April 29, 2005

American Idol is just another reality TV show...!

There are reasons why sometimes i hate to watch and follow reality TV show, as today it happens.

Constantine must have been picking up a wrong song to perform. I was disappointed with that modern alternative song.

I bet everyone in the world who has been watching American Idol would be very sad and disappointed with this result, but the Americans has voted,

"Constantine, you are going home tonite"

As a favourite, and being loved by most of the American Idol's audience, he still cannot disobey the power of the reality TV. That's whay reality TV is all about.

And all my dream about seeing the rock 'n' roll star to dominate the American Idol is now banished as Constantine is now off the competition.

It was shocking, as shocking as anwar was eliminated from the competition last week. As bad as nikko, the guy who had been giving out his best a few weeks ago before Nadya.

Just like Malaysian, they voted Mas just to keep her in the competition. But on American Idol, why Anthony and Scott?

Accepting the fact that Constantine is actually not doing his best in the few last weeks has a little calming effect on me but still seeing him walked home with Paula was in tears, I think it's a mistake for not voting a star but reality TV has done it all.

Now nothing left in the American Idol accept for Bo Bice, so as Vonzell, who was voted in the bottom 3 again. American loves Carrie the way she is but why again Scott and Anthony.

I just don't get it.


April 28, 2005

American Idol and Diesel Crisis....

I only watched Carrie, Bo Bice and Vonzell Last night. I was so sleepy, i fell asleep when it comes to Anthony's turn, and so with Constantine and Scott.

I really can't comment on their performance. Sorry!

So what's hot in Malaysia now? Take a look at these!

What does these pictures gotta do with me. Yes, ALOT! Lorry uses diesel. And all my business would be stucked, just caused by all of these problem. The queue to buy the diesel was 2km long (can u imagine that?)

Last nite, my driver went to a petrol station to get diesel. He went there at 9 p.m. but he was only able to get the diesel at 12.30 a.m.

What is the government doing? I felt something smelly is going on no

April 27, 2005

My first batch of Sawn Timber projects

Sesendok (Endospermum Diadenum) Species

Terentang (Campnosperma spp.) Species

Does this look familiar to you? Those are sawn timbers. My first project to be exported.

Well, a few things went up. A few defects were found.

Broken edge.

The head was blackened, by effect from the cutting process and the tree's rubber.

This sawn timber was cut from a tree with branch. That caused the red-circle on the timber.

Interesting. I'm headache with all these..

April 25, 2005

American Idol and a kewl weekend...!

American Idol
Anwar was out. As a technically the best singer in the competition it was a very shocking news, of course to Randy and Paula, and even me. He was a vocal teacher, but back to his performance, I would say it is very frustrating.

And Bo, has been doing his best. He's back and I really agree with Simon that, his performance was the best for the night, even though, I didn't know what he has been singing. It chills everyone, not only Paula..

Vondell Solomon was just amazing too. She, as usual picked up the song that really suits her and she did it right. Constantine was doing quite well, it's just that I'm not so happy with his performance and hoping that he'll make a comeback in the next week.

And I was still wondering what was Scotty and Anthony doing there. They were supposed to be eliminated earlier...

24th April 2005 :: Fiza's Birthday

Sorry, curik from your friendster

It was Fiza's (ugly Jar Jar Bink, Datin Jar Jar in my friendster) birthday. When I called her, she was still asleep (at 8.00 o'clock in the morning)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Fiza,
Happy birthday to you...

Sorry for dirturbing her sleep. I was worried if she might get crying since she told me she used to cry when people disturb her sleep.

My Carp Fish Pond

I called Fiza when I was on my way to the pet shop to get some items such as coral, anti-klorin and salt as Me, my father and my bro was cleaning up the fish pond at our house. Luckily the pet shop in Giant Senawang has already open so I can get all the things I needed.

Here are some of the pics of my Fish Pond.

Nothing much and me and my bro went out to Seremban.

Our Band Reunion

Yes, we did go to Seremban and look for a place to Jam. At last, the band that has been formed since 1995, (since I finished High School) made a 10 years old reunion and back in action.

I once put up a page about my band 9 years ago. You can have a look at My Own Band Page. No comment on that please. My English was lousy. I kept to that I would realize that I was once having a very bad english too.

I called Azreena to ask whether she's in knowledge of any Jamming Studio in Seremban. She told about one at the lowest level of Terminal One and another one at the Bazaar. I knew that there was once a jam in Terminal One, once I reached there, it has become a bakery.

We walked to the Bazaar and the notice told that it has shifted to Jalan Yam Tuan. We walked again to KM plaza and it has shifted again to KM plaza, just next to the Terminal One. Reached there, met my best Buddy Kimi and the Studio was fully booked. Then Kimi told us that there's one Studio at the 2nd level of Terminal One. Why didn't he tell us earlier.. hahaha..

At four, we've made out our 10th-year-jamming session.

Band at work

My brother on the drums

Kimi on the bass

Me with my hot fingers slamming the guitar frets!

Guess, who is singing?? And what's new? Comparing to the old page, everyone has gained weight. My Bro was like a real rocker when he was thin. Kimi was thin too. Haha..

That was a very fun weekend. I felt sad leaving Seremban at lease I did something meaningful to myself with the music, the fishes, and azreena is in Seremban too, for the next two months. Haha..

So okay, next week I'll be back in Seremban.

* Oh yeah, Azreena's 23rd birthday was on the last 9th April :p. This is an announcement!

April 21, 2005

American Idol with 7 contestants left.

I've been having a very hectic and lazy week. I'm so lazy to spend my time in the office. I would rather go to the other office and loafing around with the drivers and the banglas.

So, it was a very nice week too, as now I've started my job on the timbers. I'm going to travel a lot. Included in my list were Terengganu, Pekan Baru Indonesia, and maybe Cambodia, and Vietnam as well. It's sure a tiring trip but fun!

Tomorrow is supposedly to be a holiday to the whole malaysians but, working on my own, holiday doesn't mean much to me. I've something to do tomorrow, but this American Idol thingy is rather an important thing to me. As u know, or as I really wound want u to know, I'm really into singing very much. And I was about to go to the Malaysian Idol's Audition in JB but I just can't.

My man, Constantine started the show with something that I can't take it anymore. He seems not to be holding properly to his pitches. And worse, he's keep doing his dramatic style plus the bad singing, that really made me sick. Yes he's still my favourite but if he did better with his singing, he'll look good. Simon made it even much worse with his comment towards him. You know, Simon's comment will influent the vote. My sister agreed with that too.

Then it was Carrie. With 7 contestants, it's much easier for me to remember each and everyone of them. Obviously i've no idea of what they've been singing but surely I could see how good they were singing. And Carrie did it well. Very well. Even Simon say she did very well. She's surely safe. I do think Carrie has her own fanatics over there in the USA.

Then it was Scott's turn. Like me, Simon doesn't like Scott. There was no point for me to like him but the bad comments pointed out by Simon has eventually created emphathetic/sympathetic votes for him; to ensure his still surviving and to deny the arrogant and self-centered comments by SImon. It does, I really think so. He sang, not that to some level that I would really appreciate and I really hope that he'll be out too this week.

Anthony Federov, I didn't watch him in full because I was distracted with a sitcom in another channel. But he surely did quite well. Vondell was doing very well tonite. I getting to love what she's doing nowadays. Her choice of song and they way she carried 'em out. She's amazing!

Even a vocal teacher would sing a song out of pitch! Believe me. That happened to Anwar today. That proves that certain songs are made for specific people. I believe that I can't sing Britney's song unless I'm doing it my very own way. Then Bo closes the show. He was marvellous! He was back from his darken days! I really love the situation expect for Constantine. He might be in the bottom 3 anytime now, unless that voters have the intention to keep him in the competition.

I would rank the show as below :-

1. Vondell Solomon
2. Bo Bice
3. Carrie
4. Anthony Federov
5. Anwar
6. Scott
7. Constantine

Let's just pray for that Constantine would not be voted out.

* Someone has called me about Bonny. Hope I've answered most of your doubts! And i would want to come up with a theory about the girls we see everyday, somewhere this week, if I have enough time to spare in front of the computer.

April 16, 2005

American Idol again...

I was only able to watch American Idol result in full yesterday, on 8TV. The one they aired on Starworld was not complete.

It was kewl, they finally got the opportunity to get into the recording studio and made their first debut. I bet the songs would be very nice, watched their preview of the song they've recorded and I was trembled to hear the part Constantine sang.

He's really astonishing! A rocker with a lot of imagination, which really has astounded not only me, but also Simon Crowell.

It was a doubt when Bo Bice was voted at the bottom 3, but as Paula and Randy said, Rubens, and even Fantasia was once in the bottom three but they still made it to be the winner.

I don't know why, but my focus is just for these three contestants to be topping the American Idol for this season. They would be Constantine, Bo Bice and Anwar.

Constantine and Bo Bice, both singing for a band of their own. Constantine with his memorable style and Bo Bice with his rockstar style. Both has really gotten my attention really.

Anwar was a vocal teacher. No doubt he's brilliant! He did a lot of retoning and redesign the song melodies his way. Sometimes it's was overly done but no doubt he is still doing it almost perfect!

I watched Constantine from the beginning. During the audition, he sang an aerosmith song with an 'astonishing' tones. It was really kewl. I would never imagine someone to re'tone' aerosmith songs but he did.

Bo Bice. I only noticed him when my Mom said he's good. Up to this level of American Idol, with that kind of appearance, no doubt that he's a rocker! And I would say that I myself would be expecting him to be singing rock songs, or maybe if he dare to take bon jovi, aerosmith, queen, or even guns & roses song to be sang at the competition. Their songs are quite straight forward and there's a lot of space to be played with.

But Bo always sang the song the way it is, not as much modification done as Constantine did or Anwar did.

Anwar was always pleasing to the ear. I watched his audition and even Simon said that he's the best ever contestant in this competition. That's a wow for him.

Constantine didn't start good, especially to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone knows how hard it is to sing that song. All my life, I only see two people singing that song, one is Axl Rose in a concert and another one is a Philippine guy performing in Concorde Hotel in KL. Axl Rose was okay, but this Philippine Guy did it as good as it is supposed to sound.

So it's not a good bet! Really. I myself could not imagine singing this song. I tried it once in the karaoke and still find myself not so suitable to sing high pitch songs.

Indeed, he sang, and as Randy said, he would give perfect for performance but 7/10 for the singing.

He didn't sang it at the perfect pitching. This song has a lot of high pitched points. That is the only reason he didn't make it but still, I love him for that performance. He's surely a vote magnet.

Well, Nadya deserved to be taken out of the competition. Vonzell Solomon was doing really great! Anthony was doing great as well and Scott should be taken out next week. For Carrie, I don't know why she has to be a cowboy girl for the last round. She didn't do anything good for herself.

I would predict, it's either Scott or Anthony to be taken out next week.

List of the remaining survivors (in order of my preference) :

1. Constantine
2. Bo Bice
3. Anwar
4. Vonzell Solomon
5. Carrie
6. Anthony Federov
7. The lil Scotty

** Today is the Malaysian Idol Audition in Eden Garden Hotel in JB. I was thinking of going hehe, but it's too late!

April 14, 2005

American Idol

And today, my sister has been released.





From the hospital of course. What were you thinking?

And again, I failed to make an appoinment with a customer, today. It's been raining in JB, especially in the afternoon. On Monday, I was totally wet. It was heavily raining and windy too. Yesterday it was raining when i was on my way to visit my sister. So today, the raining started when i was on my way home. My father's volkswagon was on repair so he was lent another volkswagon, without the wiper and aircond.

Guess how we were laughing listening to his experience driving in the heavy rain.

At home, i made fun of my father. He always 'used' me as a reason to have heavy dinner at night. As I can still remember, he asked about burger and I laughed on that.

So the customer adviced me not to go to his place as it was still heavily raining and the raining was bad too. I decided to go to Plaza Angsana to buy him the burger he wanted. As I reached Angsana, I called Azreena (now gonna put it right) and was talking to her all the time i went shopping.

Then, I'm back at home and start to prepare the 'Burger Salad'. Deep fry the burger and cut them into small pieces, slice the green pepper and garlic, and mix everthing with olive oil and honey in a bowl. My father just love it. Hahaha.. Not to mention my lil sister Farah and Izzat. And of course I love it. People always love food I invented. Believe it? And the idea about this salad comes when I was having my bathe tonite.


The American Idol tonite, is something that's really in my favor. I can't believe that Simon is actually complimenting a few contestants! I've been commenting about the Malaysia Idol before and in fact, I was there to watch the last season's American Idol but my heart was just not there. They're not as interesting as this year's.

Tonite, I just noticed a part of the whole 8 performances. I would say, I notice people with good performance only, but part of it maybe because I was busy sms'ing with Ila. I started to give attention to Bo's performance.

Why Bo? He has the attractions that I would love to watch. His rock style, his way of singing and his voice. But as Simon said, what the hell was that, as I guess most of the people out there would love to see him singing rock songs. To get along with his rocky voice and style. Anyway, he was performing really great!

I rate him 9.2 out of 10.

Then Anwar, I would rate him 9.1 out of 10.

Then the Solomon gal. She was terrifying me! With a good choice of song, she's stunning like mad. Outstanding. Everyone would agree that she arises the feeling-good urge from everyone. I really love her performance and I would rate her 9.8 out of 10.

I knew Anthony since the day he went to the audition and he really steal my heart for his great voice. But in the real competition he doesn't really sound like he was in the audition but he did better than the last week. For his performance, I would give him 6.9 out of 10.

And finally Constantine! A good position for a favourite! He's my favourite. I still remember the day he went for audition and when he was picked, and to announced it to his bandmate, his drummer has gone crazily mad and he hit the drum's cymbal with his hand.

As Simon said, an astonishing performance and I would say just what Randy said, 10 for performance and 7 for singing. That was true but who cares.

I would rate him 9.7 out of 10.

Tonite's american idol is really a good one.!

(u would be asking about the rest but who really cares?)

April 13, 2005

I'm a big bully...!

It's really hot. It's was raining, the temperature outside was cold but i'm sweating. Not that i'm getting fatter (as I'm now just 62 kg) but maybe it's really hot in here.

Tuesday night has always been a night I'm waiting for. Really I am. On starworld, airing the missmatch series, which is sweet (as sweet as alicia silverstone whose starring it). It does always has the sweet surprises, which made me smile all night long.

These days was a messed sleeping nites for me. The worse was last night when I dreamt about someone whom I really cared and loved, met her, kissed her on her cheek and say I missed you. Then she covered me up with a blanket and asked me to just stay still there. I was awaken from my sleep then.

I had dreams about my life of sorrority. As a muslim I dun really gotta believe in dreams but those kind of dreams had really messed up my brain; even when I'm not sleeping.

The last weekend was somekind of a mourning weekend for me too. Bad leftovers of my house, then I gotta know that someone had lied to me and the worst was when when I was hoping that the weekend nite would be best when all of my siblings were together, one of my sister has not yet back at home.

It was all covered up by a good journey on the bus from JB to Seremban. I had a very long talk with someone I just knew an the bus, a chinese Mom from Seremban, who went to singapore seeking a job. We talk about almost everything, from her 3 daughters to things we do in life.

The weekend nite, I, Ikhwan, Ina and Izzat went to the movie, SAMARA. Hell my sister Ina was hell frightened and I was once nearly shouted when I felt something crippling up my shoulder while actually it was my sister's face try not to look at the movie screen. I was so happy, even though my sister was actually sick of the menstruation she was having.

The next day, I was already in JB and someone eventually called me, to ask forgiveness for what she did the past 2 weeks, should I forgive or not forgive?

Work is tight and hard. People are playing hard on me, but stick to the principal, hold as long as you can and when it's time to blow it off, shoot a real load of it!

Now, I'm just praying for my sister, Faizah, who is hospitalized, warded tonite, as she has just gone through an operation to remove her tonsils. Saw it, and were quite big too! She looks dizzy, and I felt sad for such a strong and grown up sister (I really mean it, she's really strong) to be lying on the hospital bed, warded and crying when she feel pain.

I love her so much, even though I'm such a big bully to her, I bullied her because I love her so much.

So does to all my other siblings, and even friends.

If I happened to bully you, that means I like u, or love u or even care about u.....!

Pray for her.... so she'll get well soon, so I can bully her again.....

April 9, 2005

My house that was pathetic....

Yesterday was quite a long day for me. I woke up early in the morning, noticing that I was lack of sleep. Slept at around 4am and woke up at 6am. That was nut.

8 April was a holiday for Johor, even we declared saturday as a holiday so we can enjoy 3-days-holiday. THere are so many things to be done!

I was about to travel from JB to Batu Pahat, then to Muar, then to Melaka, then drive back to JB. Before I forget, I'll be going by driving the one tonne lorry with Samsuri the driver. No air condintioner. The windshield of my side can only be winded down manually using a piece of cloth and turn the small leftover of the handle which has broken. The door cannot be opened from inside, I have to open it from the outside. And we're not going to use the expressway. Haha. Sounds like a torture to me.

We're going to help someone to move over his things to Muar and Melaka. Help still help, but at least show us some money, so that we can cover up all the expenses, which were from our own pocket.

Started with Batu Pahat, arrived there at around 9am, waited for the person to come and we started to disassemble things up so we can fit in everything into a one tonne lorry. 2 cupboards, 2 make-up tables, 1 queen size bed, 2 double-decker beds, 3 single matress, a tv set cupboards, a dining table set. All was fit onto a one tonne lorry. That was quite amazing.

So drove over to Muar, which was actually not that far from Batu Pahat if we use the local road. Reached there, we offloaded the things for Muar from the lorry, had lunch and continue driving to Melaka. Did the Jumaat prayer in a mosque by the road, just before the we entered Malacca, where we found students went to school, hehe, and people working too! Haha!!

Finally in Melaka! Missed the weather and the smell, especially the Belacan smell! I didn't know that those Melaka products (belacan, cencaluk, kuih karas, and so many more) is much cheaper if we come from this side, i mean from Muar, Merlimau, and one of the spot you can find is somewhere near Teluk Mas, which is on the coastal side of Melaka. I normally buy them when i come from the Negeri Sembilan side, which is much nearer to my kampung, which is from SImpang Ampat.

Reached Peringgit and offloaded all the things to he person's house, and imagine, all the hard works, from JB-Batu Pahat-Muar-Melaka and we're going back to JB.

He just paid us RM30!!!


Nvm, may God pay him back or pay us back with better things....

Then we made a move to Ayer Keroh. I'm gonna see my house. I went to MMU to draw my money. Ahh, I really miss this place. I showed Samsuri the place i was knocked down by a car, 8 years back. I showed Samsuri the places we always lepak, had dinner and everything else. Malacca is such a place with a lot of sweet moments!

But it was all changed when I see these...!

(Pictures were taken using my mobile phone camera)

The last tenant(s) of my house still owe me RM2100, and they did these to my house? Omigod! I don't know what tosay, was so sad about it, and Samsuri was laughing all the way... I decided to pay RM300 for the clean up work and we drove back to JB.

I drove from Ayer Keroh to Ayer Hitam through the expressway. I could see Samsuri was enjoying the moment sitting next to the driver. At last, he is now able to enjoy the scenery, ya know, being a driver, this is hard to achieve. Driving all the time. Same goes to me.

I reached home at 9.30 and @ hallmark channel, there's a movie about two married couples trying to exchange their wives!

Sinny, but it would quite interesting to watch hehe..

April 6, 2005

Freakin' Tirin' Thinkin' Dayz!

I've been goin' through days of tireness since the last Monday!

I've no time to jog. Fatigue is the right word, whenever i reached my room's door.

A lotta ma friends, especially who were still studyin' were now either just done with their exams or still on exams.

Talking about this, in Malay language, they would say,

"Masih menduduki peperiksaan",

Which if translated directly, "still sittin' on examination". Where the hell does the malays got the idea to picture it as "sitting on examination" while it is supposed to be still doing the examination.

Words, languages, people would find it beautiful in some cases but if u think deeply about it, it just sound funny. Like around the corner. What does it gotta do with it's being so near or the time is so close now?

Around the corner, would be actually, you have to seek for a corner and look around it. I think it's just funny and confusing. Why Why Why?

Try to utter Lorry, lorry, lorry... so many times. Say it until u feel like its meaningless. Why does a lorry is called a lorry. Have u ever experience such feeling, where u found out that the things around you are actually formed of weird/freakin things?

I've been doing a lot of thinking. Or should it be thinkings? People would say thoughts!

I've been a lil paranoia in handling machines. This was all started when I was driving a Forklift and because of some instability of the thing that i'm lifting, one of the forklift's tyre accidentally got into a hole and the forklift was stuck.

I was farked! (to be nice it's actually f*cked)

Then come so many people to scold me. That's why i was farked. It was not my fault at all. But it was much worse when the mount steel plates were scatterred all over the road. God damn it!

Even when I was driving my car, I was still paranoid of holes. U can't imagine how bad it feels when u were driving a forklift and all of a sudden u felt a drop and the forklift stucked not movable.

Solution :: Take another forklift to list the stucked forklift. It was a total embarassment!

And my car leftside is now a lil bit lower than the right side. It's because of the holes on the road, damn it!

So now am i paranoid of the holes or to handle machines? What do u think?

It's 5.30. I'm going back. Jogging time!

April 4, 2005

April Fool happenings around the globe...!

1. Sad Story :: A friend of Mine...

Buahahaha! 5 comments plus I-don't-know-how-many swears and four-letter-words being uttered to me, by phone and email.

I just thought that people won't believe it. Maybe people forget that it's the 1st April.

2. Hitz.FM

This morning, when I was driving, they were asking people to call them and tell them whether they managed to con people or to freak people about something. I have no idea so I just keep listening.

Then they played the Reshmonu's Hey Walle song. Didn't knowing that it was a replay, I was freaked out when during the song, which has some raps, I suddenly notice that there are some non-rap talkings at the background. I notice more when the rap is supposed to end but the talking was still going.

They quarrelling and arguing about work, who came first, firing people. They sound so serious, and it was a very butt-firing arguments. I was about to call them and ask what's happening but when they stopped the replay, they say that it was something planned just for the April Fool.

I would say, I don't believe it. They must have been quarelling for real. Come on man, how good they act, they won't talk about such sensitive and nonsense things.

It must be a cover up of their own mistakes.

Phuck! Or may be I'm fooled, but it doesn't look like one.

3. MalaysiaKini.Com

They accused politicians to have involved in the bribery but later on they claimed that it was an April Fool Joke.

It was a serious joke which might cause havoc. Don't do it again or I guess u're just wanna cover up yourself!

4. I myself fucked this time!

I rushed for the Jumaat Prayer on the last Friday. At 2, I rushed out to go to a customer's place to get the scraps from his place. He asked me to wait and we waited for 2 hours there.

When he arrives, he just say, April Fool! No scrap today!

And I was about to punch him on his punched that guy when he pinched my left shoulder, while I was boiling hot angry with the april fool joke. This is work thingy, it shouldn't happen right?

5. From the rest of the world.
  • In Japan, a zoo unveiled its "great discovery" of a giant penguin which was 165cm tall and weighed a whopping 80kg. But the 'Lord' penguin turned out to be a man dressed in a furry penguin suit.
  • And penguins were the subject of an April Fool at Edinburgh Zoo too - when staff claimed they had an exhibition of the world's-first flying penguins. Sadly that was a joke too!
  • Potter fans got a shock when fan site Mugglenet claimed it had been shut down by a court after it had broken copyrights against Warner Brothers and JK Rowling.
  • There was a funny sheep story in The Mirror newspaper. They claimed sheep were being used to trim the grass of the new Wembley. The story said the sheeps' droppings were also being used to fertilise the grass.
  • And The Sun newspaper said travellers had set up camp on the Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle, claiming their relatives had got permission from King Edward III to pitch tents in the royal grounds.
  • The Independent said Jamie Oliver was going to stand as an MP for the Conservative Party.
  • And global warming is caused by dandruff, The Express claimed.
  • Sport wasn't left out either. Bayern Munich claimed on their website that they'd poached David Beckham from Real Madrid.
  • The press in Switzerland reckoned Prince Charles was going to have his stag night at rock star Phil Collins' home in the Swiss village of Begnins.
  • And an advert in The Independent claimed BMW had invented a car with a steering wheel in the middle of the car.
  • And The Sun also said that the European Union was going to ban April Fool's Day altogether
  • To sum up, April Fool Day is dangerous, so use it wisely....

    April 1, 2005

    Sad Story :: A friend of mine..

    Today might be the saddest day of my life....

    For the rest of my life, I would not forget this one good friend of mine which I had known for years.

    When I was 10, I was schooling in Kuala Terengganu, I happen to get to know this one girl named Nurul Ain. She's a new girl in school as we entered the standard 4. Even though I was just ten, I started to feel the love rosing in my heart for this girl.

    She's is the cutest ever girl I've seen (up to that time). Ever! I was thinking that she may not be even lookin' at me as she may obviously notice that herself is cute, and everyone was like really wanting to be close to her.

    As usual, me as a hero in this short story, I sat near to her. You know, in the primary school, they normally group the students according to the exam result. So I was in the Group 1, together with 6 more pupils, Haniff, Fazilahwati, Fauziah, Nurul Ain and Farahiya. Cute names aren't they? It happens that it was always either me or Haniff to be getting the first in the class, then followed by the rest of the 4 girls; Fazilah Wati, Nurul Ain, Fauziah and Farahiya.

    In front of me was Fazilah Wati. Other students, even the teachers were always like to matchmake me with Fazilah Wati, which always caused her to be shy with me, whenever we met. Ouch!

    Well, my heart was always with Nurul Ain.

    I tried to get close to her, as Haniff was doing it as well. It was threatening and sickening when Haniff was always spoiling my plan to talk to her in the class or even during the recess time.

    The best time arrived, when I was playing during the recess, she called me amongst the crowd just to share her 'kuih', which I purposely asked from her. She's a very nice girl, she won't let anyone down so I know she'll be looking for me, even in the crowd.

    Since then, we're always seen together, as Haniff won't think he had a chance anymore. Well, since then me and Haniff became a very good friend. I just don't know why. Males are just like that, ya know..

    Then it was the end of the year. We had exams. On the day of the result announcements, the fourth was Nurul Ain, third was Fazilah Wati.

    There were only my and Haniff's names that were not announced yet.

    My teacher, Cikgu Aman announced,

    "Second place... nobody....!"

    That means me and Haniff shared the first place. I was so happy, so was Haniff, and spontaneously we hugged each other.

    Anyway, even that was really a joy and happy moment, it was also a mourning moment for me. I jumped for joy but when I landed I started to cry..!

    My family is going to be transferred to somewhere else. Cikgu Aman came to me and hugged me to console me. Only my teacher and Haniff know that I'm leaving.

    Other friends came nearer and asked. Haniff explained to 'em that I'm going to leave the school. The happy moment had suddenly turned dull. Some other friends also hugged me and cried, but later, I heard people calling Ain for several times and when I looked up, she was not around.

    I went out of the class. I saw Nurul Ain walked quickly downstairs. I chased her and called her but she didn't even stop for me.

    As I came close to her, I stopped her and tell her,

    "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I just want you to be happy. I don't want to let this thing to ruin your happiness and concentration in your studies."

    "Why are you doing this?"

    "Because I think I love you"

    Then she ran away, hide herself in the toilet and never came to school the day afterwards. There were only a few days left for the school holiday. A few weeks later, my family shifted to another place.

    Sine then, I've never heard about her, until today, when I saw the newspaper, she's dead in an accident.

    It's her....! I still recognise her. Her face doesn't change that much! At my age of 28, with such a pretty face, which I still can recognise and she's still single!

    I've contacted Fazilah Wati, and she told me everything about her. They've become good friends when I left. She was actually waiting for me, and she really hoped that one day, I would look for her and ask her to get married.

    I'm so sad now. If and only if my father was not to be transferred.....

    ps :: Sometimes, we're just not meant to be together. If and only if I know that she was taking my heart with her, I'm very sure that I'm at least a somebody now, married with kids. I don't even remember about her at all because THESE CRAPS ARE ALL MADE UP!


    (I feel like laughing to death. I'm so sorry! Just for once!)

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