August 5, 2007


Oh yeah. I've been busy nagging to my siblings for the past few weeks that I forgotten to nag to myself; in this blog.

It's already August the 5th and in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Tanah Melayu, this year's Merdeka Celebration is expected to be extra ordinary.

I was born in the year where Malaysia was about to celebrate it's 20th Independence Anniversary. For the past 30 years, it may not be as great as our auncestres (in the dictionary, it was the origin of the word ancestor), but I may claim that I am among the people who have seen most of the major changes and advancement in the country.


Because I was there when Tun Dr. Mahathir first became the prime minister when I was just 4 years old. I can still remember how both Arwah Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Mahathir appeared on TV when the new Prime Minister was announced in 1981.

Who would ever imagine that a bridge would replace the ferry service from Seberang Prai to Penang. On August 3 1985, I can still remember how Tun Dr. Mahathir drove a red Sedan Proton Saga crossing the Penang bridge to symbolize the realization of the 2 dreams, the bridge and proton.

If he didn't engineered the buy out of Guthrie Corporation in the London Stock Exchange on September 7, 1981, British will still colonize almost 200,000 acres of our land.

Islamic banking was his idea, even though it was a failure in implementation. Other than Umar Vadillo who found Gold Dinar as a solution to the corrupted system of Capitalism, Mahathir was the only Nation Leader who pushed the implementation of Gold Dinar, of which something that the capitalizers were trying to avoid as it's disability of being manipulated.

What else? Imagine how long would you still take to drive back to your hometown if the North South Highway was not built? And those who are now working in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, be thankful that those places, even how bad and remote it is, both place provided jobs to thousands of people, including you guys.

I had never imagine that Formula One (F1) will one day be held in Malaysia. I was an F1 maniac since i was very small. Do you know that last time the F1 engine was just 1.6 turboed? And wouldn't you be proud even if Malaysia once had not one but two tallest buildings on the earth for seven years?

If you're not proud, maybe u're not a Malaysian. If you're a Malaysian but you're not proud, something is wrong with you. Maybe you're an unappreciative moronic idiot.

For me, Hujan Emas di Negeri orang, Baiklah negeri sendiri.

MALAYSIA BOLEH has always been his biggest influence on me.

When I was small, i worshipped rock bands. I wonder how do my father took great pictures with his film SLRs. I wish i could be an F1 driver, driving ridiculously fast on the tracks.

I have my own rock band once, I raced on tracks last time and now I'm a photographer using more complicated and hi-tech cameras.

There's a lot more as Mahathir keep inspiring and get me aspired all the time.

Inspired people write and talk about it while aspired people works!

So for those inspired and aspired people out there, keep on living up and pursuing your dream. It's not easy but think of how well it may worth you in return.

I've been extremely happy and busy last week, meeting and seeing people, going to KL to photoshoot an event till I was shocked with a phone call from my father telling me that he's warded and till tonight, after a minor surgery, he's still in there, bored of sleeping alone but I guess he'll be discharged tomorrow.

Let's do not let it jeopardize my Merdeka Mood. I'm watching Alfie now and that mid-aged lady is hell temptuous. Gotta watch


* Pictures of the event on my PHOTO BLOG

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