April 6, 2005

Freakin' Tirin' Thinkin' Dayz!

I've been goin' through days of tireness since the last Monday!

I've no time to jog. Fatigue is the right word, whenever i reached my room's door.

A lotta ma friends, especially who were still studyin' were now either just done with their exams or still on exams.

Talking about this, in Malay language, they would say,

"Masih menduduki peperiksaan",

Which if translated directly, "still sittin' on examination". Where the hell does the malays got the idea to picture it as "sitting on examination" while it is supposed to be still doing the examination.

Words, languages, people would find it beautiful in some cases but if u think deeply about it, it just sound funny. Like around the corner. What does it gotta do with it's being so near or the time is so close now?

Around the corner, would be actually, you have to seek for a corner and look around it. I think it's just funny and confusing. Why Why Why?

Try to utter Lorry, lorry, lorry... so many times. Say it until u feel like its meaningless. Why does a lorry is called a lorry. Have u ever experience such feeling, where u found out that the things around you are actually formed of weird/freakin things?

I've been doing a lot of thinking. Or should it be thinkings? People would say thoughts!

I've been a lil paranoia in handling machines. This was all started when I was driving a Forklift and because of some instability of the thing that i'm lifting, one of the forklift's tyre accidentally got into a hole and the forklift was stuck.

I was farked! (to be nice it's actually f*cked)

Then come so many people to scold me. That's why i was farked. It was not my fault at all. But it was much worse when the mount steel plates were scatterred all over the road. God damn it!

Even when I was driving my car, I was still paranoid of holes. U can't imagine how bad it feels when u were driving a forklift and all of a sudden u felt a drop and the forklift stucked not movable.

Solution :: Take another forklift to list the stucked forklift. It was a total embarassment!

And my car leftside is now a lil bit lower than the right side. It's because of the holes on the road, damn it!

So now am i paranoid of the holes or to handle machines? What do u think?

It's 5.30. I'm going back. Jogging time!

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