April 1, 2005

Sad Story :: A friend of mine..

Today might be the saddest day of my life....

For the rest of my life, I would not forget this one good friend of mine which I had known for years.

When I was 10, I was schooling in Kuala Terengganu, I happen to get to know this one girl named Nurul Ain. She's a new girl in school as we entered the standard 4. Even though I was just ten, I started to feel the love rosing in my heart for this girl.

She's is the cutest ever girl I've seen (up to that time). Ever! I was thinking that she may not be even lookin' at me as she may obviously notice that herself is cute, and everyone was like really wanting to be close to her.

As usual, me as a hero in this short story, I sat near to her. You know, in the primary school, they normally group the students according to the exam result. So I was in the Group 1, together with 6 more pupils, Haniff, Fazilahwati, Fauziah, Nurul Ain and Farahiya. Cute names aren't they? It happens that it was always either me or Haniff to be getting the first in the class, then followed by the rest of the 4 girls; Fazilah Wati, Nurul Ain, Fauziah and Farahiya.

In front of me was Fazilah Wati. Other students, even the teachers were always like to matchmake me with Fazilah Wati, which always caused her to be shy with me, whenever we met. Ouch!

Well, my heart was always with Nurul Ain.

I tried to get close to her, as Haniff was doing it as well. It was threatening and sickening when Haniff was always spoiling my plan to talk to her in the class or even during the recess time.

The best time arrived, when I was playing during the recess, she called me amongst the crowd just to share her 'kuih', which I purposely asked from her. She's a very nice girl, she won't let anyone down so I know she'll be looking for me, even in the crowd.

Since then, we're always seen together, as Haniff won't think he had a chance anymore. Well, since then me and Haniff became a very good friend. I just don't know why. Males are just like that, ya know..

Then it was the end of the year. We had exams. On the day of the result announcements, the fourth was Nurul Ain, third was Fazilah Wati.

There were only my and Haniff's names that were not announced yet.

My teacher, Cikgu Aman announced,

"Second place... nobody....!"

That means me and Haniff shared the first place. I was so happy, so was Haniff, and spontaneously we hugged each other.

Anyway, even that was really a joy and happy moment, it was also a mourning moment for me. I jumped for joy but when I landed I started to cry..!

My family is going to be transferred to somewhere else. Cikgu Aman came to me and hugged me to console me. Only my teacher and Haniff know that I'm leaving.

Other friends came nearer and asked. Haniff explained to 'em that I'm going to leave the school. The happy moment had suddenly turned dull. Some other friends also hugged me and cried, but later, I heard people calling Ain for several times and when I looked up, she was not around.

I went out of the class. I saw Nurul Ain walked quickly downstairs. I chased her and called her but she didn't even stop for me.

As I came close to her, I stopped her and tell her,

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I just want you to be happy. I don't want to let this thing to ruin your happiness and concentration in your studies."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I think I love you"

Then she ran away, hide herself in the toilet and never came to school the day afterwards. There were only a few days left for the school holiday. A few weeks later, my family shifted to another place.

Sine then, I've never heard about her, until today, when I saw the newspaper, she's dead in an accident.

It's her....! I still recognise her. Her face doesn't change that much! At my age of 28, with such a pretty face, which I still can recognise and she's still single!

I've contacted Fazilah Wati, and she told me everything about her. They've become good friends when I left. She was actually waiting for me, and she really hoped that one day, I would look for her and ask her to get married.

I'm so sad now. If and only if my father was not to be transferred.....

ps :: Sometimes, we're just not meant to be together. If and only if I know that she was taking my heart with her, I'm very sure that I'm at least a somebody now, married with kids. I don't even remember about her at all because THESE CRAPS ARE ALL MADE UP!


(I feel like laughing to death. I'm so sorry! Just for once!)

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