April 16, 2005

American Idol again...

I was only able to watch American Idol result in full yesterday, on 8TV. The one they aired on Starworld was not complete.

It was kewl, they finally got the opportunity to get into the recording studio and made their first debut. I bet the songs would be very nice, watched their preview of the song they've recorded and I was trembled to hear the part Constantine sang.

He's really astonishing! A rocker with a lot of imagination, which really has astounded not only me, but also Simon Crowell.

It was a doubt when Bo Bice was voted at the bottom 3, but as Paula and Randy said, Rubens, and even Fantasia was once in the bottom three but they still made it to be the winner.

I don't know why, but my focus is just for these three contestants to be topping the American Idol for this season. They would be Constantine, Bo Bice and Anwar.

Constantine and Bo Bice, both singing for a band of their own. Constantine with his memorable style and Bo Bice with his rockstar style. Both has really gotten my attention really.

Anwar was a vocal teacher. No doubt he's brilliant! He did a lot of retoning and redesign the song melodies his way. Sometimes it's was overly done but no doubt he is still doing it almost perfect!

I watched Constantine from the beginning. During the audition, he sang an aerosmith song with an 'astonishing' tones. It was really kewl. I would never imagine someone to re'tone' aerosmith songs but he did.

Bo Bice. I only noticed him when my Mom said he's good. Up to this level of American Idol, with that kind of appearance, no doubt that he's a rocker! And I would say that I myself would be expecting him to be singing rock songs, or maybe if he dare to take bon jovi, aerosmith, queen, or even guns & roses song to be sang at the competition. Their songs are quite straight forward and there's a lot of space to be played with.

But Bo always sang the song the way it is, not as much modification done as Constantine did or Anwar did.

Anwar was always pleasing to the ear. I watched his audition and even Simon said that he's the best ever contestant in this competition. That's a wow for him.

Constantine didn't start good, especially to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone knows how hard it is to sing that song. All my life, I only see two people singing that song, one is Axl Rose in a concert and another one is a Philippine guy performing in Concorde Hotel in KL. Axl Rose was okay, but this Philippine Guy did it as good as it is supposed to sound.

So it's not a good bet! Really. I myself could not imagine singing this song. I tried it once in the karaoke and still find myself not so suitable to sing high pitch songs.

Indeed, he sang, and as Randy said, he would give perfect for performance but 7/10 for the singing.

He didn't sang it at the perfect pitching. This song has a lot of high pitched points. That is the only reason he didn't make it but still, I love him for that performance. He's surely a vote magnet.

Well, Nadya deserved to be taken out of the competition. Vonzell Solomon was doing really great! Anthony was doing great as well and Scott should be taken out next week. For Carrie, I don't know why she has to be a cowboy girl for the last round. She didn't do anything good for herself.

I would predict, it's either Scott or Anthony to be taken out next week.

List of the remaining survivors (in order of my preference) :

1. Constantine
2. Bo Bice
3. Anwar
4. Vonzell Solomon
5. Carrie
6. Anthony Federov
7. The lil Scotty

** Today is the Malaysian Idol Audition in Eden Garden Hotel in JB. I was thinking of going hehe, but it's too late!

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