August 14, 2007

The truth is...

Would you guys agree with me that humans scared of the truth?

As a matter of fact, I do agree with it that sometimes I myself cannot accept some fact of my life.

That's why there's a phrase, "Terimalah kenyataan" (accept the fact), of which when somebody told me that, I'm hurt and feel like doing something stupid. Luckily I'm not a person with power, or else I cannot think of anything I would do to cover the truth that I have to accept.

What bother me is whether

a. not accepting and bearing with the truth

is the same with

b. trying not to let people to know the truth?

From my experience, the act of not accepting and bearing with the truth is an act that will lead me to try to defend myself, and fight over it by proving that the fact is not supposed to be correct. I've always been into this kind of arguments; no matter with whoever it was, as an opposition towards accusation that has be thrown over me.

There are things that we do for some reasons, and good people will defend themselves on their deeds, no matter good or bad it was, good people will stand and defend. NO matter what other people have said. As a human being, we cannot escape from the world where people do empty talk, and they will still talk even though they didn't know what was real. So bad, people still do it even though they know it's wrong.

In another aspect of the question, what do you think of not letting people to get to know the truth? In simpler terms, they covered the truth. In a very much simpler simpler terms, they lied.

In our nowadays life, what do we value? I'm afraid that I myself got to admit that I value anything that can survive me rather than the life value that we have always learnt; respect, toleration, helping each other, be kind on and so on. We are in the situation that we have to work real hard to survive.

And there are people who didn't really have to work hard to survive. Lucky them, but don't you think that the system contributed so much of what we're experiencing right now?

People says that communism is bad, real real bad. I have once watched a documentary on the North Korea where it displayed how loyal and obeyful the people were. They do everything for the country. The country's leader has been made the reason why they lived in the country and the most important thing is, the unity that has been shown. Not only that, they are able to anytime to fight to defend the country if needed.

Do not look at ourselves. It's a shame. Our soccer team played like children just to lose themselves 0-5 in a match.

It's in the news today, where most of the world's central banks have been crediting money to the banking sectors to ease the liquifying of money as the credit has been so bad that liquifying is a problem.

Where did all the money gone? Aren't people save their money in the bank and if they did took 'em out and spend 'em all, the money would still be around in the market and who can afford to keep so much cash at home? The money would still go to the bank and the money is supposed to still be there.

What does it mean by the problem of money liquifying? Again, where has the money gone.

This is just how the system work. When circle is out of money, they will just print the money and then they have the money. What happened to those who cannot print the money?

And how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Rich people have big deposit in the bank, they earn interest and the bank had to pay them. Poor people, was like earn and spend everything they have got and what leaft maybe not enough to make them earn as much as the richer.

How did the bank pay the interest? Even when the money is being circulated around, think about this. Let say a country have RM1 billion in circulation and when the banks circulated the money around, they expect interest. If the money is just RM1 billion, at the end of the day, would it be logical that they expect somekind of interest return, but the money being circulated is just RM1 billion.

If that's complicated, then it would be more complicated that the central bank were actually printing 15% of the total money to be reinjected every year, for the reason of to replace the damaged paper money.

But that is how the interest was being paid. And that's also why the inflation goes up every year, as the total money in the market increase, the inflation goes up too. Remember the 'Banana Paper Money' during the world war II. It has no value that even to buy an ounce of rice, you have to have a big sack of money to exchange.

Well, as I watch a mind-widening movie just now, people were not only afraid of truth but they'll do everything to cover the truth, but do not forget that there are a lot of people that will stand their life to tell the truth, for the sake of other people.

It was a movie on how a chemist of a tobacco company revealed a secret ingredient of the tobacco; of which it will keep the addicted smokers, to keep addicted to cigarettes, as all we know, th smokers are addicted to the nicotine, and as most governments are disallowing over-nicotinized cigarettes, the tobacco companies decided to replace nicotine with something that had an addictive effect like nicotine but the effect is more like addictive drugs, in order not to lose the business.

He was fired by the tobacco company for not agreeing with the action taken. The company threaten his family and did everything to stop him.

To reveal the truth, he lost his everything. Job, family and so on. And he kept being humiliated all the time and even though when his truth has been widely accepted by people, he still not getting what he lost.

I envy his spirit, but can I afford to lose like him? Is there any girl/lady would stand behind me with such humiliations?

I bet nobody will. -sigh-

And in this country, the government was even better. To defend themselves, they shut people's mouth, of which in my opinion, very diplomatic and democratic (blegh).

Has Mahathir even asked the blog to be closed? He never warn but he fights back like a man.

He's the man lah. No matter what. He even dares to challenge the Americans too. And he alone challenged the prime minister he approved. Very the drama also. Pening-pening.

Well, I know how hard it is to be the only one in the wilderness.

* to note, after that movie, I think I'm gonna quit buying tobaccos.

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