May 9, 2005

Exciteful - A description for a weekend.

I don't know.. Weekends seems to be promising a lot of excitements, even though it's not always as what I expected.

Work was as busy as usual. As I'm now doing two things; as a Timber Agent, and working with Kota Emas doing the metal scrap.

I actually can manage those two jobs if everyone is actually cooperative. I would have to visit the sawmill everyday as to ensure they're doing their job as they've been paid. At the same time, I would be having to go to the bank, get cash and pay the customers, which something that someone else could replace me doing such a thing.

Normally in the morning, I would go mingling with people I just met, (in business, now I knew that 'mingle' is a magic word of everything). Buying them breakfast, have some puff of cigarette with them and anything, just to make life easier.

Doing business is initially hard, but things will go at ease as everyone knows and trusts you at most. Well, that's the problem.

The relationship I've built up in the Metal Scrap business has actually put me into problems as people were actually looking for me for everything, anything. Yes, I was taking the responsibilities over the business before, I love the business. Everyone would love the thing they've started. But they only wanted me to help on the metal thingy before my job in the timber thingy started. So I know where my position. As my timber job started, i should no longer bother the metal thingy. That's really what they actually wanted me to do so.

And they even asked me just to take care of the Timber thing, and the other partner will have to take care only on the scrap metal thingy.

But things has turned around all over upside down. I was also asked to take care of the scrap metal thingy, take back the scrap metal, do the documents, claim for the payment, get the cheque to the bank and queue up to cash the cheque, once the cash is in hand, go and pay the customers.

(those underlined were things that other people may actually do it, but they don't. They rely on me on everything)

At the same time, I will have to see people for the timber thingy. Get involved with those people as my knowledge in timber is, actually to compare with those people, not even 1% of what they've already knew.

As a learning process, gotta know them, mix with them and to be loved by them.

At the sawmill, if I didn't show up, they won't saw my timbers. It has week I've not visited the sawmill and it's been a week they sawn other people's timber, which i've paid them to do mine first!

And I have to take a few people to go here and there, just to look for a new source of timbers. Either new sawmill, new log supplier or even to get the timbers from indonesia to be imported.

If I am able to finish all the things in the morning, the cheque signor would be already at home by 1, so how do I catch up with things.

I need a helper....


Weekends, got wedding at my apartment, and this has really excites me. I've to get involved in a city wedding.

There are a lot of differences between the kampung wedding and the city wedding.

People will actually get involved or get busy in the kampung weddings, or some people call it 'rewang'.

So I was busy the whole weekends. And my friends were mad at me for not picking up their calls.


But, the real excitement was, I was talking and keep talking for the past 4 days..

Especially the After Maghrib call.. :*

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