April 29, 2005

American Idol is just another reality TV show...!

There are reasons why sometimes i hate to watch and follow reality TV show, as today it happens.

Constantine must have been picking up a wrong song to perform. I was disappointed with that modern alternative song.

I bet everyone in the world who has been watching American Idol would be very sad and disappointed with this result, but the Americans has voted,

"Constantine, you are going home tonite"

As a favourite, and being loved by most of the American Idol's audience, he still cannot disobey the power of the reality TV. That's whay reality TV is all about.

And all my dream about seeing the rock 'n' roll star to dominate the American Idol is now banished as Constantine is now off the competition.

It was shocking, as shocking as anwar was eliminated from the competition last week. As bad as nikko, the guy who had been giving out his best a few weeks ago before Nadya.

Just like Malaysian, they voted Mas just to keep her in the competition. But on American Idol, why Anthony and Scott?

Accepting the fact that Constantine is actually not doing his best in the few last weeks has a little calming effect on me but still seeing him walked home with Paula was in tears, I think it's a mistake for not voting a star but reality TV has done it all.

Now nothing left in the American Idol accept for Bo Bice, so as Vonzell, who was voted in the bottom 3 again. American loves Carrie the way she is but why again Scott and Anthony.

I just don't get it.


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