May 3, 2005

The name Izham...

Is it true that there are not so many people with the name Izham in the world? Search on google mostly return result on myself :p and some other people with the name Izham too.

Or maybe there are not so many people looking for the name Izham.

The govenrment at last, reacted quick on the diesel problem. Anyway, it's not what i really worried of,

You must have heard about those rascals being caught. What doubted me was, what happened to those rascals. There was no followups on the cases compared to the rape or murder cases being covered in the media.


Or maybe they're just scapegoats by the government to cover up what they are actually doing with the diesel.

I'm not accusing, but if it does look fishy, everyone can say anything about it. As long as it does not harm the country, YET.

Okay.. done with that :p


I had to work on the last Saturday. The timbers had to be sent to the rteatment sawmill. The treatment is call BORAX, which is it using the Boric Acid to be pushed into the timbers. The purpose is to refrain the timbers from being damaged by insects.

Later of the day, the whole family went to Mersing and picked up my bro to take him back to Seremban. From Mersing, I drove. That was a good driving experience. The last time I drove there was on a Satria V6 (borrowed from my ex-GF) and told ya that was a hell of driving experience, after my experience with a Satria GTi and an EK Type-R on Ulu Yam's Road. Another good experience was from Bentong-Gua Musang-Bentong, which was in a Kancil.

And that last Saturday I did it again. I was driving 140-160 km/h on that kind of road. My father seems enjoying the cornering and being pulled down the down-curving roads. My sister and my Mom was just keeping themselves quiet. I need to reach KL b4 10.

At 10, I was still in Seremban and I had to cancel all my appointments.

Sunday :: Woke up late, I went to KL and met Farok. Discussing about the Thailand/Indonesian thingy. I might have to go to Thailand/Indonesia on this deal. Great! Was spending ime at Chili's, but this time with my Bro Izzat. As an ex-Butt-Watch, we sat at the side of the KLCC pool and do what ever things we want till we get back at 5.30.

At night, we went out for dinner...

Monday :: I was actually hoping that I can go out with Azreena, kinda miss to see her and talk. There's a lot of things to talk about. But I ended up staying at home, what I was doing, oh yeah, i just bought home my Les Paul Imitation guitar and playing around with it.

I'm thinking of playing guitar seriously.

I should..

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