April 9, 2005

My house that was pathetic....

Yesterday was quite a long day for me. I woke up early in the morning, noticing that I was lack of sleep. Slept at around 4am and woke up at 6am. That was nut.

8 April was a holiday for Johor, even we declared saturday as a holiday so we can enjoy 3-days-holiday. THere are so many things to be done!

I was about to travel from JB to Batu Pahat, then to Muar, then to Melaka, then drive back to JB. Before I forget, I'll be going by driving the one tonne lorry with Samsuri the driver. No air condintioner. The windshield of my side can only be winded down manually using a piece of cloth and turn the small leftover of the handle which has broken. The door cannot be opened from inside, I have to open it from the outside. And we're not going to use the expressway. Haha. Sounds like a torture to me.

We're going to help someone to move over his things to Muar and Melaka. Help still help, but at least show us some money, so that we can cover up all the expenses, which were from our own pocket.

Started with Batu Pahat, arrived there at around 9am, waited for the person to come and we started to disassemble things up so we can fit in everything into a one tonne lorry. 2 cupboards, 2 make-up tables, 1 queen size bed, 2 double-decker beds, 3 single matress, a tv set cupboards, a dining table set. All was fit onto a one tonne lorry. That was quite amazing.

So drove over to Muar, which was actually not that far from Batu Pahat if we use the local road. Reached there, we offloaded the things for Muar from the lorry, had lunch and continue driving to Melaka. Did the Jumaat prayer in a mosque by the road, just before the we entered Malacca, where we found students went to school, hehe, and people working too! Haha!!

Finally in Melaka! Missed the weather and the smell, especially the Belacan smell! I didn't know that those Melaka products (belacan, cencaluk, kuih karas, and so many more) is much cheaper if we come from this side, i mean from Muar, Merlimau, and one of the spot you can find is somewhere near Teluk Mas, which is on the coastal side of Melaka. I normally buy them when i come from the Negeri Sembilan side, which is much nearer to my kampung, which is from SImpang Ampat.

Reached Peringgit and offloaded all the things to he person's house, and imagine, all the hard works, from JB-Batu Pahat-Muar-Melaka and we're going back to JB.

He just paid us RM30!!!


Nvm, may God pay him back or pay us back with better things....

Then we made a move to Ayer Keroh. I'm gonna see my house. I went to MMU to draw my money. Ahh, I really miss this place. I showed Samsuri the place i was knocked down by a car, 8 years back. I showed Samsuri the places we always lepak, had dinner and everything else. Malacca is such a place with a lot of sweet moments!

But it was all changed when I see these...!

(Pictures were taken using my mobile phone camera)

The last tenant(s) of my house still owe me RM2100, and they did these to my house? Omigod! I don't know what tosay, was so sad about it, and Samsuri was laughing all the way... I decided to pay RM300 for the clean up work and we drove back to JB.

I drove from Ayer Keroh to Ayer Hitam through the expressway. I could see Samsuri was enjoying the moment sitting next to the driver. At last, he is now able to enjoy the scenery, ya know, being a driver, this is hard to achieve. Driving all the time. Same goes to me.

I reached home at 9.30 and @ hallmark channel, there's a movie about two married couples trying to exchange their wives!

Sinny, but it would quite interesting to watch hehe..

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