April 25, 2005

American Idol and a kewl weekend...!

American Idol
Anwar was out. As a technically the best singer in the competition it was a very shocking news, of course to Randy and Paula, and even me. He was a vocal teacher, but back to his performance, I would say it is very frustrating.

And Bo, has been doing his best. He's back and I really agree with Simon that, his performance was the best for the night, even though, I didn't know what he has been singing. It chills everyone, not only Paula..

Vondell Solomon was just amazing too. She, as usual picked up the song that really suits her and she did it right. Constantine was doing quite well, it's just that I'm not so happy with his performance and hoping that he'll make a comeback in the next week.

And I was still wondering what was Scotty and Anthony doing there. They were supposed to be eliminated earlier...

24th April 2005 :: Fiza's Birthday

Sorry, curik from your friendster

It was Fiza's (ugly Jar Jar Bink, Datin Jar Jar in my friendster) birthday. When I called her, she was still asleep (at 8.00 o'clock in the morning)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Fiza,
Happy birthday to you...

Sorry for dirturbing her sleep. I was worried if she might get crying since she told me she used to cry when people disturb her sleep.

My Carp Fish Pond

I called Fiza when I was on my way to the pet shop to get some items such as coral, anti-klorin and salt as Me, my father and my bro was cleaning up the fish pond at our house. Luckily the pet shop in Giant Senawang has already open so I can get all the things I needed.

Here are some of the pics of my Fish Pond.

Nothing much and me and my bro went out to Seremban.

Our Band Reunion

Yes, we did go to Seremban and look for a place to Jam. At last, the band that has been formed since 1995, (since I finished High School) made a 10 years old reunion and back in action.

I once put up a page about my band 9 years ago. You can have a look at My Own Band Page. No comment on that please. My English was lousy. I kept to that I would realize that I was once having a very bad english too.

I called Azreena to ask whether she's in knowledge of any Jamming Studio in Seremban. She told about one at the lowest level of Terminal One and another one at the Bazaar. I knew that there was once a jam in Terminal One, once I reached there, it has become a bakery.

We walked to the Bazaar and the notice told that it has shifted to Jalan Yam Tuan. We walked again to KM plaza and it has shifted again to KM plaza, just next to the Terminal One. Reached there, met my best Buddy Kimi and the Studio was fully booked. Then Kimi told us that there's one Studio at the 2nd level of Terminal One. Why didn't he tell us earlier.. hahaha..

At four, we've made out our 10th-year-jamming session.

Band at work

My brother on the drums

Kimi on the bass

Me with my hot fingers slamming the guitar frets!

Guess, who is singing?? And what's new? Comparing to the old page, everyone has gained weight. My Bro was like a real rocker when he was thin. Kimi was thin too. Haha..

That was a very fun weekend. I felt sad leaving Seremban at lease I did something meaningful to myself with the music, the fishes, and azreena is in Seremban too, for the next two months. Haha..

So okay, next week I'll be back in Seremban.

* Oh yeah, Azreena's 23rd birthday was on the last 9th April :p. This is an announcement!

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