April 21, 2005

American Idol with 7 contestants left.

I've been having a very hectic and lazy week. I'm so lazy to spend my time in the office. I would rather go to the other office and loafing around with the drivers and the banglas.

So, it was a very nice week too, as now I've started my job on the timbers. I'm going to travel a lot. Included in my list were Terengganu, Pekan Baru Indonesia, and maybe Cambodia, and Vietnam as well. It's sure a tiring trip but fun!

Tomorrow is supposedly to be a holiday to the whole malaysians but, working on my own, holiday doesn't mean much to me. I've something to do tomorrow, but this American Idol thingy is rather an important thing to me. As u know, or as I really wound want u to know, I'm really into singing very much. And I was about to go to the Malaysian Idol's Audition in JB but I just can't.

My man, Constantine started the show with something that I can't take it anymore. He seems not to be holding properly to his pitches. And worse, he's keep doing his dramatic style plus the bad singing, that really made me sick. Yes he's still my favourite but if he did better with his singing, he'll look good. Simon made it even much worse with his comment towards him. You know, Simon's comment will influent the vote. My sister agreed with that too.

Then it was Carrie. With 7 contestants, it's much easier for me to remember each and everyone of them. Obviously i've no idea of what they've been singing but surely I could see how good they were singing. And Carrie did it well. Very well. Even Simon say she did very well. She's surely safe. I do think Carrie has her own fanatics over there in the USA.

Then it was Scott's turn. Like me, Simon doesn't like Scott. There was no point for me to like him but the bad comments pointed out by Simon has eventually created emphathetic/sympathetic votes for him; to ensure his still surviving and to deny the arrogant and self-centered comments by SImon. It does, I really think so. He sang, not that to some level that I would really appreciate and I really hope that he'll be out too this week.

Anthony Federov, I didn't watch him in full because I was distracted with a sitcom in another channel. But he surely did quite well. Vondell was doing very well tonite. I getting to love what she's doing nowadays. Her choice of song and they way she carried 'em out. She's amazing!

Even a vocal teacher would sing a song out of pitch! Believe me. That happened to Anwar today. That proves that certain songs are made for specific people. I believe that I can't sing Britney's song unless I'm doing it my very own way. Then Bo closes the show. He was marvellous! He was back from his darken days! I really love the situation expect for Constantine. He might be in the bottom 3 anytime now, unless that voters have the intention to keep him in the competition.

I would rank the show as below :-

1. Vondell Solomon
2. Bo Bice
3. Carrie
4. Anthony Federov
5. Anwar
6. Scott
7. Constantine

Let's just pray for that Constantine would not be voted out.

* Someone has called me about Bonny. Hope I've answered most of your doubts! And i would want to come up with a theory about the girls we see everyday, somewhere this week, if I have enough time to spare in front of the computer.

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