August 15, 2007

Have you ever been dismissed?

Dear sparkle,

You ah, anything to do with gender you musti speak up punya eh, hahahaha.. Very biased la you.. :p

I do love your comments anyway. They made me smile all day :)

Well for me, there are a few things that involve egolah, not everything. That's why, i cannot accept a lot of things, in both loud and silence mode. I'm a barbaric rebel sometimes.

I'd love to be a barbarian, if i have the chance. Not the closed barbaran disco itu yerh. That one you can see a lot of barbarian girls, wearing flintstones-like dresses. Hehehe..

OK, about girls? There's nothing left not to be accepted hahahaha! In my case here, I have a lot of unacceptable things about the government. Well what else i can do other than mumbling in this blog?

Hello, at least uh, if I don't like i say it out loud.

I think, there's a lot of silent rebels out there but I've found someone just like me, studying in Taiwan who is with more guts came up with that 'Negarakuku' song.

Very brave-lah.

But then, they've turn it into an issue where leads people to think that it was such a harassment to the Negaraku song. WHY?

The thing is, the lyrics are more towards complaining about the policy of this country. He's not telling other than the truth(s).

How I see it, as the government think that the issues are very harming to them, but not to sound like a dictatorator, autocraticianism, or whatever term they use, (pardon the spelling i purposely did), they tell people that the song is harassing the national anthem.

In my humble opinion, there's no such thing as harassment of Negaraku. It's not that he changed the lyrics of Negaraku to something like, "Raja Kita Selamat Ber*m*n", like my schoolmates were doing when we're in school last time.

There were a lot more worse and pathetic lyric modifications but nobody cares because it has nothing to do with the government policy.

If you watch TV3, they were talking about it every single day but they didn't dare to display or elaborate on the lyrics at all as it will actually brought up the real issue. Why the TV stations are doing that?


Not every Internet savvy is watching TV. And if they watch, they watch astro because if you can afford internet at home, obviously you can afford astro. And if you are an internet user, you'll see things not really into details as most internet users do things so quickly so for them, work is more important.

Was it as simple as that? There's more...

Not every TV watchers use Internet. So they took advantage of this situation to tell not the whole thing.

I was wondering, what does that has got to do with the economy? I'm not sure what's really happening but most world banks were taking steps to ease money liquidation of which Zetty of Bank Negara (bukan Zetty kawan saya yang kerja di cyberjaya itu) thinks that we're still able to manage.

If that's true, ALHAMDULILLAH, but for how long?

We are going into an era where we are consuming what they want us to know, not what do we really want to know.

So, there's no issue on the economy. That's it. Thank you. You can sleep.


And um, remember last time i was looking for a clerk?

Yesterday she was dismissed and I cannot accept the fact that she had done something really bad that lead to her dismissal. At the first place, the reason why i hired her is because she is a 'Muallaf', meaning she had just became a moslem.

Hehe, my partner is a missionary so don't expect me to be the one to educate her about a lot of things. Maybe a few but I think my partner is a better person to do so.

With the most 'suci' intention, we hired her and tested her for a month and a half before something happened and she was dismissed by my partner yesterday. I can't do it, as all this while I was so close to her and I trusted her.

Last time, I was so thankful that she has a boyriend, who happened to be a tahfiz student of some local tahfiz school. Insya Allah everything will go well as i hope that guy will guide her through out her life.

But, that tahfiz guy, also tak boleh pakai.

What was she doing?

I do think it's not appropriate for me to tell, of which I think i should just let it go, and accept the fact that she's not who i think she was.

Of which I can't.

* My Photo Blog updated. sila8x.

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