August 24, 2007

Jakarta This Time

On Monday, I was supposed to be posting an entry saying that I'm going to Jakarta and see you guys in another few more days.

But then I may conclude that both my N70 and N73 were unable to make such post.

I was at the KLIA when I was trying to hit that post. There was a lounge with Internet facility but they asked for something like RM80 to get in..


So, on that Monday, as I was on the ERL to the KLIA from KLSentral, I've got a call from my sister telling me that my brother, Izzat was involved in an accident on the highway.

Funny, he didn't dare to call me at all.

And we departed from KLIA at around 5 something, as the flight was a lil bit delayed. They were still busy loading things when I was already boarded, as you can see above.

Who are we? We are, me, 3 from Wakala Johor and 1 from Wakala Penang. I'm from Wakala Skudai.

We arrived at the Soekarno Hatta's at around 8 something their time and we're headed straight away to a restaurant for dinner. We were warmly welcomed by the Goldex's staff, Miss Novi and the VIP immigration representative, Pak Waluyo, who took all out passport and let us to walk through the green lane.

Keeeeeewwwwwwlll... isn't it? The chick who sat next to me in the flight waved at me as i was passing through them. If she's willing to follow me to the hotel, I will surely take her with me to pass the green lane hehehehehe. Everybody was looking at us with envy.

Or maybe that was just my 'perasan' feeling.

But we were still be the last went out, because my bag was the last to come out from the flight. Damn it! Later, we were taken to the car to be taken to the dinner place. It was an ALPHARD. Jakun giler seh. That was my first time.

Surprisingly, there's a traffic officer escorting us all the way! Hahahahah. I started to feel so bongkak at that time, no matter what.

Even though Jakarta's traffic was all jammed, we managed to reach in half an hour. I guess you can see how we did it. Thanx to the traffic officer.

The best thing during the dinner was the sausage, and it was chicken sausage. Chewing it reminds me of the popular sausage at the IKEA, which was found to be using the pig's intestine.... hmmm.. who cares.....

Just before we were taken to the Sultan Hotel, (owh no wonder we were treated like a sultan ay?) they took us to an office of the intended place for the new Gold Exchange.

So, we arrived at the Sultan Hotel around 11.00 PM their time, which was 12.oo PM Malaysian time. As I checked in, the room was marvellous. I can share the bed with another two girls; if I wanted to hehe, but I was too tired.

The next morning, there was again the delicious chicken sausage and I enjoyed it with the omelette. Damn the chicken sausage was addictive. Luckily I got 'em all for free. Then we were taken to the Jakarta Future Exchange (JFX). Later we had lunch at the Nasi Padang Natrabu. Hell, I ate my most favourited (past tensed lagi) otak and urat lembu. At the end of lunch, I was calculating the calories. But it was damn syiok i tell you.

In the afternoon, we went to the Goldex office and later the steamboat dinner at the Mulya Hotel. In the picture, that was Carestha, a 23-year-old girl who was a smart girl that managed to finished her diploma at the age of 19. Forget it guys, she's married with a kid. Amazing pretty lady.

We were fully occupied for the whole day and returned to the room exhausted. That means no shopping, so no souvenirs. Sorry guys.

I was having another big breakfast the next day before we were taken to Pak Fenny's office. Pak Fenny is the one who supplied the IC and Passport for the Indonesian People. Damn. Imagine if he charge RM10 per IC. Indonesian has no less than 200 million people.

There, he has already got RM2 billion. During our visit to his office, a reporter from one of the Koran (news paper) came to interview Pak Fenny about his involvement in the International Gold Dinar in Indonesia.

As the reporters were around, we were also given the chance to preview the almost complete latest line of the dinar to be produced. The rectangle like gold bar is valued at 47.5 dinar, while the other coins from the left are 20 Dinar, 8 Dinar, 2 Dinar, 1 Dinar and 1/2 Dinar. The one below is 1 Dirham.

See, you read my blog, you also have the privillege to preview these dinar way much earlier than others. Even Mahathir or apatah lagi Paklah has not even seen this dinar variations yet. This would be the first ever preview of complete line of IGD to be revealed to the world. Trust me. You would never be able to see this elsewhere.

So, we had lunch and then headed straight back to the BANDARA (Bandar Udara), or in Bahasa Melayu we call it airport. Hahahaha...

So now I'm already in Malaysia, and already back in JB. One thing I would never forget, only BMW X5, Mercedesz E class and Toyota Alphard was provided for the transportation, and was police escorted all the time!

Well I think i'd really love to share this video, as it was the best ever experience in my life. Only in JAKARTA Indonesia. I would never get this in any part in the world... yet..

Hahahahahaha... jangan jeles.. !

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