April 28, 2005

American Idol and Diesel Crisis....

I only watched Carrie, Bo Bice and Vonzell Last night. I was so sleepy, i fell asleep when it comes to Anthony's turn, and so with Constantine and Scott.

I really can't comment on their performance. Sorry!

So what's hot in Malaysia now? Take a look at these!

What does these pictures gotta do with me. Yes, ALOT! Lorry uses diesel. And all my business would be stucked, just caused by all of these problem. The queue to buy the diesel was 2km long (can u imagine that?)

Last nite, my driver went to a petrol station to get diesel. He went there at 9 p.m. but he was only able to get the diesel at 12.30 a.m.

What is the government doing? I felt something smelly is going on no

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