April 14, 2005

American Idol

And today, my sister has been released.





From the hospital of course. What were you thinking?

And again, I failed to make an appoinment with a customer, today. It's been raining in JB, especially in the afternoon. On Monday, I was totally wet. It was heavily raining and windy too. Yesterday it was raining when i was on my way to visit my sister. So today, the raining started when i was on my way home. My father's volkswagon was on repair so he was lent another volkswagon, without the wiper and aircond.

Guess how we were laughing listening to his experience driving in the heavy rain.

At home, i made fun of my father. He always 'used' me as a reason to have heavy dinner at night. As I can still remember, he asked about burger and I laughed on that.

So the customer adviced me not to go to his place as it was still heavily raining and the raining was bad too. I decided to go to Plaza Angsana to buy him the burger he wanted. As I reached Angsana, I called Azreena (now gonna put it right) and was talking to her all the time i went shopping.

Then, I'm back at home and start to prepare the 'Burger Salad'. Deep fry the burger and cut them into small pieces, slice the green pepper and garlic, and mix everthing with olive oil and honey in a bowl. My father just love it. Hahaha.. Not to mention my lil sister Farah and Izzat. And of course I love it. People always love food I invented. Believe it? And the idea about this salad comes when I was having my bathe tonite.


The American Idol tonite, is something that's really in my favor. I can't believe that Simon is actually complimenting a few contestants! I've been commenting about the Malaysia Idol before and in fact, I was there to watch the last season's American Idol but my heart was just not there. They're not as interesting as this year's.

Tonite, I just noticed a part of the whole 8 performances. I would say, I notice people with good performance only, but part of it maybe because I was busy sms'ing with Ila. I started to give attention to Bo's performance.

Why Bo? He has the attractions that I would love to watch. His rock style, his way of singing and his voice. But as Simon said, what the hell was that, as I guess most of the people out there would love to see him singing rock songs. To get along with his rocky voice and style. Anyway, he was performing really great!

I rate him 9.2 out of 10.

Then Anwar, I would rate him 9.1 out of 10.

Then the Solomon gal. She was terrifying me! With a good choice of song, she's stunning like mad. Outstanding. Everyone would agree that she arises the feeling-good urge from everyone. I really love her performance and I would rate her 9.8 out of 10.

I knew Anthony since the day he went to the audition and he really steal my heart for his great voice. But in the real competition he doesn't really sound like he was in the audition but he did better than the last week. For his performance, I would give him 6.9 out of 10.

And finally Constantine! A good position for a favourite! He's my favourite. I still remember the day he went for audition and when he was picked, and to announced it to his bandmate, his drummer has gone crazily mad and he hit the drum's cymbal with his hand.

As Simon said, an astonishing performance and I would say just what Randy said, 10 for performance and 7 for singing. That was true but who cares.

I would rate him 9.7 out of 10.

Tonite's american idol is really a good one.!

(u would be asking about the rest but who really cares?)

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