenirs. Sorry guys.

I was having another big breakfast the next day before we were taken to Pak Fenny's office. Pak Fenny is the one who supplied the IC and Passport for the Indonesian People. Damn. Imagine if he charge RM10 per IC. Indonesian has no less than 200 million people.

There, he has already got RM2 billion. During our visit to his office, a reporter from one of the Koran (news paper) came to interview Pak Fenny about his involvement in the International Gold Dinar in Indonesia.

As the reporters were around, we were also given the chance to preview the almost complete latest line of the dinar to be produced. The rectangle like gold bar is valued at 47.5 dinar, while the other coins from the left are 20 Dinar, 8 Dinar, 2 Dinar, 1 Dinar and 1/2 Dinar. The one below is 1 Dirham.

See, you read my blog, you also have the privillege to preview these dinar way much earlier than others. Even Mahathir or apatah lagi Paklah has not even seen this dinar variations yet. This would be the first ever preview of complete line of IGD to be revealed to the world. Trust me. You would never be able to see this elsewhere.

So, we had lunch and then headed straight back to the BANDARA (Bandar Udara), or in Bahasa Melayu we call it airport. Hahahaha...

So now I'm already in Malaysia, and already back in JB. One thing I would never forget, only BMW X5, Mercedesz E class and Toyota Alphard was provided for the transportation, and was police escorted all the time!

Well I think i'd really love to share this video, as it was the best ever experience in my life. Only in JAKARTA Indonesia. I would never get this in any part in the world... yet..

Hahahahahaha... jangan jeles.. !

August 15, 2007

Have you ever been dismissed?

Dear sparkle,

You ah, anything to do with gender you musti speak up punya eh, hahahaha.. Very biased la you.. :p

I do love your comments anyway. They made me smile all day :)

Well for me, there are a few things that involve egolah, not everything. That's why, i cannot accept a lot of things, in both loud and silence mode. I'm a barbaric rebel sometimes.

I'd love to be a barbarian, if i have the chance. Not the closed barbaran disco itu yerh. That one you can see a lot of barbarian girls, wearing flintstones-like dresses. Hehehe..

OK, about girls? There's nothing left not to be accepted hahahaha! In my case here, I have a lot of unacceptable things about the government. Well what else i can do other than mumbling in this blog?

Hello, at least uh, if I don't like i say it out loud.

I think, there's a lot of silent rebels out there but I've found someone just like me, studying in Taiwan who is with more guts came up with that 'Negarakuku' song.

Very brave-lah.

But then, they've turn it into an issue where leads people to think that it was such a harassment to the Negaraku song. WHY?

The thing is, the lyrics are more towards complaining about the policy of this country. He's not telling other than the truth(s).

How I see it, as the government think that the issues are very harming to them, but not to sound like a dictatorator, autocraticianism, or whatever term they use, (pardon the spelling i purposely did), they tell people that the song is harassing the national anthem.

In my humble opinion, there's no such thing as harassment of Negaraku. It's not that he changed the lyrics of Negaraku to something like, "Raja Kita Selamat Ber*m*n", like my schoolmates were doing when we're in school last time.

There were a lot more worse and pathetic lyric modifications but nobody cares because it has nothing to do with the government policy.

If you watch TV3, they were talking about it every single day but they didn't dare to display or elaborate on the lyrics at all as it will actually brought up the real issue. Why the TV stations are doing that?


Not every Internet savvy is watching TV. And if they watch, they watch astro because if you can afford internet at home, obviously you can afford astro. And if you are an internet user, you'll see things not really into details as most internet users do things so quickly so for them, work is more important.

Was it as simple as that? There's more...

Not every TV watchers use Internet. So they took advantage of this situation to tell not the whole thing.

I was wondering, what does that has got to do with the economy? I'm not sure what's really happening but most world banks were taking steps to ease money liquidation of which Zetty of Bank Negara (bukan Zetty kawan saya yang kerja di cyberjaya itu) thinks that we're still able to manage.

If that's true, ALHAMDULILLAH, but for how long?

We are going into an era where we are consuming what they want us to know, not what do we really want to know.

So, there's no issue on the economy. That's it. Thank you. You can sleep.


And um, remember last time i was looking for a clerk?

Yesterday she was dismissed and I cannot accept the fact that she had done something really bad that lead to her dismissal. At the first place, the reason why i hired her is because she is a 'Muallaf', meaning she had just became a moslem.

Hehe, my partner is a missionary so don't expect me to be the one to educate her about a lot of things. Maybe a few but I think my partner is a better person to do so.

With the most 'suci' intention, we hired her and tested her for a month and a half before something happened and she was dismissed by my partner yesterday. I can't do it, as all this while I was so close to her and I trusted her.

Last time, I was so thankful that she has a boyriend, who happened to be a tahfiz student of some local tahfiz school. Insya Allah everything will go well as i hope that guy will guide her through out her life.

But, that tahfiz guy, also tak boleh pakai.

What was she doing?

I do think it's not appropriate for me to tell, of which I think i should just let it go, and accept the fact that she's not who i think she was.

Of which I can't.

* My Photo Blog updated. sila8x.

August 14, 2007

The truth is...

Would you guys agree with me that humans scared of the truth?

As a matter of fact, I do agree with it that sometimes I myself cannot accept some fact of my life.

That's why there's a phrase, "Terimalah kenyataan" (accept the fact), of which when somebody told me that, I'm hurt and feel like doing something stupid. Luckily I'm not a person with power, or else I cannot think of anything I would do to cover the truth that I have to accept.

What bother me is whether

a. not accepting and bearing with the truth

is the same with

b. trying not to let people to know the truth?

From my experience, the act of not accepting and bearing with the truth is an act that will lead me to try to defend myself, and fight over it by proving that the fact is not supposed to be correct. I've always been into this kind of arguments; no matter with whoever it was, as an opposition towards accusation that has be thrown over me.

There are things that we do for some reasons, and good people will defend themselves on their deeds, no matter good or bad it was, good people will stand and defend. NO matter what other people have said. As a human being, we cannot escape from the world where people do empty talk, and they will still talk even though they didn't know what was real. So bad, people still do it even though they know it's wrong.

In another aspect of the question, what do you think of not letting people to get to know the truth? In simpler terms, they covered the truth. In a very much simpler simpler terms, they lied.

In our nowadays life, what do we value? I'm afraid that I myself got to admit that I value anything that can survive me rather than the life value that we have always learnt; respect, toleration, helping each other, be kind on and so on. We are in the situation that we have to work real hard to survive.

And there are people who didn't really have to work hard to survive. Lucky them, but don't you think that the system contributed so much of what we're experiencing right now?

People says that communism is bad, real real bad. I have once watched a documentary on the North Korea where it displayed how loyal and obeyful the people were. They do everything for the country. The country's leader has been made the reason why they lived in the country and the most important thing is, the unity that has been shown. Not only that, they are able to anytime to fight to defend the country if needed.

Do not look at ourselves. It's a shame. Our soccer team played like children just to lose themselves 0-5 in a match.

It's in the news today, where most of the world's central banks have been crediting money to the banking sectors to ease the liquifying of money as the credit has been so bad that liquifying is a problem.

Where did all the money gone? Aren't people save their money in the bank and if they did took 'em out and spend 'em all, the money would still be around in the market and who can afford to keep so much cash at home? The money would still go to the bank and the money is supposed to still be there.

What does it mean by the problem of money liquifying? Again, where has the money gone.

This is just how the system work. When circle is out of money, they will just print the money and then they have the money. What happened to those who cannot print the money?

And how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Rich people have big deposit in the bank, they earn interest and the bank had to pay them. Poor people, was like earn and spend everything they have got and what leaft maybe not enough to make them earn as much as the richer.

How did the bank pay the interest? Even when the money is being circulated around, think about this. Let say a country have RM1 billion in circulation and when the banks circulated the money around, they expect interest. If the money is just RM1 billion, at the end of the day, would it be logical that they expect somekind of interest return, but the money being circulated is just RM1 billion.

If that's complicated, then it would be more complicated that the central bank were actually printing 15% of the total money to be reinjected every year, for the reason of to replace the damaged paper money.

But that is how the interest was being paid. And that's also why the inflation goes up every year, as the total money in the market increase, the inflation goes up too. Remember the 'Banana Paper Money' during the world war II. It has no value that even to buy an ounce of rice, you have to have a big sack of money to exchange.

Well, as I watch a mind-widening movie just now, people were not only afraid of truth but they'll do everything to cover the truth, but do not forget that there are a lot of people that will stand their life to tell the truth, for the sake of other people.

It was a movie on how a chemist of a tobacco company revealed a secret ingredient of the tobacco; of which it will keep the addicted smokers, to keep addicted to cigarettes, as all we know, th smokers are addicted to the nicotine, and as most governments are disallowing over-nicotinized cigarettes, the tobacco companies decided to replace nicotine with something that had an addictive effect like nicotine but the effect is more like addictive drugs, in order not to lose the business.

He was fired by the tobacco company for not agreeing with the action taken. The company threaten his family and did everything to stop him.

To reveal the truth, he lost his everything. Job, family and so on. And he kept being humiliated all the time and even though when his truth has been widely accepted by people, he still not getting what he lost.

I envy his spirit, but can I afford to lose like him? Is there any girl/lady would stand behind me with such humiliations?

I bet nobody will. -sigh-

And in this country, the government was even better. To defend themselves, they shut people's mouth, of which in my opinion, very diplomatic and democratic (blegh).

Has Mahathir even asked the blog to be closed? He never warn but he fights back like a man.

He's the man lah. No matter what. He even dares to challenge the Americans too. And he alone challenged the prime minister he approved. Very the drama also. Pening-pening.

Well, I know how hard it is to be the only one in the wilderness.

* to note, after that movie, I think I'm gonna quit buying tobaccos.

August 5, 2007


Oh yeah. I've been busy nagging to my siblings for the past few weeks that I forgotten to nag to myself; in this blog.

It's already August the 5th and in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Tanah Melayu, this year's Merdeka Celebration is expected to be extra ordinary.

I was born in the year where Malaysia was about to celebrate it's 20th Independence Anniversary. For the past 30 years, it may not be as great as our auncestres (in the dictionary, it was the origin of the word ancestor), but I may claim that I am among the people who have seen most of the major changes and advancement in the country.


Because I was there when Tun Dr. Mahathir first became the prime minister when I was just 4 years old. I can still remember how both Arwah Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Mahathir appeared on TV when the new Prime Minister was announced in 1981.

Who would ever imagine that a bridge would replace the ferry service from Seberang Prai to Penang. On August 3 1985, I can still remember how Tun Dr. Mahathir drove a red Sedan Proton Saga crossing the Penang bridge to symbolize the realization of the 2 dreams, the bridge and proton.

If he didn't engineered the buy out of Guthrie Corporation in the London Stock Exchange on September 7, 1981, British will still colonize almost 200,000 acres of our land.

Islamic banking was his idea, even though it was a failure in implementation. Other than Umar Vadillo who found Gold Dinar as a solution to the corrupted system of Capitalism, Mahathir was the only Nation Leader who pushed the implementation of Gold Dinar, of which something that the capitalizers were trying to avoid as it's disability of being manipulated.

What else? Imagine how long would you still take to drive back to your hometown if the North South Highway was not built? And those who are now working in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, be thankful that those places, even how bad and remote it is, both place provided jobs to thousands of people, including you guys.

I had never imagine that Formula One (F1) will one day be held in Malaysia. I was an F1 maniac since i was very small. Do you know that last time the F1 engine was just 1.6 turboed? And wouldn't you be proud even if Malaysia once had not one but two tallest buildings on the earth for seven years?

If you're not proud, maybe u're not a Malaysian. If you're a Malaysian but you're not proud, something is wrong with you. Maybe you're an unappreciative moronic idiot.

For me, Hujan Emas di Negeri orang, Baiklah negeri sendiri.

MALAYSIA BOLEH has always been his biggest influence on me.

When I was small, i worshipped rock bands. I wonder how do my father took great pictures with his film SLRs. I wish i could be an F1 driver, driving ridiculously fast on the tracks.

I have my own rock band once, I raced on tracks last time and now I'm a photographer using more complicated and hi-tech cameras.

There's a lot more as Mahathir keep inspiring and get me aspired all the time.

Inspired people write and talk about it while aspired people works!

So for those inspired and aspired people out there, keep on living up and pursuing your dream. It's not easy but think of how well it may worth you in return.

I've been extremely happy and busy last week, meeting and seeing people, going to KL to photoshoot an event till I was shocked with a phone call from my father telling me that he's warded and till tonight, after a minor surgery, he's still in there, bored of sleeping alone but I guess he'll be discharged tomorrow.

Let's do not let it jeopardize my Merdeka Mood. I'm watching Alfie now and that mid-aged lady is hell temptuous. Gotta watch


* Pictures of the event on my PHOTO BLOG

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